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Last May marked the launch of The Daily Blank, Chicago's online source for satire, and since then the site has been pumping out local and Chicago-themed work like it lives here, which it's authors do.  This hub for organizing and spurring written work is unlike anything else on offer in the scene, and a great regional alternative to the all powerful Onion.   And a much more democratic alternative, too.
I love The Onion, but unless I really throw my nose to the grindstone, put in some serious hours writing, and move the New York, I probably won't have a shot in heck at contributing to that publication (and even then I might not).  Seeing the comedy gold all around 'em, The Daily Blank has already got local comics contributing work.  This is in part because Tia Ayers, a founding author and the site's sports gal, is also a standup comic.  I know her from shows around town, and, due to her recommendation, had my sci-fi themed piece published on the site's homepage earlier this week.  Trust me, if you like humanoid robots, you're gonna love Battlestar Galactica Leads to Stunning Revelation

According to the site, The Daily Blank's goal is "to be an outlet for great satirists to find an audience and improve their work."  Chicago's comedy scene is improv focused first and a standup and sketch focused second; basically, we dig performance.  Thanks, The Daily Blank, for bringing some much needed focus to the writing world!



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ttgirl said:

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Thanks for the write-up! I'm one of 13 founding authors, including Nick Peters our producer (who now lives in Norway). AND we're looking for contributing writers, so interested people, please e-mail us at


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