Elizabeth McQuern: Birthday Girl/Pillar of Chicago Comedy

Photo of Elizabeth McQuern by Elizabeth McQuern

Birthday tidings go out to Elizabeth McQuern, pillar of the Chicago standup community, today! 

Don't know of her good work?  After moving to Chicago from Indiana in 2005, Elizabeth established (and eventually moved on from) the scene's most successful local blog, The Bastion, and that was before she had even done standup.

After auctioning her stage fright on eBay and taking up the mic, Elizabeth decided she liked working behind the scenes a bit better.  And while you may still occassionally catch her onstage, you're more likely to see her capturing comics in photo form.

Now a producer at Chicago Underground Comedy, one of the most respected alternative rooms in the city, Elizabeth is making her way in the world as a video editor.  She recently edited together a really lovely clip of the Sarcastic Squad's Pre-After Party Show: Pride Edition.  Watch the video from this self-taught jack of all trades (or at least several) and tell me her birth is not deserving of your recognition:

Sing the praises of Elizabeth McQuern (and watch her produce a rad show) at Chicago Underground Comedy tonight at 9:30 pm at the Beat Kitchen.



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Elizabeth McQuern said:


Thank you so much, Cameron! What a nice birthday surprise. And thank you for the wakeup call: I'm a pillar, and it's about time I started acting like one.

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