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Uproar on the Lakeshore Women's Championship Roller Derby November 5-8 Right here in Chicago!

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Get out your day books baby, there will be plenty of people at the UIC Pavilion eating, sleeping and talking derby for three days in just a week and a half.  You can bet Call of the Wild will be there with ring side seats.  Just to get you going this morning here is a taste of some classic derby action from the not so distant past., featuring our own Windy City Rollers.

Here is the link for tickets, be there or be square!

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Gallery 74 - WCR All Stars vs. Texas Roller Girls

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In last night's main event for the Windy City Rollers, the Texas Roller Girls (aka The Texecutioners) faced off against the All Stars.  Coming into the match, the Rollers and the Texecutioners were ranked #10 and #11 respectively.  So it looked to be a close battle but ultimately the All Stars took the lead early and kept it throughout the match for a final score of 88-62.  

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Gallery 73 - WCR Second Wind vs. Naptown Tornado Sirens

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Last night featured a double header of roller derby action for the Windy City Rollers.  To kick things off, the Windy City Rollers Second Wind Team took on the Naptown Tornado Sirens.  The Sirens dominated the match from very early on and never gave the Second Wind a chance to come back.  The final score had the Sirens up 190-78 over the Second Wind.

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Gallery 66 - WCR All Stars vs. RMRG 5280 Fight Club

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In the second match of the night, the Windy City Rollers All Stars took on the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls 5280 Fight Club.  It was an incredibly physical match but it was never close with the Roller Girls dishing out a 151-56 defeat.  The unusual tactics of the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls continue to stymie their opponents and they easily demonstrated that they deserve that #3 power ranking.



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Gallery 65 - WCR Second Wind vs. RMRG B-Team

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Last night featured some fierce roller derby action in Chicago with the Windy City Rollers taking on the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls.  Going into the match the Rollers were ranked #10 while the Roller Girls were ranked #3.  The question for the evening was whether the Rollers were underrated or if the Roller Girls were continuing with the strength they showed last season.

To begin the night, the Roller's Second Wind team, took on the B-Team from the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls.  It was a very close game with the Roller Girls managing to maintain a narrow lead throughout the evening.  Ultimately it all came down to the last jam and once the Roller Girls secured lead jammer status it was just a matter of time.  Final Score: Rollers 124, Roller Girls 130.  

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Live blogging Windy City Rollers 56 v Rocky Mountain Roller Girls 151 FINAL

Patrick Boylan

I write the Wolves blog for ChicagoNow


Colorado used a strategy of bleeding the Chicago Windy City Rollers dry, gathering a few points on each jam to put together a 95 point win, 151-56. Their strategy against the larger and faster Chicago team was to slow down the jams, sometimes stopping movement, sometimes blocking any movement by blocking the last member of the Chicago pack.


At the end of the game, although Colorado looked physically tired, it was Chicago that had to make every effort to catch up, and was unable to do so, accepting a humiliating loss to the visitors.




Colorado has bled Chicago, putting small point totals on the board just about every jam to gain a 55 point lead: 77-22.



We'll be live blogging the Windy City Rollers v the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls, live from the UIC in just a few minutes.


The Colorado Contenders team beat the Chicago 2nd Wind team in a very close and very physical 1st match this evening. The final outcome wasn't certain till the end of the last jam. The Colorado team used speed and physical work to put the Chicagoans off balance, despite having a smaller bench.


We can only hope to see the same action in the second and headline match tonight.


I'm just watching the warm-ups here. The Colorado team has two tall women who look like track vets and two other women who have a lot of muscle. I don't think there are any Chicago players with their size.


Well, got that wrong, the WCR All-Stars are in black, not the Colorado team. It is the home team with the size and probable speed.


We just had a visit from Uber Alice from the first match. She said the Colorado team is generally smaller women. They are compensating by emphasizing a regimen of endurance training.


She thought the penalties were a key in the Colorado win in the first match. It is hard to hear in the press area, but I believe she said that Colorado has an attitude that you have to use the penalties strategically to win.


We are in Jam 6 in the headline match. Colorado has taken a 21 point lead, 24-3, over the Chicagoans, now 26-3 at the end of the jam. I don't see many penalties so far. 


Ruth Enasia has been the jammer for Chicago in several of these matches but in this jam her size isn't doing much good as the pack disintegrates and Colorado picks up another point, 27-3.


Jam 7. Varla Vendetta is up against DeRanged. DeRanged pulls into the lead jammer status. Varl has a lot os speed and is trying to catch the Coloradoan. But RM picks up another point, 28-3.


Jam 8. Urrk'n Jerk'n is the lead jammer, but is in the sin bin. Athena DeCrime is using her speed. Lots of action out there. Urrk'n Jerk'n gets a penalty. Two points for each team, 30-5.


More on that interview with Uber Alice, many women's sports require the women to pay their own way. She said that the league is helping to reduce the cost and that the local team is also helping with transportation. That allows the team to bring more people to a bout and provides more balance to these matches.


Jam 9. The RM team has a 29 point lead with about 16.45 remaining in the half. There's a time-out on the track as the officials discuss a penalty situation. Athena DeCrime has been boxed and is waiting to come on the track. She Who Cannot Be Named is the lead jammer for the RMs. Chicago and RM are keeping the pack moving slow. It looked like there were two grand slams out there for RM, but no, Colorado was held to just 3 points. 37-5.


Jam 11. Fight Club has pub Psycho Babble against Carla Vendetta. She has a lot of speed. She picks up 1 point. 38-5.


Jam 12. Colorado is bleeding the Chicagoans with small victories. Without a single big jam, they have built a 33 point lead with just under 14 minutes remaining in the half.


Ruth Enasia is up against Urrk'n Jerk'n in this slam. Ruth gets a whip through the curve and a big lead. She is tall in any case, picks her way through the jam, cutting it to a 30 point lead for Colorado. 38-8.


Jam 13. Shocka Conduit is up against SWCBN. The action is getting more physical out there. SWCBN is lead jammer and collects 3 more points for Colorado. 41-8.


Jam 14. A physical jam between the 2 team captains lets Chicago pick up 4 points.


Jam 15. Ruth is out in the lead jammer position. She gets knocked down after busting out of the pack. The pack reforms behind this point and waits for the Colorado jammer before calling the jam with no change in score.


Jam 16. DeRanged of Colorado has shot into the lead jammer position. She is trying to cut through and does, that's at least five points. It does look like she is tired or perhaps received an injury. She is holding her knees and taking her time in the curves. But she manages to extend the Colorado lead. 54-12.


Jam 17. SWCBN is the lead jammer for Colorado. I can't see the Chicago jammer, Varla Vendetta, but now VV is trying to pick up some speed. Colorado calls off the jam after picking up 4 more points 58-12.


Jam 18. Colorado whips DeRanged through a curve. Colorado is acting cocky here. They are playing it up for the fans in the crowd. DeRanged has picked up 9 more points. 67-12. The small victories are adding up to a big advantage for Colorado as we move into the last 3 minutes.


Jam 19. A discipline problem for Colorado is making this a big jam for Chicago. The bench is full for Colorado. Shocka Conduit picks up 10 points. 67-22.


Jam 20. Last jam of the half. I can't see any issues with Colorado using its points advantage to physically beat up on Chicago. DeRanged has a power jam but looks winded as she works to catch the pack. 


An unusual move there, a Colorado player shoved their own player, giving her a boost into the straight-away, which that player then used to check a Chicagoan into the infield. At the end of the half Colorado has a comfortable 55 point lead: 77-22.




Colorado has been bleeding Chicago, putting small point totals on the board just about evey jam to build a 55 point lead by the end of the half. Chicago was able to cut the  lead somewhat late in the half when RM let themselves let themselves get into foul trouble, giving Chicago a power jam.


The first jam of the 2nd half starts with a power jam. Chicago tries to stop the pack at the start, to give their jammer, Jackie Daniels a chance to get on the track. This strategy doesn't work as DeRanged is still able to grab lead jammer status. 86-22.


Jam 2. Ruth Enasia uses her speed to cut through the jam, but is knocked out of bounds and has to go back before rejoining the race. SWCBN and Ruth take nearly a minute to determine the lead jammer status. RM once again gets lead jammer status. This is a tough situation for Chicago as once again RM gathers a point. 88-22.


Jam 3 and 4. Colorado extends its lead to 96-22. Then 106-22 in Jam 5. Jam 6 108-25. That's the 1st points Chicago has picked up this half. 1st points in 8 jams for Chicago. Colorado has just shut down Chicago.


Jam 8 Chicago has a power jam. Looks like Athena DeCrime gets an elbow to the head and pushed out of bounds. She is unable to cut through the Colorado pack, but now 3 RMs are in the sin bin. Colorado just stops the pack in these situations. Athena picks up 10 points. There is a long way to go and 16 minutes to play. 110-37.


Jam 10. Frida Beater has some nice moves, really looks good out there, picking up 4 more points. 114-37. While Chicago picks up lots of points on the opportunities when RM has penalties, it is the slow aggregation of points by Colorado that is telling the story here tonight.


Jam 11. Ruth Enasia is able to pick up 4 points. 114-41.


Jam 12. With about 12 minutes left, Chicago is cutting into the Colorado lead. They need some big  scores here to be competitive in the end. A messy pack fnally ends with two more points to Chicago. 114-43.

Jam 13. RM is getting the lead jammer position, then using the pack to block any member of Chicago to slow the pack to almost a standstill. That allows the lead jammer to collect points on smaller circuits. This is a strategy that I haven't seen used much in Chicago. 


Jam 14. Colorado has adjusted to Chicago's strategy of wearing them down, I think by slowing down the jams. They are beginning to extend their lead again. 142-43.


Jam 15. This looks all over, the Chicago rally has failed. There are just 3 jams remaining, Chicago is behind by 99 points.


Jam 16. Colorado is continuing the physical pressure. There are regional considerations for the national finals. Colorado can afford to beat up Chicago and give up points to prove their dominance. Shocka Conduit is gathering points, but RM is continuing their physical brand of skating. 144-52. 


Jam 17. 1.30 left. Probably the last jam. Still some big blocks. Some big physical moves by RM. I don't know if Colorado want to take a 100 point win, that is unlikely at this point. But Chicago just looks disorganized out there. 147-56 FINAL

Live blogging the Windy City Rollers: 2nd Wind 124 v RM Contenders 130 FINAL

Patrick Boylan

I write the Wolves blog for ChicagoNow




The Contenders v the Second Wind (opening bout, with the two farm teams). This wasn't a second string bout by any means, just not the travel team.


The score is close heading into the half with the Chicago team taking advantage of the smaller bench of the Rocky Mountain team to take an eight point lead with about two minutes remaining in the half.


The game is a lot more physical than the games I've seen in the intramural season: lot's more people falling down here. These women are going to have black and blue marks all over from all the hip checks.


Our photographer, Steve Stearns is at the curve. Also, Jane Rickard is near the suicide seats. There should be some great pix coming up from this match.


It's the last jam of the period with Rose Feratu holding off Uber Alice with a five point lead for Chicago. Rose is trying to punch through the jam and Uber Alice gets out in front, lots of action out there on the front of the jam. Uber Alice is moving very fast, she appears to be very tall has a lot of speed. The defenders are able to contain Rose and Uber rounds the Chicagoans in three grand slams to put the Colorado women in the lead by ten. 


That's it for the first half of the opener. Chicago needs to break through the jam as the Colorado girls have found a very effective strategy with a killer combination of defense holding the jammer and a speedy jammer shutting them down.




The Rocky Mountain team, with a smaller bench, has turned around the bout, taking a ten point lead. Rose Feratu and Uber Alice start the first Jam of the second half with Rose in the sin bin.


Uber Alice has great speed and seems to find holes that other women would have problems getting through, exploit them with her size and speed.


Uber Alice's great skill gives Rocky Mountain another nine points.


Jam 3, Jam 2 wasn't really of great interest, sees Red Die jump out to lead Jammer status and she collects another three points. Again, a lot of speed here on the part of Rocky Mountain.


Jam 4, more collisions out there, Ho J Simpson has jumped into a lead Jammer position, and she gathers three points and calls off the jam.


Kola Loka breaks through a Rocky Mountain pack with two people in thesin bin to get a grand slam. She is moving very fast, cuts through again for ten. She has slowed down here as she moves through for a third pass and fourteen points.  The Contenders gathered three points in that ham, putting the Chicagoans at 77 - 90 for Colorado.


Zoe Trocious cuts through getting a lead status, but is checked into the in field and only gathers four points, 81-90.


Ho J Simpson battles in the 7th jam to pick up another five points. In jam 8 Wreck n' Shrew is in a race with Uber Alice. She pulls 2 points for the Chicagoans before calling off the jam.


Jam 9, Kola Loka is able to ut through the pack. Ho J Simpson pulls out of the pack, trying to keep her from gaining any speed. Kola gathers another four points, cutting the Rocky Mountain lead to just 7 points with about 18 minutes remaining in the half. 87- 94.


Two people from each team are on the sin bin, Zoe Trocious cuts into the lead but is sent into sin bin. Only two Chicago blockers are on the track. Tia Juana Pistola gets into the lead jammer position. She calls it off after putting 10 points on the board.


Chicago is being hurt by all the penalties it is taking. It will be entering the next jam with two in the sin bin. A lack of discipline is hurting the Chicagoans. The Colorado team is moving with a lot of confidence out there in the timeout.


Uber Alice picks up another 4 points. 87-108 with 15 minutes remaining.


Jam 12, a slow move, then Zoe Trocious breaks into lead jJammer status. She cuts through the pack and collects 4 points.


Jam 13, Kola Loka picks up 4 points against Uber Alice in a very fast paced jam. 95-109 with about 12.30 left.


Red Die vs Norma Lee Wright in jam 14. The pace is very fast and Red Die calls it off after picking up an additional point for Colorado. The 15th jam. 2 Colorado players in the sin bin. Zoe Trocious jumps out to a quick lead. Uber Alice is working her way around, picks up 4 more points, putting the Chicagoans within ten, 99-109 with 10 minutes remaining.


Jam 17, Red Die battles through the pack, but it is Zoe Trocious in lead jammer position, picks up another 5 points. 104-109.


Jam 18 Uber Alice against Kola Loka. Kola is able to jump to lead jammer status. She is trying to get some points, but cuts the track. There is no lead jammer, the speed of the pack stops for a moment. I can't see the Chicago jammer. It was a physically rough jam and gives Rocky Mountain another 3 points. 104-112.


Jam 19. There is about 5.20 remaining in the half. Zoe Attrocious will start the period as jammer in the sin bin. It looks as if 2 RM players are also in the sin bin. Lot's of screaming at the ref here as the Chicagoans get a 2 minute penalty.


Most penalties are just 1 minute in length. A jam itself is just two minutes in length. So esentially, it is unlikely the Chicagoans will score any points in this jam, number 19.


Chicago seems to have decided to move the jam along, speeding along. Red Die gathers 10 points, she might as well run up the score. She picks up 15 points in the jam. 107-127. 


Zoe Trocious comes out of the sin bin for this jam. The penalties have really hurt Chicago in the half. Jam 20, 2.41 left. Zoe Trocious is able to get into the lead jammer status. She has rounded the pack twice, picking up 10 points as Rocky Mountain jammer Ho J Simpson watches from the sin bin. It looks as if Zoe was injured or maybe just shaken up, she was tripped by one of her own players. It is a 7 point jam for the last jam. Uber Alice is defending. Rocky Mountain looks as if they held Chicago off in a spirited final jam. FINAL 124-130.

Gallery 64-Windy City Rollers Bout Saturday August 21!

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

That means tomorrow!

The Windy City Rollers are scheduled  to have their late summer bout tomorrow night, Saturday August 21st at the UIC Pavilion.  At 6:00pm Chicago's Second Wind will meet the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls B Team. Following at 7:30 The Windy City Rollers All Stars will face the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls in what should be a close match.  

Both teams are known for tough defensive tactics and Denver is also famous for speed. In recent months the WCR have added speed training to their regimen.  WCR Kola Loka and Beth Amphetamine attended the 2010 Speed Skating National Championship in Nebraska. Where they competed  the 2000 meter relay, showing just what a derby girl can do, taking home a gold medal in the event.

Nationally rankings hold the Windy City rollers as 10 in the nation, the Mountain Rollers as third.  In the WCR's North Central Conference it is the Rollers that are on top of the hill looking to stay there and climb higher in the national standings. 

Tomorrow night the derby clan will be gathering 6:00pm at the UIC Pavilion, 525 S. Racine Ave. The doors open at 5:00pm, all the cool kids already have their tickets.  If you still are looking for yours they are available at Ticket-master, the door and any through WCR gal. So see you there at the pavilion, be there or be square.


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Gallery 61-Windy City Rollers Roll Over the Competition

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Saturday night the Windy City Rollers were winners in both bouts at the UIC Pavilion. In the first bout featuring the Second Wind verses the Cincinnati's Roller Girls, Chicago had a cake walk of 184 to Cincinnati's 96.  The Ohio girls were working well as a team however  were dominated by the much larger and more physical Second Wind.

The Windy City All Stars vs the Boston Derby Dames were a far more evenly matched pair of teams and pushed each other for both periods of the bout.  The final score was All Stars 121 Boston 115.  These teams were so well matched on this night it seemed unfair to send home one a looser.  

The next bout is scheduled for August 21st against  Rocky Mountain.Retired Windy City Roller Press Wrangler,  Flash Hottie  describes the Rocky Mountain ladies as "fast" and a a challenge for any team to beat. Here are some images of Saturday  night's fun.

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Gallery 60 - Derby Night Tonight!

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Tonight the Windy City Rollers All-Stars face off against The Boston Massacre.  Currently the Derby News Network Power Ranking have the Rollers and the Massacre rank #10 and #11 so it should be a heated contest. 

The match is tonight, July 31st, at UIC pavilion starting with a bout at 6:00 by the Windy City Roller's Second Wind team.  Then the main event kicks off at 7:30.  Tickets are available through ticketmaster or at the UIC pavilion box office.  

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Gallery 59- Roller Derby Rolls Back Into Town July 31st

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

To roller derby lovers it has been a long hot break between last months Ivy King Cup and the upcoming July 31st home town opener of the Windy City Rollers All Stars. The WCR welcome into town the Cincinnati Silent Lambs and the Derby Dames Boston Massacre. Historically the Rollers have done well against the Massacre. However at an east coast tournament last month when all the scores were in the Massacre had edged the Rollers out for 11th place in the national rankings. You can be sure revenge for this statical slight will be on the WCR mind.

The WCR Travel Team consists of the "All Stars" or more experienced players.  All Star team member Ying O' Fire told ChicagoNow that a more aggressive bout could be expected from the travel teams. The bouts will take place July 31st at the UIC Pavilion, 525 S. Racine. The first bout featuring the Windy City Rollers B team,  The Second Wind and Cincinnati's Silent  Lambs begins at 6:00. The second featuringWindy City Rollers All Stars and the Derby Dames Boston Massacre at 7:30. 

Bring your honey, bring the kids, your Mom and Dad on the 31st all the cool kids will be at the Pavilion cheering the ladies of the derby on.Tickets are through the WCR website (Windy City Rollers), team members, Ticketmaster or at the door.  

Be there or be square.

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Gallery 50- Fury-2010 Ivy King Champions

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Saturday night the Fury proved themselves champions and skated away with the silver for the year.  The Double Crossers plagued by injuries, well it just was not their night. Heal up and come out fighting next year!

For the already derby starved the next bout starts the traveling team season July 31st the Windy City Rollers All Stars will face Boston .  All there cool kids will be there having a good time, be there or be square!

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Gallery 49 Windy City Roller Referees

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

At the beginning of every Windy City Rollers bout the crowd is reminded that there is a third team out there working hard all night.  These are the score keepers and referees volunteers all doing a hard job for the love of the game.  This gallery is long over due and salutes these hard working folks in the center of the circle.

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Gallery 48 - White Zombies vs. Dreams and Rainbows

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It was another fun night of Windy City Rollers action last night.  The opening bout was the traditional Black and White match, this year featuring the White Zombies vs. Dreams and Rainbows.  The White Zombies ended up pulling off the victory 77-70. 

The bout was a charity event to benefit Tequila Mockingbird who sustained a spinal cord injury during the 2007 season.  Many of the roller derby players were wearing a heart with a T in the middle in honor of her.  You can see that and all of the action in this gallery. 

Live Blogging the Ivy King Championship: Womens Flat Track Roller Derby

Patrick Boylan

I write the Wolves blog for ChicagoNow

Tonight we're live blogging the Ivy King Cup, the Chicago championship match between the Double Crossers and the Fury in Womens Flat Track Roller Derby.

To make it clear these are the local teams and the first season. A later season will bring national travelling teams to Chicago.

The two teams have had a storied history, well, okay a history, as they first met in the IKC championship in the inaugural season.

The first of the jams starts with Julia Rosenwinkel and Kola Loka in the jammer position. Julia is taking her time entering the pack, in fact seems to be just hanging back. Kola takes five points. The second jam sees several of the Double Crossers in the sin bin and the Fury are using that to take advantage of the Fury. Nevertheless, the gap stays at five points. 

The third jam, Julia Rosenwinkel versus Kola Loka again. Kola is looking to get around, Rosenwinkel is not hanging back this jam, but the Fury gathers another five points. The fourth jam and we're seeing lots of people lose their edge here. Ska Face racks up 7 pts while Donna Party racks up one to bring the score to 26 for the Fury, 11 for the Double Crossers.

The fifth jam tonight and we had Indy Cent jam for the Double Crossers and Jackie Daniels, who collected ten points for the Fury. Sixth jam Joanie Utah versus Kola Loka. The Fury is using Kola Loka a lot in the jam position tonight. Due to penalties Toni Amore is the only blocker for the Fury and they are slowing this down to a crawl. Joanie Utah finally calls the jam to an end, with the fury collecting another four points

Jam seven, Indy Cent against Jackie Daniels. The Fury pick up another five points to make it 45 - 16. It looks as though the Fury's plan here is to bleed the Double Crossers with small scores. 

Donna Party is up against Ska Face in jam eight. Another quick few points bring the score to 49 - 16.

Julia Rosenwinkel tried a really swift move, but was refused by the Fury and Kola Loka has zoomed out to round the pack. Kola Loka gathers another five points, gets knocked into the infield and she calls the jam.

Indy Cent will be up against Ska Face for the ninth jam. We've got a television timeout. They are playing the Blackhawks goal song.

Blocking with the head, a major penalty on Ska Face. She was the jammer, so the Double Crossers have a chance to smoke  some points. Toni Adore was called for a moment for a major penalty, but allowed back on. Ten points and counting as the Fury try to block her. Ska Face is back on the track after her penalty and that's the jam, one point for the Double Crossers and 13 points for the Double Crossers. That would be the best jam yet for the Double Crossers.

This is the tenth jam. We have Blossom Bruiso against Jackie Daniels. Looks like another four points for the Fury.

The 11th jam out there, it is Indy Cent against Kola Loka. Kola Loka is catching up to Indy Cent on the Track, and then calls the jam, but no change in score.

12th jam. Blossom Bruiso against Ska Face. No change in score again. 13th jam, Indy Cent and Kola Loka are positioning against each other at the start. Kola Loka gets out in the lead and rounds the pack quickly for another four points. That concludes the half with the score 64-28 in favor of the Fury.

It looks as though the Fury are intent on collecting small scores, four points, five points, then calling the jam. The Double Crossers are trying to score larger jams, but are being frustrated by the dominance of the Fury.

Second half. Kola Loka picks up another point in the first jam. In the second jam, Ska Face pushes the score to 73 - 28.

Jam three is Indycent versus Jackie Daniels. The Fury are continuing to move ahead, now 82 - 36.

Jam four Indycent, with a penalty to start, and Kola Loka who takes off. The Double Crossers are trying to keep a fast pace here as they have no ability to score points till Indycent rejoins the jam.

This looks bad for the Double Crossers. They need some big jams to come back and time is winding down, with about 22 minutes remaining on the clock. Jam five starts with a very slow moving pack. Blossom Bruiso is up against Ska Face.  The Double Crossers come up with three points but give up two to the Fury. At this rate the match will end with a Fury victory even if the Double Crossers are effective in winning some jams. 

Jam five ends with no change in score. Jam six has Blossom Bruiso against Ska Face again. There's just no change in the score. It isn't clear how Nina Millimeter, the coach for the Double Crossers is planning on handling the Fury's dominance.

Jam seven sees a rookie out there for the Fury, Go-Go Hatchet up against Joannie Utah. Now in jam eight Go-Go is up against Indycent. Indycent is picking up some points, but there is only about 16 minutes remaining in the match. 

Indycent has the biggest jam of the night, picking up 13 points before receiving a penalty. Go-Go picks up another point in the jam.

Kola Loka jams against Indycent in jam nine. Kola has had a great night, appearing in about half the jams in the first half, six of 13. The score now stands at 98-52. Blossom Bruiso v Ska Face in jam ten. Ska Face is in the  lead jammer status, Indycent isn't able to make any headway, as the lead is now 102-52.

Kola Loka starts her tenth jam of the night, up against Blossom Bruiso this time. She quickly moves into the lead jammer position, collecting five points. Jam 12 sees Indycent up against Ska Face. Just eight feet from me Blossom is barfing into a garbage can. You see it at hockey games or anywhere there is intense competition.. She even sick she looks like she could easily take care of me.

The crowd here is cheering as Bryant Mumble is working it. Some water or perhaps sweat spilled on the track and several skaters have gone down on the opposite bend.

We're in the 13th jam of the half. Donna Party moves into the lead jammer position and is keeping a fast pace, trying to catch the pack, behind her is Jackie Daniels. But they kill some time and no points are collected. With about six ½ minutes remaining, the score is 110 Fury- 52 Double Crossers.

14th of the half, you can already tell this half is moving faster, as we've had more matches than in the first half. Kola Loka is the jammer again, for the Fury, however she is called for a penalty and Indycent has the run of the track. Now both of the jammers are in the sin bin, sway and Kola is out there again.  It was an opportunity for the Double Crossers, but the Fury see a small cut in their lead as the score is now 115 Fury - 61 for the Fury.

15th jam, about three minutes remaining. Jackie Daniels is out there against Blossom Bruiso. Jackie Daniels calls the jam, there are about two minutes left and the Fury have picked up four more points.

16th jam, a new jammer for the Double Crossers, Apple Hackintosh. She is up against Kola Loka. Apple moves into the lead jammer position, Kola Loka following her, she doesn't seem to be challenging her and we are in the last jam of the season.

The score is 122 Fury - 63 for the Fury. Abbey, another rookie, goes out for the Double Crossers, up against Take- Out Box. Two rookies. There are people falling all over the track and the pace is pretty fast. That concludes the match. The Fury have won the match 130 - 71 for the Double Crossers.

The Fury just put together a game that saw a series of small victories, while the Double Crossers were looking for some big jams. The Fury stopped every jam as the Double Crossers attempted to score. It was a night for Indycent and Kola Loka, with Kola Loka picking up the win for the Fury.

Jackie Daniels has been named the fan favorite of the season. The Double Crossers are quietly leaving the arena floor. Blossom is sitting here, apparently dehydrated, alone. I wish one of the photogs were looking around to see this.

Gallery 47- It's Friday get your game face on!

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

This is a big weekend in Chicago sports.  First tonight is game four in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Flyers are not rolling over, the Hawks are going to have to work for this one. We will be here giving your snarky tweets and live updates when the time is right.  Game time is 7:00pm,whether at home or  party be there or be square.

Tomorrow night all the cool kids will be at the UIC Pavilion for the Ivy King Cup.  The Windy City Rollers will be having the grand finale to their regular season. First bout stars 6:00pm second 8:00, An evening of roller derby not only includes two bouts but some of the most unusual and entertaining period break performances.  This year we have been treated to dancers and acrobats, something unusual and delightful every night.

To help everyone get that game face on for tonight here are a few photos of the last Windy City Rollers Bout, enjoy!

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Gallery 46- Fury roll over Double Crossers.

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Saturday night was a great night for roller derby fans at the UIC Pavilion.  In a bout which as a preview of the Ivy King Championship the Fury duked it out with the Double Crossers. This bout featured some of the most interesting strategy this photographer has seen since starting to cover the sport last year. If this is what the preview was like  the championship bout is going to be a ring tailed tooter! The Fury meets the Double Crossers on June 5th in the Ivy King Cup Championship.  Bring your signs, your best derby game face  and bring a friend, last years championship was a great time and this years should be no different.

In the second bout of the night the Hells Bells lost in a heart breaker to the Manic Attackers.  The rookie Hells Bells squad has had a rough year of it finishing out the season 0-6.  What my might call a rebuilding season after losing many of their roster to the all star traveling team.

On another note regular readers of Call of the Wild may have noticed the work of Steve Stearns in previous gallery.  Steve is a new photographer to the blog and we welcome him, his talent and his wicked sense of humor.  

Here are some tasty images of Saturday's bout!

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What will Call of the Wild be doing on our "Summer Vacation "

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Ooh lots of things!  First and foremost we will be covering all the news from the Wolves and Icehogs that comes our way,  Many interesting stories happen in the off season and look for them here.  Management lays the foundation for the team every year during the warmer months and we will be watching the new season take shape.

Chicago Force!!!! Women's professional  full contact football, we will of course be out there covering these ladies of the gridiron.  Next home game is tomorrow, 3:00, 5105 N Leavitt, be there or be square! For all the details on the Force, .

Roller Derby, everyone loves roller derby you just don't know it yet.  Call of the Wild will be following these ladies into the summer and fall right into the October national championships which will be held right here in Chicago.    Next bout is tomorrow at the UIC Pavilion, 525Roscoe at 6:00.  Tickets available at the door. The Season Championship for the Rollers is June 5th at the UIC Pavilion  so save the date. For full details on the team .

New things we have up our sleeves, we are working on a whole blog full of surprises starting in June.  Let's just say we are hitting the road between here and Rockford for high speed, unusual events to bring you along with the off season hockey news.  As the players work out to keep fit in the warmer months we will be doing the same in our own way.

Gallery XIX- You Love Roller Derby, You Just Don't Know it Yet!

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Last night the Windy City Rollers showed Chicago just how hot roller derby could be on a snowy night.  Here are the images of the second night of the season .

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Video: Windy City Rollers post match interview with Julia Rosenwinkel and Val Capone

Patrick Boylan

I write the Wolves blog for ChicagoNow

Val Capone of the Manic Attackers and Captain Julia Rosenwinkel of the Double Crossers discuss the match, Sunday, February 21, 2010.

Visit Val Capone's introduction to the blog-o-sphere.

Double Crossers hold on to defeat Manic Attackers 105 - 84 in Women's Roller Action Sunday

Patrick Boylan

I write the Wolves blog for ChicagoNow

The two undefeated teams in the Windy City Rollers Women's Flat Track Roller Derby League met at the UIC Pavilion Sunday evening in a match to determine which team would take the lead of the four-team league.


Hells Belles Captain and Jammer Shocka Conduit makes a move in the second bout at the WIndy City Rollers match, Sunday, February 21, 2010 at the UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL. Credit: Jane Rickard

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Banner raising at the Allstate tonight, Roller Derby Tomorrow!

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Tonight the Chicago Wolves will honor former coach John Anderson raising a banner with his name to the rafters .  He will join Wendell Young, Steve Maltais, Dan Snyder and Tim Breslin to be so honored.  After the ceremony  the Western Division 1st place  Wolves will play 5th place Houston Aeros.


John Anderson on 10/17/2007, home opener against the then newly minted American Hockey League Rockford IceHogs. File Photo

 Roller Derby Sunday February 21st!

The Windy City Rollers will be at the UIC Pavilion, 525 S. Racine Ave.,first bout  at 6 p.m..General admission tickets are $20 in advance and $21 at the door.  The last bout set a record for attendance, planning ahead might be a good idea to avoid long lines on a cold day.

Tickets are available online through Ticketmaster, the UIC Pavilion box office or from any WCR skater. 

As one of the ladies, Tina Flay  said it so beautifully "You love Roller Derby, you just don't know it yet".  You go girl!


You never know what is going to happen at the derby! Windy City Rollers , File Photo


Self empowered women. File Photo.

Largest crowd watches season opener of Windy City Rollers

Patrick Boylan

I write the Wolves blog for ChicagoNow

This submission first appeared in the
"I've never seen the balcony open before," Julie Rosenwinkel, a Double Crossers Captain said. "By far it's the biggest sell ever. It's exciting."

The Windy City Rollers attracted their largest crowd ever, 3,977 to Saturday nights season opening. Two matches were played in the four team league.

Rosenwinkel, 34, a Lincoln Square resident and a bartender at Huttenbar, 4721 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL, on the Lincoln Square mall, was pumped. The former Lucy Furr, her roller derby name, helped the Double Crossers triple up on the Hell's Belles, winning the first match of the season 171 - 48.

"I didn't know how to skate" but "someone handed me a flier and said you'll like this," she said.

The Huttenbar regulars are "very supportive," Rosenwinkel said. "A lot of regulars are at the game."

Zoe Trocious, her roller derby name, of the Manic Attackers and a resident of Ravenswood helped her team beat the Fury in a fast, tough match that was not determined till the end with a score of 101 - 83. "I'm proud of our team and proud of myself," she said.

"I'm a new jammer this season," she explained, "I didn't expect to be put out there. Our team has a lot of new people and I didn't expect to win."

The League, with a new traveling team, holds matches each month at the UIC Pavilion. Tryouts for the traveling team will take place next month. The next match is Sunday, February 21 at 6 PM.

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Windy City Rollers, the Party Begins January 30th!

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

The wait is almost over, Saturday night,the Windy City Rollers will take the floor at the UIC Pavilion at 6:00 for their opening bout.  Tickets are available at the door or through Ticketmaster.  

If you are like many of us remembering roller derby in vague memories of raised tracks and Sunday morning television programs come and see just what the modern sport has turned into.  Real athletes, rules and fun, the perfect cure for a stressful week of work.

Just to get everyone in the derby mood, here are a few highlights from last season.


Making a move.


The penalty box, unlike their hockey counterparts these girls feel no shame.


She is not going to get through that line!


Pile up at the curve.


The outside move.


The girls come around the curves at 25 miles an hour, that's race horse speed.


Contact at high speed hurts!

Gallery VI- Windy City Rollers-Not your Mother's Roller Derby!

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Late last spring while dining at a well known hot dog emporium, doing our best to annoy tourists and baseball fans alike, we spotted a blue and yellow sign. The squealing started simultaneously: roller derby in May. I was ready to cover a new team and a sport, I only knew it was fast, furious and involved contact.

It was perfect for off-season hockey bloggers.

This gallery is from bouts of the Windy City Rollers 09' season.  Their 10' season is should be starting in a few weeks  please check for schedule and dates.  Bouts are at the UIC Pavilion, be there or be square!

Gallery sneak peek (34 images):

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