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Hey, Patrick Kane: You are not a normal 20 year old!

The news was stunning to many Blackhawks fans when they woke up on Sunday morning and heard that Patrick Kane had been arrested and charged with multiple counts involving a taxi driver in his hometown of Buffalo, NY.

The story was broken by the Buffalo News who reported that Kane and his cousin were involved in an altercation  around 5 a.m. after leaving Chippewa Street which is known for having some of the city's best bars and restaurants.

Both Kane and his cousin were arrested, booked, and incarcerated for two hours before having an attorney enter a not guilty plea for them earlier today.


The Kane family home in Buffalo. All is not quiet on the home front after Patrick Kane's arrest early this morning on robbery and assault charges.

Several questions come to mind regarding the events that led to the arrests. First, Patrick Kane is 20 years old. The drinking age in Buffalo is 21. Now I am not naive enough to believe that underage drinking doesn't go on. It is extremely prevalent as is the use of a bogus ID that has an older date of birth on it to help minors gain admittance to bars and clubs.

However, I am pretty confident that when the investigation into Patrick Kane's activities last night is concluded there will be big problems for the bar that allegedly admitted him as a minor.

He is a big celebrity in Buffalo and any restaurant, bar, or club would want him there because it is good for business to have big name celebrities as customers. However, those celebrities can also cause problems for bar owners when it causes their establishment to be the target of a criminal investigation.

No one has yet proven that Kane was drinking last night but obviously it is being speculated based on the reports we are hearing. So, where was Patrick Kane last night and how much if any did he have to drink?

How could Kane be this stupid? Everyday we hear stories of athletes getting in trouble and you would think that a young man with the world at his fingertips and a family that is looking out for him and is very involved in his life wouldn't make a mistake like this. Then again, it is another lesson that can be used with our kids on the stupid decisions that people make and the consequences of their actions.

I have heard from many fans at the both the radio and TV stations that I work at who complain that Kane is rude and doesn't sign autographs as much as some fans feel he should. I have heard from various sources in the NHL who seem to think that Kane's success has gone to his head and that he is not as mature as he should be. Immaturity is one thing for a 20 year old but punching a cab driver at 5 am after he didn't have 20 cents in change is entirely another.

Could Kane have possibly thought that no one would recognize him in his hometown? Is he that foolish? He has to think that being out at 5 am when your name is Patrick Kane can only lead to trouble. When you are Patrick Kane you can't live your life like a normal 20 year old.

Because YOU ARE NOT A NORMAL 20 year old! You have to live your life to a different standard especially in today's times with cell phone cameras, Flip video cameras, and people looking to bring a celebrity down.

Hopefully, the facts in this case will exonerate Kane and it will be chalked up to some poor communication between Kane, his 21 year old cousin James, and the cab driver.

If he is not exonerated and it is true then he has done some serious damage to his reputation and he better reassess his priorities before the he expects the Blackhawks to pay him a king's ransom after next season.   



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fan said:

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Ifyou're going to trash someone, at least have the guts not to use anonymous sources. Just a cheap cop-out on your part. You are better than that Kap.

Tanner said:

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It is sad, but i think that Kane will come out and say sorry about it all.

Craig Kanalley said:


Right on, David. Being from Buffalo myself, everybody knows him there and there's a lot of pride in him and his accomplishments. Everywhere he goes, people will take notice... So how could he be this stupid?

There's no question in my mind he was drinking and I'm not sure why it's not being reported yet. That's what Buffalo kids do... they go to Chippewa, they drink. That's what Chippewa is. And yes, many times they do it illegally under the age of 21. This is not unheard of.

All that being said, I've met Patrick before and he grew up skating on a rink my uncle owns. And this is out of character. Then again, I met him when he was 16, and my family knew him when he was a kid, so who knows if his success in Chicago has gone to his head. According to your sources, that's happened, and I guess I wouldn't be surprised. Sad to see him go down this path at such a young age.

dave said:

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this is so outragous. these thugs like KANE who got lots of money think they can do whatever they want and beat and rob an innocent hard working cab driver. I hope KANE Is punished to the fullest extent of law. what thugs like him forget is EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW no matter rich or poor. physical attack of an on duty cabbie is felony in ILLINOIS and many states!

Edelweiss said:

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This reminds me of the bratty rich kids from New Trier and Glenbrook, who were buying drinks at fast food drive-ups, and throwing them in the faces of the low paid employees. Kane must also come from a privileged background. Decent parents teach their kids that with money and success, one must give back, not take. Kids from decent families handle success better.

GoHawks1 said:

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Great off-season for our Hawks, and this might be the worst news. So let me understand this . . . Kane is not willing to get involved in even the most innocent of skirmishes on the ice and they baby the hell out of him, but he has no problem sucker punching and beating up a 60 year old cab driver who probably earns minimal income. Chalk it up to his "youth" all you want, but he is a coward and a bully and a disgrace to the Hawks and his family. There's a difference between youthful indiscretions (we've all had them) but this so far exceeds any of that. Put him behind bars for a couple of months and screw up his Olympic chances and we'll see if he learns a lesson. Of course, I'm sure he'll just get probation and his PR people will have him read an insincere "I'm sorry" speech. What a loser!

sassy1 said:

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Kap, seriously, this is some biased over-reaction on your part like it is everyone else. I expected better from you. Not signing an autograph? Having a cocky attitude? You put those 2 together and conclude he hit a cab driver over 20 cents? Firstly, that's "alleged" and it doesn't mean it happened. Its one version of events. You don't even have his side of the story. You bring up drinking. Kap, he wasn't charged with assault nor was he accused of under age drinking so why bring that up? You like so many others are jumping to huge conclusions with one side of a story from a cab driver on a revoked license and history of locking people in a cab. That info came out after you wrote this, however, the fact you jumped to a conclusion due to an allegation by a man who couldn't wait to put his mug in front of the TV cameras leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Whatever happened to unbiased journalism? Whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty? You're using a guilt by association process by bringing up drinking (which you have no proof of), his attitude and lack of autograph signing via heresay, to throw gas on the fire and you only have a one-sided version of the events. This is all very dissappointing. I expected a far more comprehensive look at the situation than this biased witch hunt of a blog from you. And NO I'm not drinking the Kane Koolaid. I just know there is always two sides to a story. I'm surprised you don't think so.

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