Call of the Wild

Bio: Jane Rickard

I've had a life long love of hockey, the culture and characters that surround the game. In no way do I call my self an expert that title is left to others. I record and comment on the game and images captured. In my work I try to show the passion, grace and dedication it takes to play hockey at all levels, from pee-wee to NHL.

My hockey pedigree, my Dad grew up playing hockey in Minnesota's  Temperance League of the 20's and 30's.  I was raised in the North East where we were lucky enough to skate and ski every day after school.  As long as there was ice and snow there was plenty to do and only hunger and frozen toes brought us in at night. College, I'm a proud graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology one of the great hockey schools of the East. I've loved hockey all my life some of my favorite memories of the game are waking up and hearing  all the kids playing in the pond below my window on Grand Island NY.  That's hockey, a game you learn as a kid, play on ponds and with your dorm mates in college.  Hockey is a game that gets into you blood if you are lucky you inherit it, luckier still if you pass it on to your own kids.  Like all the great  loves of your life it lasts a lifetime.

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