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Dan Bernstein Has a Fake Twitter

When we asked who Chicago's best sports radio host was, WSCR's Dan Bernstein came in third behind Tom Waddle and the winner, his partner, Terry Boers. But now Bernsy has something that no other Chicago sports radio host has, a true symbol of appreciation: a fake Twitter hack.

You can now follow "Fake Bernstein" on Twitter, and the early tweets are hilarious. I would imagine that Bernsy himself would get a kick out of it. Here's what "Fake Bernstein" has laid down so far.

bernsy fake twitter.png

Pretty spot-on, no? Any other Chicago sports radio or TV personalities you would like to see get the fake Twitter treatment?

My top 5:
  1. Fake Jurko
  2. Fake Terry Boers
  3. Fake Mike North
  4. Fake Jiggs
  5. Fake McNeil
I think those 5 have solid potential for continual hilarity.



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