Werewolves on a Space Shuttle: The Gorgeously Weird Comedy of Chris Condren

Barely 22-years-old and armed with a Casio keyboard, young and wildly off-beat musical comic Chris Condren is steadily making a name for himself in the Chicago scene.  Chris has been a fixture at open mics in the last year, and recently parlayed those appearances into a string of showcase bookings.  The buzz about his act amongst comics has been immediate. Check out Elizabeth McQuern's vid of his delightfully odd set at Chicago Underground Comedy on October 6th:

I got in contact with Chris to find out more about the man behind the awesome:
Q: How do you spend your non-standup time?
There is a park by my house.  I usually swing on the swings and listen to music.  I also watch a lot of UFO specials (I hope they aren't real because they scare me).

Q: Do you rehearse your songs at home (please say you do them in front of the mirror)?
Yeah, there is a mirror in front of my piano.  I write a lot of songs in my head so usually have to sit down and learn how to play them good.  Otherwise, people will think I'm a real idiothead.

Q: When you make it as a rockstar/musical standup act, what will you demand in your dressing room?
I would probly want my cat, Burger, with me, but she's sick right now and I dont think it would be real good for her health.

Hang in there, Burger!

You can see Chris at the Holiday Club on October 17th and at Riot Comedy on the 29th.



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Dennis said:

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Great to see this kid getting his name out there. He and I are from the same town, and he's honestly one of the funniest people I've ever met.

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