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Sunday's NFL vs the Spread - October 24th

I went 4-3 in college football yesterday with Northwestern costing me a 5-2 day when they blew a 17-0 lead and couldn't finish against Michigan State at Ryan Field in Evanston. Navy should have been our play of the day as they destroyed Notre Dame. Are the natives getting restless already in South Bend considering this is Brian Kelly's first year on the Irish sidelines? I am hearing from impeccable sources close to the program that Kelly's brief honeymoon is over.

Okay, onto the NFL where there are eight games with spreads at 4 or under. A tough week but there are a handful of games that I like. Good luck!

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Solid Plays

Washington +3 over Bears
San Francisco/Carolina OVER 35
Arizona +7 over Seattle
Tennessee -3 over Philadelphia

Top Play

Pittsburgh -3 over Miami



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FunandLife11 said:

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I do not know if you read this or respond but I do since this is a sincere and respectful question: Do you consider yourself a sports journalist or a fan who happens to have a job that makes him a sports journalist? If it's the first one, I respectfully ask that you tone it down a bit. I do not watch your show frequently but every time I do, you seem to be more outlandish and honestly, saying some things that are not nessecary to a discussion about sports. There is already a sports radio station that is so over the top and so outlandish, I can no longer turn my dial to that station. Please do not fall into that trap. Despite what some may thing, most sports fans in this town are intelligent and keep sports in it's proper prospective. When we turn on a sports radio program, we want honest dialogue that is fun and intelligent. We don't need shock sports programming! Thank you and best of luck in the future!!

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