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I have been calling for Carlos Marmol to be the Cubs closer because I believed that if he was given that responsibility he would cut down on his walks and focus better than he has on his set up role. After today's abysmal performance where Marmol walked 3 (1 intentional), gave up 2 hits, and threw just 10 strikes in his 24 pitch appearance I will admit that I was wrong in wanting to give Marmol the closer's role when he obviously hasn't earned it.

Gregg has thrown the ball better over the past few weeks but the fact that he has given up 6 HR's in the closer's role was what had me so concerned in my post of a couple of days ago. However, with Marmol struggling so mightily there really is no other option to use as a closer at this point in time. Do I believe that Marmol will someday be the Cubs closer? Yes, I do. However, right now he is perhaps the most unreliable arm that Lou Piniella has in his bullpen and for this team to reach the heights that was predicted for them he has to return to last season's form. 



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Mike D. said:


You're putting way too much import into the closer's role, Dave. Last year Marmol was the most important reliever on the team but he wasn't the closer then.

There are very few lights-out closers in the league worthy of this discussion anyway. The two guys in New York, and that chubby bastard on the South Side come to mind. Otherwise, just be glad that Gregg's not as bad as Mel Rojas.

The point remains that Marmol's walk rate is beyond alarming. What are the odds of the team sending his ass to Des Moines to get straightened out? Or that he's hurt? Either way, it's gotten downright miserable when he comes in. I now find myself expecting him to walk hitters. Sad to say that it's gotten to the point where today's performance was not surprising.

MLBfan said:

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Mike D, the closer role is very important. Marmol has not proven to be strong enough mentally to handle the closer role, as I see it. As far as sending him to AAA, I'm not opposed to it. He needs to get right. We talk about the Cub's offense, but I think the bullpen is more of a concern.

Bad Kermit said:


Agreed. The closer's role is so overrated. That said, I think Gregg has pitched well enough to keep the role, even though I'd like to see Guzman get a chance to close whe he comes back.

Joely08 said:

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Mike D might have hit the nail on the head when he said that possibly Marmol is hurt. There is a strong correlation to performing in the World Baseball Classic and being injured and/or performing less than projected for the year. This is true for the this year's WBC and the last WBC.

Perhaps that has something to do with Marmol..

CB said:


Hey? Where'd my post go?

CB said:


Holy crap?! Kap let one stay!

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