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Ozzie Guillen: Eatin' Jello and Watching the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLV was a good game, even if the outcome disappointed many Chicagoans. The Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25, and you know Bears fans will be hearing about it forever.

But at least there's some enjoyment for us on the day after. Ozzie Guillen tweeted this pic last night during the game, and you might as well make this your new desktop background. It's all kinds of awesome.

ozzie jello.jpg

The caption of the pic: "Watching the game and eating my jello." That's a lot of jello. But Jello on Super Bowl Sunday? Jello? That's your big Super Bowl indulgence?

Anyway, Ozzie looks like he is going to be an awesome old man.

h/t: Hall of Very Good



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