My New Pre-show Anthem: Don't Stop Me Now

Next time you hit up a standup show, direct your attention to the back of the room.  There you will find the comics set to go up writing out set lists and running through bits.  A lot of rooms don't offer a traditional green room in which to prep, and even if there is a comfy backstage area, most comics want to get a feel for the audience before they get onstage.  The chance to see other folks on the bill go up also keeps a lot of comics in the room, watching for changes in material and new jokes. 
I used to listen to music on my way to a show, but my switch to cycling as my main mode of transportation has removed pumping up the jam en route from my pre-show routine.  My recent discovery of Queen's Dont Stop Me Now has me rethinking my priorities.  I'm not gonna ride with headphones, but I am gonna take an extra minute to visit the temple of Freddie Mercury auditorily.  If you see me shadow-boxing and head-bobbing in the back of the room at an upcoming show, it will be to Queen.



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