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Greg Hinz on Politics

Einstein said it was e = mc2. But in Greg Hinz's world, the equation that counts is power = money, and he covers the sector where those forces converge: government and politics. From the Obama White House to Illinois House and the 44th Ward, Hinz is watching what the boys and girls in power are doing to you and your pocketbook.

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Shia Kapos: Taking Names

Crain's covers CEOs from 9 to 5. But once they leave the office, these power brokers are fair game for our Taking Names columnist Shia Kapos. Shia follows the city's elite through power lunches and cocktail parties. It's a tough assignment, but someone has to do it.

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Ed Sherman on Sports

In Chicago, sports is serious business. From the sale of the Cubs to the quest for the Olympics, the city's biggest sports stories often boil down to a common element: money. Veteran sports journalist Ed Sherman will take you behind the box score to see how winning on the field translates to winning on the bottom line and vice-versa.

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Enterprise City: Crain's Entrepreneurs Blog

There's loads of small business advice and information floating around out there, but if you're an entrepreneur, you're probably too busy to read it all. Crain's does the legwork for you, scanning Chicago and beyond for news, how-tos and perspective that will help you run your business better -- and providing a place for you to share ideas with fellow entrepreneurs. Editors Brandon Copple and Ann Dwyer pull it all together for you.

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