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Lou, It's Up To You Now....

While the Cubs offensive struggles are the fault of several key players who are not producing the other question that must be answered is how long manager Lou Piniella is going to sit idly by before he makes significant changes to the lineup.
How long will Alfonso Soriano be left in the leadoff spot with his batting average down to .225? Why not sit Soriano for a few days and let Jake Fox play in left field? Many people seem to be worried about Fox's defense but Soriano's defense is not good and his offense is struggling so what would you lose letting Soriano rest his knee and seeing what Fox can give you?
In addition, put Ryan Theriot at the top of the order and leave him there for the forseeable future. He can only improve the Cubs offensive production because with Soriano leading off the team looks lifeless and their run scoring is among the worst in the league.

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Bad Kermit said:


"...Soriano's defense is not good..."

When one has the best defensive arm in left field for three years running, it's hard to make a reasonable argument that one's defense is "not good." Not that you're trying to make a reasonable argument, or anything.

Need further proof? Statistically, Soriano's been a plus fielder for the Cubs every year until this one, when he's been playing hurt. And even this year, he's been barely below average.

IrishYeti said:



davesime said:

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First of all putting “RT” in the lead off spot is a joke. Kap? Have you forgot how many strike outs this man has this year. “RT” thinks he is super man at the plate and until he starts to go back to the way he hit the last few years we have nothing better the clown we have now. “RT” needs to go back to inside out pitches and hitting the other way an stop worrying about becoming little babe Ruth who is already on the team. This team needs a major league short stop that can help pitchers get to balls that “RT” cannot get to and put “rt” back to second and stop worrying about getting some to play left field.

Andy said:

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I'm sure glad Lou took your advice and benched Soriano and played Fox today against the Sox. Jake had that clutch game winner in the ninth.

parker said:

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Kap- I enjoyed your radio rant the other day. I will continue to be a Cubs fan (third generation), but I am done hoping for anything other than a few good games. Thanks for your passion, and it's too bad you have a couple guys picking on you.....(I'm sure there's some job envy going on there!!)

formercubfan said:

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Why focus on player's when it is Jim Hendry who made this mess?
Soriano, Bradley , Miles, etc - all Hendry mistakes and expensive ones at that. This guy has highest payroll in NL and puts this garbage on field.

Hendry couldn't run farm system - Absolute worse GM in both leagues. Soriano is his problem - not Manager. Seen better defensive outfielders than Soriano & Bradley in High school.

When is anybody going to come down on Hendry. In New York and Boston - this guy would be toast

Nobody blames this guy for bad scouting, poor personnel decisions.

Who is he going to fire next - the batboy.

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