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Reliving A Classic

If you've never seen this, now you can say you have.  But most of you have probably seen this before.  I now present you with an old classic, YouTube sensation Brian Collins, the Ball State alum, with this train wreck of a sportscast for his college TV station.





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demonopie said:

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So, where is this guy now?

Illini said:

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Brian was in the "Where Are They Now" issue of Sports Illustrated in July...just a paragraph or two near the back. Good for him that he found a gig and is pursuing sports. Now Kap, really? Bringing this back up after it already made the rounds four-plus years ago? You do watch YOUR airchecks, right? Those who live in glass houses...

Edelweiss said:

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I wonder if Kap can fill us in on the full-blooded Arawak guy the Cubs found in Honduras, who can throw 115 MPH. For example, what is his real last name? We know his first name is Ricardo, but he calls himself Ricky Bingbang, and bingbang is the name he used to mean homerun. His story sounds fascinating, but how can a stick who is 6' 3", and weighs only 165 have such a strong arm?

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