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I am sitting here eating my dinner with the Cubs trailing 3-2 and when Micah Hoffpauir takes Joel Zumaya deep for a 2 run home run to give the Cubs a 4-3 lead in the 8th the leftovers that the "redhead" is feeding me suddenly taste a whole lot better. Zumaya is throwing 98+ mph and to turn around a 2 strike fastball and give the Cubs the lead was a huge accomplishment for Micah.
Now we head to the bottom of the 9th and we'll see if Kevin Gregg can find a way to lock this one down. I am not a big Gregg fan because I believe a closer must have swing and miss stuff to be a reliable guy in late inning pressure situations. Gregg is far from that and his propensity for the base on balls drives me crazy.
Here we go, the first hitter of the inning walks on a 3-2 breaking ball that is high. Ridiculous! Quit walking guys! Alright, Gregg settles down and gets the first out on a pop up to Andres Blanco. Now, how about a double play ball and we can get out of here with a win. Ryan Rayburn is up and he is not a power guy so keep the ball away from his wheelhouse and see if you can get him to try to pull a pitch and hit a ground ball to short. He is hitting .235 and has 5 home runs on the season.
Uh oh, a pitch on the inner half and that ball is driven to deep left center....hold it Comerica....it won't....and the Tigers beat the Cubs 5-4 on a 2 run home run by Ryan Rayburn. These leftovers suddenly taste lousy. I think I'm going to be sick! Please move Carlos Marmol to the closer's role and get Kevin Gregg out of any and all late inning, pressure situations. NOW!



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Shady said:


I'm not going to lie, the finish to that game made me sick too. The problem is, I'm not sure Marmol can handle the role either as Carlos has just as much trouble with his control as G-Regg does. Well this team finally shows some life in those bats and the bullpen has to go and blow a save. This could be a looong season Cubs fans. Hang in there.

Joely08 said:

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Great point about swing-and-miss stuff. Marmol has shown in the past that he definitely has swing-and-miss stuff.

Kap, do you think that Lou Pinella has anything to do with this whole Kevin Gregg/Marmol battle? I think it was a mistake of Lou to say that Gregg was the closer in spring training, I think they should have given Marmol more of a chance to prove himself. I think it was lousy of Lou to discredit Marmol's stuff partly because Marmol went to the WBC.

Bad Kermit said:


Oh, Dave. I don't particularly care for Gregg, either, but once again, you're just dead wrong. Gregg has performed MUCH better in high-leverage situations this year than in medium- to low-leverage situations.


He's also performed admirably in "clutch" situations.


The stats say that he's fine in high-pressure situations.

Pre said:


I'm not a huge Gregg fan, but I don't get your argument.

Gregg is currently striking out 8.9 batters per 9 innings, Marmol is striking out 10.2. So sure, that's a little bit of an improvement.

But you said "Quit walking guys!", which makes sense, but Marmol is walking a crazy 8.8 batters per 9 innings compared to Gregg's 4.2.

I think Gregg has been better than Marmol in high pressure situations all year and every leverage stat I see agrees. With Guzman unavailable I don't see a better option on this roster to close until Marmol stops walking everyone.

judy said:

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I think Guzman could be our closer when he comes back. I'm very happy with the job he's been doing of late, and he doesn't seem to get rattled in pressure situations. Marmol should stay in the set up 8th inning roll and we should deal Kevin Gregg. I have alway's felt he was unrelyable when the games were close...and the way the Cubs are not scoring many runs per game...we need a guy who can hold the opposing runners from scoring in the 9th !!!!

Andy said:

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Awesome, is this where the "Overreaction to a blown save" meeting is being held?

Gregg's a mongoloid doing the best he can, and the Cubs do not have a better option.

But you're right, the Cubs should trade for Kerry Wood, how could they ever let him go? He never blows saves.

You know who'd be a great option at closer?

Mark DeRosa!

tom said:

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You contradict yourself You say you don't like Gregg because he walks the first batter.So does MarmolHe either walks them or hirs them and sometimes he will walk 2 in an inning.Give Guzman a chance He at least this year has discovered the strike zone

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