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Carlos Boozer's Invisible High Five

The Bulls dominated the Indiana Pacers in game 5 to win the series and move on to round 2 of the NBA Playoffs. In all the excitement, they forgot something: Carlos Boozer.


No worries, Carlos. We've all been there.

h/t: Eight Points, Nine Seconds

Canucks Fans Flip Out on Twitter [Video]

Watch as Canucks fans freak out in this real-time Twitter feed of #Canucks. Imagine after the Blackhawks finish the comeback tomorrow night -- Twitter will explode in Canada!

Tony La Russa's Horrid Case of Pink Eye (Pic)


Scream 4 ain't got nothing on Tony La Russa and his nasty pink eye. He should have pitched for the Cards because none of the hitters would have been able to look right at him. Would have thrown a no-no.

h/t: Nationals Enquirer

Vince Vaughn Taunts Roberto Luongo!

Awesome shot of Chicago Blackhawks fan Vince Vaughn giving it to Roberto Luongo.

vaughn luongo.jpg

White Sox Fan: Enormous Belly, Tremendous Dance Moves

Some guy woke up, put on his kid's Beckham shirt, went to the Sox game and had a tremendous time.

This is why sporting events are awesome. Even if the game is out of hand, there is food, music and fans that dance like this. Are you not entertained? I was. Tip of the hat to that dude and the cats at Guyism.

Derrick Rose Highlights vs. the Celtics [Video]

Thumbnail image for drosepass.jpg
Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls dominated the Boston Celtics 97-81 at the United Center on Thursday night. Rose had an amazing game with 30 points on 9-16 shooting and 10-10 from the free throw line. He also added 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals.

Rose had several amazing highlights, but the best was when he crossed over Rajon Rondo and blew past him into the lane for a tough layup in the paint.

Derrick Rose On the Cover of Dime China

Derrick Rose is all over the place these days -- even in China. Here is DRose on the cover of the Chinese version of Dime mag.


Hat tip to Vik over at Docksquad Sports for finding this cool cover.

The Kansas Jayhawk Mascot is Crying [gif]

Cheer up, Kansas Jayhawk. There's always next year. And just think -- you can relive the moment over and over until then with this fabulous gif!


h/t: Mock Session

Great Moments in History -- Called by Gus Johnson!

The Funny or Die crew enlisted the services of famed March Madness announcer Gus Johnson to call these pivotal events in world history.

Great Moments in History with Gus Johnson from Gus Johnson

Derrick Rose's Double-Pump, Reverse Jam vs. the Kings [Video]

Derrick Rose got some much needed rest in the Chicago Bulls' 132-92 laugher over the Sacramento Kings on Monday night. But before he was done for the evening, DRose gave the fans a treat with an insane reverse jam.

B is for Baseball: Alphabet Cards

Like most dads, I want nothing more for my kids than to do well in school, treat others as they would treat themselves and be active citizens of the world. Running right behind those 3? I really want them to enjoy baseball.

Baseball was my first love when it came to sports. This was fostered by my family's love of the game, and by reading plenty of Matt Christopher books as a kid. But now, you can start teaching the game and the alphabet to your children even earlier with "B is for Baseball: Alphabet Cards", by Doug Keith.

This is the first in a series that will keep young sports fans in the game and into learning their ABCs. The cards are an entertaining look at the alphabet through funny illustrations that capture the spirit and action of baseball. From A to Z, young learners will find that "P" could be a pitcher beginning his wind-up; "L" could be an outfielder who catches the ball and the wall at the same time; "A" could be batter practicing his mighty swing; and "Y" could be an ump calling "Yer out!".

This is a really neat way to teach kids about their ABCs, as well as the great game of baseball.

LeBron James: The Mistake [Video]

My main man Vik over at Docksquad Sports posted this killer fan-made video about LeBron James and his "mistake" of signing with the Heat. It juxtaposes Derrick Rose and the Bulls against some of the Heat's errors and turnovers throughout the season. It's a little over the top, but if you're a Bulls fan, it still totally gets you pumped.

2011 Chicago Cubs TV and Radio Schedule

Here is the complete 2011 TV and radio schedule for your Chicago Cubs!
DateOpponentTime (CT)TVRadio


Friday, March 4@Kansas City2:05 PM
Saturday, March 5vs. San Diego2:05 PM
WGN 720
Sunday, March 6vs. LA Dodgers2:05 PMWGNWGN 720
Monday, March 7vs. LA Angels2:05 PM
Tuesday, March 8@Colorado2:10 PM
Wednesday, March 9vs. Kansas City2:05 PM
Thursday, March 10vs. Cleveland2:05 PM
Friday, March 11@Chi White Sox2:05
Saturday, March 12vs. Cincinnati2:05 PM
WGN 720
Saturday, March 12vs. Cincinnati3:05 PMWGN
Sunday, March 13vs. LA Dodgers3:05 PMWGN
Sunday, March 13@Arizona3:10 PM
Monday, March 14@Seattle3:05 PM
Tuesday, March 15vs. Colorado3:05 PM
Thursday, March 17@Oakland3:05 PM
Friday, March 18vs. Cincinnati3:05 PM
Saturday, March 19@San Diego3:05 PMWGNWGN 720
Sunday, March 20vs. San Francisco3:05 PMCSNWGN 720
Monday, March 21@LA Angels3:05
Tuesday, March 22@LA Dodgers3:05
Wednesday, March 23vs. Oakland3:05 PM
Thursday, March 24vs. Chi White Sox4:05 PMCSN,
Friday, March 25vs. Seattle3:05 PMWGN,
Saturday, March 26@Texas3:05 PMESPN2WGN 720
Sunday, March 27vs. Colorado3:05 PMWGNWGN 720
Monday, March 28@Cleveland3:05 PM
Tuesday, March 29vs. Arizona3:05 PM
WGN 720


Friday, April 1vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, April 2vs. Pittsburgh12:05 PMCSN
Sunday, April 3vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, April 4vs. Arizona1:20 PMCSN
Tuesday, April 5vs. Arizona1:20 PMCSN
Wednesday, April 6vs. Arizona1:20 PMWGN
Friday, April 8@Milwaukee7:10 PMCSN+
Saturday, April 9@Milwaukee6:10 PMCSN
Sunday, April 10@Milwaukee1:10 PMWGN
Monday, April 11@Houston7:05 PMCSN+
Tuesday, April 12@Houston7:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, April 13@Houston7:05 PMWGN
Friday, April 15@Colorado7:40 PMWCIU
Saturday, April 16@Colorado7:10 PMWGN
Sunday, April 17@Colorado2:10 PMWGN
Monday, April 18vs. San Diego7:05 PMWCIUWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, April 19vs. San Diego7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, April 20vs. San Diego1:20 PMCSN
Friday, April 22vs. LA Dodgers1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, April 23vs. LA Dodgers12:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, April 24vs. LA Dodgers1:20 PMCSN
Monday, April 25vs. Colorado7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, April 26vs. Colorado7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, April 27vs. Colorado1:20 PMCSN
Thursday, April 28@Arizona8:40 PMWGN
Friday, April 29@Arizona8:40 PMCSN+
Saturday, April 30@Arizona7:10 PMCSN


Sunday, May 1@Arizona3:10 PMWGN
Monday, May 2@LA Dodgers9:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, May 3@LA Dodgers9:10 PMWGN
Wednesday, May 4@LA Dodgers2:10 PMCSN
Friday, May 6vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, May 7vs. Cincinnati12:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, May 8vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Tuesday, May 10vs. St. Louis7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, May 11vs. St. Louis7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, May 12vs. St. Louis1:20 PMCSN
Friday, May 13vs. San Francisco1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, May 14vs. San Francisco6:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, May 15vs. San Francisco1:20 PMWGN
Monday, May 16@Cincinnati6:10 PMWCIU
Tuesday, May 17@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Wednesday, May 18@Florida6:10 PMWGN
Thursday, May 19@Florida6:10 PMCSN
Friday, May 20@Boston6:10 PMWGN
Saturday, May 21@Boston6:10 PMFOX
Sunday, May 22@Boston7:05 PMESPN
Tuesday, May 24vs. NY Mets7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, May 25vs. NY Mets7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, May 26vs. NY Mets1:20 PMWGN
Friday, May 27vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, May 28vs. Pittsburgh12:05 PMCSN
Sunday, May 29vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGN
Monday, May 30vs. Houston1:20 PMWGN
Tuesday, May 31vs. Houston7:05 PMCSN


Wednesday, June 1vs. Houston1:20 PMWGN
Friday, June 3@St. Louis7:15 PMWGN
Saturday, June 4@St. Louis3:10 PMFOX
Sunday, June 5@St. Louis1:15 PMCSN
Monday, June 6@Cincinnati6:10 PMWCIU
Tuesday, June 7@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Wednesday, June 8@Cincinnati11:35 AMCSN
Thursday, June 9@Philadelphia6:05 PMWGN
Friday, June 10@Philadelphia6:05 PMCSN
Saturday, June 11@Philadelphia3:10 PMFOX
Sunday, June 12@PhiladelphiaTBDWGN
Monday, June 13vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, June 14vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, June 15vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, June 16vs. Milwaukee1:20 PMWGN
Friday, June 17vs. NY Yankees1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, June 18vs. NY Yankees3:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, June 19vs. NY YankeesTBDWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, June 20@Chi White Sox7:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, June 21@Chi White Sox7:10 PMWGN
Wednesday, June 22@Chi White Sox7:10 PMCSN
Friday, June 24@Kansas City7:10 PMWGN
Saturday, June 25@Kansas City6:10 PMWGN
Sunday, June 26@Kansas City1:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, June 28vs. San Francisco7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, June 29vs. San Francisco7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, June 30vs. San Francisco1:20 PMWGN


Friday, July 1vs. Chi White Sox1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, July 2vs. Chi White Sox3:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, July 3vs. Chi White Sox1:20 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, July 4@Washington12:05 PMWGN
Tuesday, July 5@Washington6:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, July 6@Washington6:05 PMCSN
Thursday, July 7@Washington6:05 PMWGN
Friday, July 8@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN
Saturday, July 9@Pittsburgh6:05 PMWGN
Sunday, July 10@Pittsburgh12:35 PMWGN
Thursday, July 14vs. Florida7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, July 15vs. Florida1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, July 16vs. Florida12:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, July 17vs. Florida1:20 PMCSN
Monday, July 18vs. Philadelphia7:05 PMWCIUWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, July 19vs. Philadelphia7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, July 20vs. Philadelphia1:20 PMCSN
Friday, July 22vs. Houston1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, July 23vs. Houston12:05 PMCSN
Sunday, July 24vs. Houston1:20 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, July 26@Milwaukee7:10 PMWGN
Wednesday, July 27@Milwaukee7:10 PMCSN
Thursday, July 28@Milwaukee1:10 PMWGN
Friday, July 29@St. Louis7:15 PMWGN
Saturday, July 30@St. Louis3:10 PMFOX
Sunday, July 31@St. Louis1:15 PMWGN


Monday, August 1@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN+
Tuesday, August 2@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, August 3@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN+
Thursday, August 4@Pittsburgh6:05 PMCSN
Friday, August 5vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Saturday, August 6vs. Cincinnati12:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 7vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMCSN
Monday, August 8vs. Washington7:05 PMCSN+WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, August 9vs. Washington7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, August 10vs. Washington7:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, August 12@Atlanta6:35 PMCSN
Saturday, August 13@Atlanta6:10 PMWGN
Sunday, August 14@Atlanta12:35 PMWGN
Monday, August 15@Houston7:05 PMCSN
Tuesday, August 16@Houston7:05 PMWGN
Wednesday, August 17@Houston1:05 PMWGN
Friday, August 19vs. St. Louis1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, August 20vs. St. Louis3:10 PMFOXWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 21vs. St. LouisTBDWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, August 22vs. Atlanta7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, August 23vs. Atlanta7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, August 24vs. Atlanta7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, August 25vs. Atlanta1:20 PMWGN
Friday, August 26@Milwaukee7:10 PMWGN
Saturday, August 27@Milwaukee6:10 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 28@Milwaukee1:10 PMCSN
Monday, August 29@San Francisco9:15 PMCSN+
Tuesday, August 30@San Francisco9:15 PMWGN
Wednesday, August 31@San Francisco2:45 PMCSN


Friday, September 2vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, September 3vs. Pittsburgh12:05 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, September 4vs. Pittsburgh1:20 PMWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, September 5vs. Cincinnati1:20 PMWGN
Tuesday, September 6vs. Cincinnati7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, September 7vs. Cincinnati7:05 PMWCIUWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, September 9@NY Mets6:10 PMCSN
Saturday, September 10@NY Mets12:10 PMCSN
Sunday, September 11@NY Mets12:10 PMWGN
Monday, September 12@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Tuesday, September 13@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN+
Wednesday, September 14@Cincinnati6:10 PMWCIU
Thursday, September 15@Cincinnati6:10 PMCSN
Friday, September 16vs. Houston1:20 PMCSN
Saturday, September 17vs. HoustonTBDWGNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, September 18vs. Houston1:20 PMCSN
Monday, September 19vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, September 20vs. Milwaukee7:05 PMCSNWRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, September 21vs. Milwaukee1:20 PMWGN
Friday, September 23@St. Louis7:15 PMCSN
Saturday, September 24@St. Louis12:10 PMWGN
Sunday, September 25@St. Louis1:15 PMCSN
Monday, September 26@San Diego9:05 PMWGN
Tuesday, September 27@San Diego9:05 PMCSN
Wednesday, September 28@San Diego7:35 PMWCIU

2011 Chicago White Sox TV & Radio Schedule

Here is the complete 2011 TV and radio schedule for your Chicago White Sox.


Friday, March 4@LA Angels2:05 PMMLBN
Sunday, March 6vs. Kansas City2:05 PM
WSCR 670,
Monday, March 7vs. Cleveland2:05 PM
Tuesday, March 8vs. Colorado2:05 PM
Thursday, March 10@Arizona7:40 PMCSN
Friday, March 11vs. Chi Cubs2:05 PMCSN, MLBNWSCR 670
Saturday, March 12vs. Texas2:05 PM
WSCR 670,
Sunday, March 13@LA Dodgers3:05 PM
WSCR 670
Monday, March 14vs. San Diego3:05 PMCSN, MLBN (tape delay)
Wednesday, March 16vs. San Francisco3:05 PMCSN, MLBN
Friday, March 18vs. Oakland6:05 PM
Sunday, March 20vs. LA Dodgers3:05 PMWGNWSCR 670
Wednesday, March 23vs. LA Dodgers3:05 PM
Thursday, March 24@Chi Cubs4:05 PMESPN2
Friday, March 25vs. Arizona9:05 PM
WSCR 670,
Saturday, March 26vs. LA Angels3:05 PMCSN
Sunday, March 27@Milwaukee3:05 PM
WSCR 670
Monday, March 28vs. Cincinnati3:05 PMCSN, MLBNWSCR 670


Friday, April 1@Cleveland2:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, April 2@Cleveland12:05 PMWGNWSCR 670
Sunday, April 3@Cleveland12:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, April 5@Kansas City7:10 PMCSN+WSCR 670
Wednesday, April 6@Kansas City1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Thursday, April 7vs. Tampa Bay1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, April 8vs. Tampa Bay7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, April 9vs. Tampa Bay3:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Sunday, April 10vs. Tampa Bay1:10 PMCSN+WSCR 670
Monday, April 11vs. Oakland7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, April 12vs. Oakland7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, April 13vs. Oakland1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, April 15vs. LA Angels7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, April 16vs. LA Angels3:10 PMFOXWSCR 670
Sunday, April 17vs. LA Angels1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Monday, April 18@Tampa Bay5:40 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, April 19@Tampa Bay5:40 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Wednesday, April 20@Tampa Bay5:40 PMCSNWSCR 670
Thursday, April 21@Tampa Bay5:40 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, April 22@Detroit6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, April 23@Detroit3:10 PMFOXWSCR 670
Sunday, April 24@Detroit12:05 PMWGNWSCR 670
Monday, April 25@NY Yankees6:05 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Tuesday, April 26@NY Yankees6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Wednesday, April 27@NY Yankees6:05 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Thursday, April 28@NY Yankees6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, April 29vs. Baltimore7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, April 30vs. Baltimore6:10 PMWGNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)


Sunday, May 1vs. Baltimore1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Monday, May 2vs. Baltimore7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, May 3vs. Minnesota7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, May 4vs. Minnesota1:10 PMWGNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, May 6@Seattle9:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, May 7@Seattle8:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Sunday, May 8@Seattle3:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Monday, May 9@LA Angels9:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, May 10@LA Angels9:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Wednesday, May 11@LA Angels9:05 PMWGNWSCR 670
Friday, May 13@Oakland9:05 PMWGNWSCR 670
Saturday, May 14@Oakland3:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Sunday, May 15@Oakland3:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Monday, May 16vs. Texas7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, May 17vs. Texas7:10 PMCSN+WSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, May 18vs. Cleveland7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, May 19vs. Cleveland7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, May 20vs. LA Dodgers7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, May 21vs. LA Dodgers1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Sunday, May 22vs. LA Dodgers1:10 PMWGNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Monday, May 23@Texas7:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, May 24@Texas7:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Wednesday, May 25@Texas1:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Thursday, May 26@Toronto6:07 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, May 27@Toronto6:07 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, May 28@Toronto12:07 PMWGNWSCR 670
Sunday, May 29@Toronto12:07 PMCSNWSCR 670
Monday, May 30@Boston6:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, May 31@Boston6:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670


Wednesday, June 1@Boston12:35 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, June 3vs. Detroit7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, June 4vs. Detroit6:10 PMWGNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, June 5vs. Detroit1:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Monday, June 6vs. Seattle7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, June 7vs. Seattle7:10 PMCSN+WSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, June 8vs. Seattle7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, June 9vs. Oakland7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, June 10vs. Oakland7:10 PMCSN+WSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, June 11vs. Oakland6:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Sunday, June 12vs. Oakland1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, June 14@Minnesota7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Wednesday, June 15@Minnesota7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Thursday, June 16@Minnesota12:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, June 17@Arizona8:40 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, June 18@Arizona7:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Sunday, June 19@Arizona3:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Monday, June 20vs. Chi Cubs7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, June 21vs. Chi Cubs7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, June 22vs. Chi Cubs7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, June 24vs. Washington7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, June 25vs. Washington3:10 PMFOXWSCR 670
Sunday, June 26vs. Washington1:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Tuesday, June 28@Colorado7:40 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Wednesday, June 29@Colorado7:40 PMCSNWSCR 670
Thursday, June 30@Colorado2:10 PMCSNWSCR 670


Friday, July 1@Chi Cubs1:20 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, July 2@Chi Cubs3:10 PMFOXWSCR 670
Sunday, July 3@Chi Cubs1:20 PMWGNWSCR 670
Monday, July 4vs. Kansas City6:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, July 5vs. Kansas City7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, July 6vs. Kansas City1:10 PMWGNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, July 7vs. Minnesota7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, July 8vs. Minnesota7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, July 9vs. Minnesota3:10 PMFOXWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, July 10vs. Minnesota1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, July 15@Detroit6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, July 16@Detroit3:10 PMFOXWSCR 670
Sunday, July 17@Detroit12:05 PMWGNWSCR 670
Monday, July 18@Kansas City7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, July 19@Kansas City7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Wednesday, July 20@Kansas City7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, July 22@Cleveland6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, July 23@Cleveland6:05 PMWGNWSCR 670
Sunday, July 24@Cleveland12:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Monday, July 25vs. Detroit7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, July 26vs. Detroit7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, July 27vs. Detroit1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, July 29vs. Boston7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, July 30vs. Boston6:10 PMWGNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, July 31vs. Boston1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)


Monday, August 1vs. NY Yankees7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, August 2vs. NY Yankees7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, August 3vs. NY Yankees7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, August 4vs. NY Yankees7:10 PMWGNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, August 5@Minnesota7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, August 6@Minnesota6:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Sunday, August 7@Minnesota1:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Monday, August 8@Baltimore6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, August 9@Baltimore6:05 PMCSN+WSCR 670
Wednesday, August 10@Baltimore6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Thursday, August 11@Baltimore6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, August 12vs. Kansas City7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, August 13vs. Kansas City6:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, August 14vs. Kansas City1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, August 16vs. Cleveland7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, August 17vs. Cleveland7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Thursday, August 18vs. Cleveland7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, August 19vs. Texas7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, August 20vs. Texas6:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Sunday, August 21vs. Texas1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, August 23@LA Angels9:05 PMWGNWSCR 670
Wednesday, August 24@LA Angels9:05 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Friday, August 26@Seattle9:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, August 27@Seattle9:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Sunday, August 28@Seattle3:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Monday, August 29vs. Minnesota7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, August 30vs. Minnesota7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, August 31vs. Minnesota1:10 PMWGNWSCR 670


Friday, September 2@Detroit6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, September 3@Detroit3:10 PMFOXWSCR 670
Sunday, September 4@Detroit12:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Monday, September 5@Minnesota1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Tuesday, September 6@Minnesota7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Wednesday, September 7@Minnesota7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Thursday, September 8vs. Cleveland7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Friday, September 9vs. Cleveland7:10 PMCSN+WSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, September 10vs. Cleveland6:10 PMWGNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Sunday, September 11vs. Cleveland1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Monday, September 12vs. Detroit7:10 PMWCIUWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Tuesday, September 13vs. Detroit7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Wednesday, September 14vs. Detroit1:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Thursday, September 15@Kansas City7:10 PMCSN+WSCR 670
Friday, September 16@Kansas City7:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Saturday, September 17@Kansas City6:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Sunday, September 18@Kansas City1:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
Tuesday, September 20@Cleveland6:05 PMWCIUWSCR 670
Wednesday, September 21@Cleveland6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Thursday, September 22@Cleveland6:05 PMCSNWSCR 670
Friday, September 23vs. Kansas City7:10 PMCSN+WSCR 670, WRTO 1200 (Sp.)
Saturday, September 24vs. Kansas City6:10 PMCSNWSCR 670
Sunday, September 25vs. Kansas City1:10 PMWGNWSCR 670
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Milton Bradley Accused of Hitting Wife With Glass

Milton Bradley

Ex-Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley could be in some big trouble. This time, RadarOnline reports that Bradley has been accused of hitting his wife with the top of a glass coffee table, according to court documents they obtained.

His wife, Monique, is now seeking a divorce and requested a restraining order on January 24. The Bradley's already have a March 9th hearing related to making threats against his wife in January.

Here's what Monique Bradley said about the incident:

"Milton cursed and yelled at me for approximately five minutes and then he grabbed a glass from off the coffee table and threw it directly at my head from across the room. The glass shattered on my head and I started to bleed. As soon as Milton saw me bleeding, he started crying and begging me to forgive him. He stated that he lost it and that he would kill himself if I left him. I did not know what to do."

Monique is seeking legal and physical custody of their children.

Here's a nice snapshot of Milton in action from last year:


Derrick Rose's No-Look, Through the Legs Pass to Joakim Noah For the Jam [Video]

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls coasted to a 105-77, blowout win over the Washington Wizards last night. Rose finished with 21 points and 9 assists, one of them being NBA's "Assist of the Night". It was this amazing pass to Joakim Noah for the dunk.

h/t: Sharapova's Thigh

Chris Bosh: The Flopmaster Gets a New Number!

After shooting a heinous 1-18 from the field against the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh deserves a new number.


Mr. .056. Nice ring to it, no. Seriously, rec league schlubs could play in an NBA game, come off a pick and drain 1 for 18. When you need the ol' roundup to shoot 6%, that's a performance worthy of some ribbing.

Bosh is also being rightly ridiculed for this ridiculous flop against the Bulls' Carlos Boozer:

That's some shameful stuff right there. The NBA ought to start fining these fools for flops. Kevin Durant was right: Chris Bosh is a "fake tough guy".

Stacey King's Greatest Hits (Or Freakouts), Vol.1

Besides having an awesome Chicago Bulls team this year, fans are blessed with an excitable announcer like Stacey King. With Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah, Stacey has a lot to get excited about. And yes, we know the Dragic dunk is a classic, but we'll save that for a later volume.

To the Penthouse!

Don't Try to Run Josh McRoberts!

I Want a Facial!

Posterized Stewie!

Check Yer Head!

Michael Jordan, Good 'Ol Number 32

They love Michael Jordan all over the world, even in Dubai. But this statue at The Dubai Mall might want to recheck that number.


I'm going to guess that they couldn't screw up the Scottie Pippen figure...right?

h/t: Figurine Fail: Dubai Mall Gets Michael Jordan's Number Wrong on Statue

World's Biggest Mark Buehrle Fan?

This could be the world's biggest Mark Buehrle fan, but not necessarily for his baseball skills.


The bad news for her is that Buehrle is married with 2 children. Oh well, at least she'll get to watch Buerhle and the Chicago White Sox dominate the AL Central this year! EE-YESSSSS!!!

h/t: Midwest Sports Fans

Big Baby Blows Breakaway Dunk [Video]

"Welcome to the blooper Big Baby."

Celtics still hung on to beat the Heat 85-82 in Boston, which is the only time I want to see them win. It's quite possible that after that missed jam Big Baby went and did something like this:

Ozzie Guillen: Eatin' Jello and Watching the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLV was a good game, even if the outcome disappointed many Chicagoans. The Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25, and you know Bears fans will be hearing about it forever.

But at least there's some enjoyment for us on the day after. Ozzie Guillen tweeted this pic last night during the game, and you might as well make this your new desktop background. It's all kinds of awesome.

ozzie jello.jpg

The caption of the pic: "Watching the game and eating my jello." That's a lot of jello. But Jello on Super Bowl Sunday? Jello? That's your big Super Bowl indulgence?

Anyway, Ozzie looks like he is going to be an awesome old man.

h/t: Hall of Very Good

Lou Piniella Joins World Champion San Francisco Giants

So much for all that relaxing with the family. Former Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella is taking an adviser gig with the world champion San Francisco Giants, according to

The team hasn't made an announcement yet, but The Chronicle learned Piniella, 67, is joining the Giants' front office to consult in a variety of ways, whether it's evaluating or advising on player movement or scouting or . . . well, whatever a baseball lifer of 48 years can provide.

GM Brian Sabean goes back with Piniella to their Yankee years in the '80s, and they've remained tight. Sabean interviewed Piniella to succeed manager Felipe Alou after the 2006 season, but Piniella removed himself from consideration partly for geographic reasons and became manager of the Cubs.

The article also states that Piniella will be Florida-based. Good for him. We should all be so lucky to get nice-paying, easy gigs when we are in are late-60's.

US Cellular Field, Front Snow Seats

Here's a pic that Southpaw posted on his Twitter page. It's US Cellular seats covered in snow from the Blizzard/Snowmageddon/Death Storm. That's why I called it Front Snow Seats. Get it? Yeah, it's not very good.

us cellular snow.jpg

Chicago Cubs That Will NEVER Get Statues

This is a list that could go on ad infinitum. It's a small compendium of some of the worst or most-hated Chicago Cubs in recent memory. Unlike Ron Santo -- who will get a statue outside Wrigley Field on August 10th -- these Cubs will NEVER get a statue. They might not even be allowed back in the stadium. I've left it to 20 Cubs, and stayed fairly recent in the process of selecting them. Feel free to add your choices in the comments section.

Gallery sneak peek (20 images):

View the gallery...

The REAL Winter Storm/Blizzard Map

With Snowmageddon/Monster Blizzard/Death Storm on the way to your house, Chicago Sports Mob found the REAL Chicago winter weather/blizzard map.

The Real Winter Weather/Blizzard Map

I think Tom Skilling will be using this on the Midday news.

h/t: Some Dude's Facebook

What Exactly Is a Gay Jump Shot?


Ohhhhhhh. Rudy Gay. Cause I was like, aren't we past that? But it's Rudy Gay. From the Grizzlies. I get it now.

America Hates Joe Buck

The amount of anti-Joe Buck tweets during the Bears game was simply staggering. It's really amazing how many people do not like this guy. Here's a sample:


Dan Bernstein Has a Fake Twitter

When we asked who Chicago's best sports radio host was, WSCR's Dan Bernstein came in third behind Tom Waddle and the winner, his partner, Terry Boers. But now Bernsy has something that no other Chicago sports radio host has, a true symbol of appreciation: a fake Twitter hack.

You can now follow "Fake Bernstein" on Twitter, and the early tweets are hilarious. I would imagine that Bernsy himself would get a kick out of it. Here's what "Fake Bernstein" has laid down so far.

bernsy fake twitter.png

Pretty spot-on, no? Any other Chicago sports radio or TV personalities you would like to see get the fake Twitter treatment?

My top 5:
  1. Fake Jurko
  2. Fake Terry Boers
  3. Fake Mike North
  4. Fake Jiggs
  5. Fake McNeil
I think those 5 have solid potential for continual hilarity.

Seriously -- Someone Wore a Chmura Jersey to Work Today

This is a pretty gutsy move by a co-worker of mine. An old school, Green Bay Packers, Mark Chmura jersey? Believe it.


Didn't think women would be big fans of Mark Chmura. What would be the worst possible Bears throwback jersey to wear? The Salaam? Benson? Jonathan Quinn?

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