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B is for Baseball: Alphabet Cards

Like most dads, I want nothing more for my kids than to do well in school, treat others as they would treat themselves and be active citizens of the world. Running right behind those 3? I really want them to enjoy baseball.

Baseball was my first love when it came to sports. This was fostered by my family's love of the game, and by reading plenty of Matt Christopher books as a kid. But now, you can start teaching the game and the alphabet to your children even earlier with "B is for Baseball: Alphabet Cards", by Doug Keith.

This is the first in a series that will keep young sports fans in the game and into learning their ABCs. The cards are an entertaining look at the alphabet through funny illustrations that capture the spirit and action of baseball. From A to Z, young learners will find that "P" could be a pitcher beginning his wind-up; "L" could be an outfielder who catches the ball and the wall at the same time; "A" could be batter practicing his mighty swing; and "Y" could be an ump calling "Yer out!".

This is a really neat way to teach kids about their ABCs, as well as the great game of baseball.



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