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Undercover Boss Comes to Wrigley Field

The Ricketts family are newcomers to the baseball world and despite the rough season the Cubs are having on the field it has been a learning experience for all involved in the family.  
I have learned that Todd Ricketts just completed nine days of shooting today on an episode of the popular CBS show "Undercover Boss" at Wrigley Field. Ricketts was in complete disguise including a beard and was not recognized by any Cubs employee as he performed a variety of jobs including hot dog vendor and security guard.

The family looked at this as a great way to learn the inner workings of the business from the ground floor up, despite the poor season. We hear that Ricketts really connected with his "fellow employees".

The show is being rushed into production because as one source who works closely with CBS told me: "Todd Ricketts was a natural and he made the show. It may be the best Undercover Boss we have ever done." It could air within a month. More to come.



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Edelweiss said:

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What do you want to bet, he'll never figure out which of his emplayees is leaking information about the clubhouse goings-on.

joeydafish said:

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Oh how wonderful!!! Nice to know that the new owners are concentrating on nothing but turning a sorry ass organization around by putting forth such a tremendous effort in filming a TV SHOW. This is pitiful. Maybe Ricketts should have gone undercover as the GM!!! Couldn't do any worse than Hendry. What priorities, geez.

Edelweiss said:

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Too bad no one went undercover earlier in the clubhouse. Lou was always said to be unconcerned about clubhouse antics, but who, in his right mind would allow players to put charcoal lighters near their bodies while expelling intestinal gas? Funny thing is that the only member of the trio who is no longer a Cub, is the pitcher who brought the lighters, but didn't get burned.

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