Three Popular Day Jobs for Standups

Since being on the road this past week, I have done a lot of reflecting on my stationary Chicago life.  This tour is not glamorous; we've been sleeping on floors and foregoing showers when they aren't available.  I do, however, feel like a real stinking (slightly literally) artist. 
Though my career is certainly on the upswing, right now I am still in the realm of needing a part-time day job to pay my phone bill and buy unnecessary -read late night- burritos.  Wondering how you should support your own standup habit until the avalanche big ole college gigs comes rolling through your door?  Here's an idea of three of the most popular day jobs held by those who joke with their evenings:

1. Deliverer of Scrumptious Eats
Ask your local server what he is passionate about and most will be able to tell you about their band's latest shows, or the pottery stand they will have set-up at the Bucktown Art Fair.  Perhaps you haven't guessed that some of those folks are funnier than your average artist: you may have a comic handling your food.  Often times friendly by nature, comics can be well suited for  this job.  Just remember that if you throw a fit about your soup or act wildly obnoxious regarding the specificity of your order, you might make it into that comic's act. 

2. Child Wrangler
This is my side-gig of choice, and I'd have to say, if you have a sense of humor, nannydom is a comfortable and enriching way to spend non-bar hours.  Hanging out with kids can require a ton of patience -toddlers take forever to do their hair- but if you've got the stamina to outlast a tantrum over fishy crackers, you can also look forward to holding tiny hands while you cross the street and getting sticky hugs.  Just remember: you are raising a human, so do what you can to instill the funny

3. Assistant to the Espresso Machine
Next time you pop into a coffee shop for some liquid joy and have a few minutes to spare, ask around to find out if there is a standup/barista on duty.  Not only will she make a stiff shot of espresso -after all, comics are always exhausted- she might be able to recommend the evening's top underground comedy shows.  In fact, the evening's top underground comedy show might be in that very coffee shop.  You may what to soak up the free Wi-Fi and then stay to soak up the jokes.



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yeah with a degree from medical coding you can work from anywhere

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