Call of the Wild

Bio: Steve Stearns

I've been a long time sports fan, having grown up in Denver during the John Elway era with parents who'd owned season tickets all my life.  While I have to admit I'm still loyal to the Broncos, I've developed a love for a lot of the local teams here in Chicago.  I'm a huge fan of the Windy City Rollers roller derby team, I've recently gotten interested in the Chicago Force Women's Football, and who doesn't love the Wolves or the Rush Arena Football team?

I've been a photographer in one form or another since high school when I did a lot of the dark room work for our year book.  In college, I drifted away from it a bit because of the hassle of developing film, but with the surge of digital cameras I've been sucked back into it for a few years now.

So what better thing than to combine my love of photography and my love of sports?  I've just started shooting for the Call of the Wild, and I'm looking forward to shooting a lot more in the future.  

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