Call of the Wild

Bio: Patrick Boylan

I grew up near LaFollette Park on the West Side. In the winter the gridiron was flooded for skating. My first and in fact only pair of skates were actually my sister's figure skates. I remember layering my feet with tube socks so the skates would fit my feet. (And if my sister reads this, no you're feet weren't that big, I was that small).

Attempting to curve my stick by putting it near the coal-fired furnace, buying tennis balls to use as hockey pucks and removing layers of socks as I grew, I continued to skate and play on the park infield. Eventually, when I was old enough to get my own skates, something happened. I lost interest in the game till I met Jane. Together Jane and I watched the 2002 Wolves season, which ended with a Calder Cup win for the Wolves: I was sold.

My most memorable hockey moment happened in Toledo at a Storm game against the Gwinnett Gladiators. From the moment the crowd started booing during the National Anthem to the final moments when the ice was covered with soft drinks, I experienced the most intense fan interaction I've ever seen at any hockey game.

In my writing I try to capture the spirit of the thing.

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