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Dan Hampton: Vikings Need to "Hit That Town Like Katrina"

Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bears defensive standout is standing out today due to a major slip of the tongue on the locally produced "Pro Football Weekly". Hamp doesn't mean any harm of course, but in this day and age that is a major no-no.



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ChiTownHustler said:


Loving me some Hamp. Always good for comedic word plays. He's the new Norm Crosby. Should be doing standup at Zanies on his off days.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


yeah, there was nothing at all malicious in it, so it is kind of amusing. My favorite Hampism is when he said on the Score, "The defacto...cream of the class." Loved that one.

fubarz said:

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How come the Chicago media never mentions his DUIs? I think one might have involved a pedstrian.

fubarz said:

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