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America Hates Joe Buck

The amount of anti-Joe Buck tweets during the Bears game was simply staggering. It's really amazing how many people do not like this guy. Here's a sample:


Seriously -- Someone Wore a Chmura Jersey to Work Today

This is a pretty gutsy move by a co-worker of mine. An old school, Green Bay Packers, Mark Chmura jersey? Believe it.


Didn't think women would be big fans of Mark Chmura. What would be the worst possible Bears throwback jersey to wear? The Salaam? Benson? Jonathan Quinn?

Chicago Bears vs. Aaron Rodgers = This!


I'd settle for a Bears win against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, but this would be rather interesting too!

Hat Tip: National (Bleep!) the Packers Week

Young Packers Fans Sing "The Bears Still Suck"

Gotta love these little kids getting in on the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers rivalry.

h/t: Guyism

Aaron Rodgers Disses Cancer Patient

Shame, shame Aaron Rodgers. Snubbing a cancer patient that wants an autograph? It's not like there were 1,000 people waiting -- just her. Clay Matthews took the time to do it, but you couldn't it. Awful. Hopefully, this turns out to be karmic for the Green Bay Packers QB.

Matt Forte: Please Don't Throw Anymore Passes [Video]

I heard a collective yell/groan/scream/obscenity that rang throughout Chicagoland after Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte ran this play.

But you can't blame Forte too much. His own QB, Jay Cutler, has that very same gunslinger mentality. The good news is Forte will NOT be throwing anymore passes, you can bank on that. The other good news is that Forte had an outstanding game. 80 yards rushing and 54 receiving. If he gets around those same totals next week, the Bears will be in good shape.

Former Bear Brandon Lloyd Freaks Out Cardinals Cheerleader

Former Bears and Illini receiver has been having a great year with our old buddy Kyle Orton in Denver. Lloyd leads the league in receiving yards, and also freaking out cheerleaders. Check out what he did a few weeks back to this Cardinals cheerleader.

brandon lloyd.gif

h/t: Denver Westword

Get the Chalk Out for Brett Favre [Pic]

Brett Favre chalk outline

h/t: It's Always Sunny in Detroit

Watch the End of Brett Favre's Career [Video]

"...and the training staff, as has been common, out to look at him, as Wootton the rookie beat Bryant McKinnie."-- Mike Tirico

Who are we kidding? Favre will probably play next week. But for now, the Chicago Bears are the NFC North champions.

favre down.jpg

Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

McNabb Benched, Rex Grossman Named Redskins Starter

Rex Grossman is a starting quarterback in the NFL again. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has benched Donovan McNabb and given the job to Grossman.

The AP reports that when asked if getting McNabb was a mistake, Shanahan said: "I think there's a lot of mistakes that you make. You really don't know if you made a mistake, but if you do make one, you make it and you go on. What I want to do is evaluate where we're at the end of the season, then I will tell you if we erred or not."

Rex Grossman commented on the move, and he's ready to prove all the doubters and haters wrong.

"I think everybody has doubters. And any situation, until you prove yourself on a consistent basis, you're always going to have doubters, no matter what profession you're in. It's motivation. I'm human. How could you not be motivated to show everybody who's mocking this, or talking on the radio or TV thinking they're smart?

"I'm totally motivated to go out and prove not only to them but myself and my teammates that I'm a bona fide starter in this league and can lead this team to a championship one day."

Anthony Adams Will Punch Your Wide Receiver

anthony adams.jpg

Actually, Anthony Adams is just celebrating another great play by the Chicago Bears defense against Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles. And this is another great photograph by Brian Cassella of the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Bears Fans Share Their '85 Bears Memories

walter payton.jpg

Chicago Bears fans walked up to special "living rooms" around downtown Chicago and Soldier Field to share their favorite stories and memories of the 1985 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears. A variety of the shared memories from Allstate's "Call to Glory" events will be featured during the Allstate Glory Days tribute on Nov. 5.

Rex Grossman Brings Out Bad Rex for the Redskins

mcnabb benched.jpg
While I did not watch this game, I'm absolutely shocked that Mike Shanahan benched Donovan McNabb and brought in former Chicago Bears QB Rex Grossman, under any circumstance.

But this wasn't a halftime move, or even a 3rd quarter move. The Skins were behind 31-25 with just 1:45 remaining and the ball on their own 28-yard line when Shanahan called on Grossman to enter the game and try and win it.

But Bad Rex showed up. Grossman fumbled on the very first snap after being sacked by Kyle Vanden Bosch. Ndamukong Suh picked up the fumble and returned it 17 yards for a Detroit touchdown, and that sealed the victory.

McNabb was 17 of 30 for 210 yards, one touchdown and one interception at the time of his exit. also reports that McNabb was healthy at the time of his exit.

"Shanahan said Grossman gave the Redskins their "best chance to win" because of his comfort level and knowledge of the terminology in the two-minute offense, and that health wasn't a factor in the decision.

"I don't think any quarterback likes it, but you got to make those tough decisions," Shanahan said.

Shanahan said that McNabb remains the starter for the Redskins.

Wow. Just wow.

Best Brett Favre Jersey Ever [Pic]

You'll be hard-pressed to find a better Brett Favre jersey than this one.


h/t: Total Pro Sports

Looks Like They're Picking the Packers

Silly analysts. It will be the Bears by a TD.

pick the pack.jpg

h/t: This dude's FB page

Packers Fan Might Have Had Too Many (Ya Think?)

Decisions, decisions. What kind of joke do I want to make here? I can go with the 2 porta-potties and dumpster being perfect for anything to do with the Packers -- or -- I can go the route of this likely-too-drinky Green Bay Packers fan still wearing the Favre jersey to a Packers game. I'll just use both. And I'll add this: I bet he peed his pants!

h/t: TPS

Chicago Bears All-Time Reception Leaders

The history of the Chicago Bears passing game doesn't exactly top the list when fans start talking about the greatness of the Bears. I think a lot of fans might be surprised to see the names that lead the Bears in all-time receptions. You know that Da Coach is on there, but did you think that Desmond Clark made the list? Here are the top 25 Chicago Bears all-time reception leaders.

Gallery sneak peek (25 images):

View the gallery...

Chicago Bear Chris Williams -- Whuh?

Did Chris Williams take a few too many bonks in the head in the Chicago Bears/Detroit Lions season opener? Does he really think the Bears are #1? I felt dirty after that win and it still felt like a loss. And if any Bears player should walk off the field with #1 held high, it's not him.

William DeShazer, Chicago Tribune

Dan Hampton: Vikings Need to "Hit That Town Like Katrina"

Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bears defensive standout is standing out today due to a major slip of the tongue on the locally produced "Pro Football Weekly". Hamp doesn't mean any harm of course, but in this day and age that is a major no-no.

Jay Glazer at Chicago Bears Training Camp

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer is visiting NFL training camps for his "Glaze Across America" segments, and he was gushing about the Chicago Bears during his trip to Bourbonnais. He might be doing that about each team, but it's still good to see a national guy stoked about the Bears chances.

Little Kids Don't Want to Be Kyle Orton


Poor little girl. I hope she's not traumatized for life. I had a similar experience as a child. My brother got to be Brian Baschnagel and I had to be Bob Avellini. still hurts.

h/t: Predominantly Orange

Bears' Greg Olsen Has Britney Spears On His iPod

24/7 Chicago met up with Chicago Bears' tight end Greg Olsen at the Wiener's Circle in Chicago. They ate some dogs, talked about Olsen's upcoming charity events and found out that he has Britney Spears on his iPod. Wow. I'd poke fun at that but I just remembered some of the embarrassing songs on my iPod. (In my defense, ABC's "Look of Love" was quite the jam back in the 80's) Here's the clip:

24/7 airs Saturday nights at 12:30am on NBC5.

Why Bears Fans Hate the Packers

There are many reasons why Bears fans hate the Packers. You could fill a whole website with them. But for today's post, here is one of the biggest reasons: you don't mess with the franchise. Mark Lee does this in this 1985 game, and it gets him kicked out of the game. Other reasons: Ken Stills and his weak hit after the play on Matt Suhey. And the infamous Charles Martin slam of Jim McMahon.

Greatest Chicago Bears License Plate EVER

This person should be awarded season tickets, a job with the team and a free downtown condo.

bearspackers license plate.jpg

Classic Video: Mike Singletary Wired Up

It's safe to say that most people in Chicago still can't get enough of the '85 Bears, even after all these years. Maybe it has something to do with not winning a championship since then? Hmmm...could be. Here is a classic clip of one of those Bears, Samurai Mike Singletary, wired up in his final season as a Bear in 1992.

Better Than Ditka: Legendary Coach Abe Gibron "Wired Up"

Abe Gibron
Abe Gibron is definitely in the team photo for the most colorful coaches in Chicago history. After you watch this video, you might put him right at the top. Had Gibron coached in this era, he'd be on commercials and have his own reality show. Can you imagine a radio call-in show with Gibron?

Da Coach Fall Down and Go Boom [Video]

I bet Da Coach wanted to ring the neck of Paul Hornung after his little push goes awry. We still love the coach here in Chicago, but you can't let a former Packer push you around and get away with it.

Chicago Bears All-Time Sack Leaders

With the Bears signing sack specialist Julius Peppers to a 6-year contract, we thought it would be cool to look at the all-time sack leaders in Bears history. Sacks did not become an official stat until 1982, so you won't see the names of legendary Bears like Doug Atkins or Ed O' Bradovich on the list. But here are the top 20 in Bears history. Where will Peppers be on the list when his time here in Chicago is done?

Gallery sneak peek (20 images):

View the gallery...

1985 Bears: Wilber Marshall's Bonecrushing Hit [Video]

This is one of the signature hits of the 1985 Bears season. Wilber Marshall is a torpedo and Joe Ferguson is the easy target. One of the most devastating hits I have ever seen. "The Fridge" gets penetration up front and gets Ferguson on the run out of the pocket. Then this happens: If you rewind the video to the beginning, it shows you the graphics with the entire Bears defense in that game. The Bears had 8 Pro Bowlers that season.

Devin Hester Says Don't Hate on Sea World

Apparently Devin Hester isn't really keeping up with the news. Our buddies over at the most excellent Blog Down, Chicago Bears found this gem from Devin's Twitter account.

devin tweet.jpg

Don't you ever change, Devin Hester.

Jerry Angelo's Greatest Misses


Jerry Angelo has long been criticized by fans and media for his inability to hit on early round draft choices. Here's a look at some of the bigger misses since Angelo began drafting with the Bears in 2002. 

Gallery sneak peek (15 images):

View the gallery...

Mob Video: Keith Traylor's 2001 Rumbling Interception Return

Dick Enberg is one of the most personable sportscasters of our era and also one of the most versatile. Listen to his hilarious call on Keith Traylor's 2001 interception against the Jaguars.
  Is that fun or what?

Mike Martz Dissed Bears Receivers in November [Video]

If the Bears' receivers and linemen watch this clip of Martz talking about the Bears in November, that first meeting is going to be awkward. However, this was before Aromashodu broke out late in the season. It's going to get interesting really soon.

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