CHICAGOSPHERE is your tour around the world of Chicago blogs by longtime Chicago blogger Mike Doyle. The 'Sphere began life as Chicago's Best Blogs, the online column honoring the Windy City's top Internet scribes that led to the launch of ChicagoNow.

Together, we'll take an ongoing look at the most interesting blogs, talented bloggers, and thought-provoking debates that the Chicago blogosphere has to offer--and we'll do it all in a fun, frank, and most of all community-centered way. Chicago's blogosphere extends far beyond the pages of ChicagoNow. With CHICAGOSPHERE, the aim is to honor the virtual community of which we're all a part.

MIKE DOYLE is the longtime scribe of CHICAGO CARLESS, where he blogs about his life as an ex-New Yorker living in downtown Chicago. A progressive public-relations consultant and trained urban planner, he's been a devout Windy Citizen since 2003.

Ever since Mike launched CHICAGO CARLESS in June 2005, he and his blog have waded loudly into city controversies regarding Chicago's public realm, helping to win the removal of ill-conceived homeland security cameras installed atop Millennium Park's Crown Fountain and the redrafting of erroneous wayfinding signage throughout Macy's State Street, widening the debate on neighborhood noise in downtown Chicago and the Chicago Children's Museum's planned move to Grant Park, giving Chicagoans an insider's perspective on Marina City's Gary Kimmel scandal, and most recently, motivating the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless to monitor the Chicago Transit Authority's 2008 holiday crackdown on homeless riders.

Mike has been featured numerous times in local and national media for his blogging on civic and social-justice issues by outlets including the Chicago Tribune (which called him a "Newsmaker of the Week" in September 2006), the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Magazine, Time Out Chicago, the Detroit News, NBC 5 Chicago, Chicago Public Radio, WBBM Newsradio, the WVON Cliff Kelley Show, the Chi-Town Daily News, Centerstage Chicago, Gapers Block, Chicagoist, and Rich Miller's Capital Fax Blog.

During Election 2006, Mike received national accolades from the AFL-CIO and Roseanne Barr for his grassroots video interviews shot for the groundbreaking video blog, 7 Days @ Minimum Wage. The project--with Mike's "Jessica" interview as its centerpiece (part one, part two)--helped win minimum wage increases in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, and Ohio. Most recently, for his controversial coverage of alleged price-gouging by Chicago's Intelligentsia Coffee, in March 2009 Mike was the featured guest on the nationally acclaimed LGBT news-and-features podcast, Feast of Fools.

A lifelong transit advocate, like Studs Terkel before him, Mike intends to go to his grave without learning how to drive a car. He's been diligently pursuing that goal for 38 years. And counting.

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