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Brett Favre is a Moron

If you haven't seen the Deadspin article complete with voice mails, messages, and graphic pictures you have to check it out. Sources in Minnesota tell me that the Wilf family who owns the Vikings are so upset that they may suspend Favre which could lead to him retiring during the season. That seems a bit extreme but there is already talk that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell may impose a suspension if the Vikings don't act first.

Check out the evidence....

Please retweet and forward. You will not believe what an idiot this guy is. Did he really think that no one would find out about his behavior?

Also, check out the photos of Jenn Sterger....



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Alex Quigley said:


I'll never forget where I was or who I was with when I saw Brett Favre's penis for the first time.

Edelweiss said:

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I saw the video, and if it is his "thang", it is nothing to brag about. I expected a whopper, and am very disappointed. It is hard to believe he would be stupid enough to send a picture of it, and I bet it was someone else who sent it, or someone else's private part.

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