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Live blogging Windy City Rollers 56 v Rocky Mountain Roller Girls 151 FINAL

Patrick Boylan

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Colorado used a strategy of bleeding the Chicago Windy City Rollers dry, gathering a few points on each jam to put together a 95 point win, 151-56. Their strategy against the larger and faster Chicago team was to slow down the jams, sometimes stopping movement, sometimes blocking any movement by blocking the last member of the Chicago pack.


At the end of the game, although Colorado looked physically tired, it was Chicago that had to make every effort to catch up, and was unable to do so, accepting a humiliating loss to the visitors.




Colorado has bled Chicago, putting small point totals on the board just about every jam to gain a 55 point lead: 77-22.



We'll be live blogging the Windy City Rollers v the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls, live from the UIC in just a few minutes.


The Colorado Contenders team beat the Chicago 2nd Wind team in a very close and very physical 1st match this evening. The final outcome wasn't certain till the end of the last jam. The Colorado team used speed and physical work to put the Chicagoans off balance, despite having a smaller bench.


We can only hope to see the same action in the second and headline match tonight.


I'm just watching the warm-ups here. The Colorado team has two tall women who look like track vets and two other women who have a lot of muscle. I don't think there are any Chicago players with their size.


Well, got that wrong, the WCR All-Stars are in black, not the Colorado team. It is the home team with the size and probable speed.


We just had a visit from Uber Alice from the first match. She said the Colorado team is generally smaller women. They are compensating by emphasizing a regimen of endurance training.


She thought the penalties were a key in the Colorado win in the first match. It is hard to hear in the press area, but I believe she said that Colorado has an attitude that you have to use the penalties strategically to win.


We are in Jam 6 in the headline match. Colorado has taken a 21 point lead, 24-3, over the Chicagoans, now 26-3 at the end of the jam. I don't see many penalties so far. 


Ruth Enasia has been the jammer for Chicago in several of these matches but in this jam her size isn't doing much good as the pack disintegrates and Colorado picks up another point, 27-3.


Jam 7. Varla Vendetta is up against DeRanged. DeRanged pulls into the lead jammer status. Varl has a lot os speed and is trying to catch the Coloradoan. But RM picks up another point, 28-3.


Jam 8. Urrk'n Jerk'n is the lead jammer, but is in the sin bin. Athena DeCrime is using her speed. Lots of action out there. Urrk'n Jerk'n gets a penalty. Two points for each team, 30-5.


More on that interview with Uber Alice, many women's sports require the women to pay their own way. She said that the league is helping to reduce the cost and that the local team is also helping with transportation. That allows the team to bring more people to a bout and provides more balance to these matches.


Jam 9. The RM team has a 29 point lead with about 16.45 remaining in the half. There's a time-out on the track as the officials discuss a penalty situation. Athena DeCrime has been boxed and is waiting to come on the track. She Who Cannot Be Named is the lead jammer for the RMs. Chicago and RM are keeping the pack moving slow. It looked like there were two grand slams out there for RM, but no, Colorado was held to just 3 points. 37-5.


Jam 11. Fight Club has pub Psycho Babble against Carla Vendetta. She has a lot of speed. She picks up 1 point. 38-5.


Jam 12. Colorado is bleeding the Chicagoans with small victories. Without a single big jam, they have built a 33 point lead with just under 14 minutes remaining in the half.


Ruth Enasia is up against Urrk'n Jerk'n in this slam. Ruth gets a whip through the curve and a big lead. She is tall in any case, picks her way through the jam, cutting it to a 30 point lead for Colorado. 38-8.


Jam 13. Shocka Conduit is up against SWCBN. The action is getting more physical out there. SWCBN is lead jammer and collects 3 more points for Colorado. 41-8.


Jam 14. A physical jam between the 2 team captains lets Chicago pick up 4 points.


Jam 15. Ruth is out in the lead jammer position. She gets knocked down after busting out of the pack. The pack reforms behind this point and waits for the Colorado jammer before calling the jam with no change in score.


Jam 16. DeRanged of Colorado has shot into the lead jammer position. She is trying to cut through and does, that's at least five points. It does look like she is tired or perhaps received an injury. She is holding her knees and taking her time in the curves. But she manages to extend the Colorado lead. 54-12.


Jam 17. SWCBN is the lead jammer for Colorado. I can't see the Chicago jammer, Varla Vendetta, but now VV is trying to pick up some speed. Colorado calls off the jam after picking up 4 more points 58-12.


Jam 18. Colorado whips DeRanged through a curve. Colorado is acting cocky here. They are playing it up for the fans in the crowd. DeRanged has picked up 9 more points. 67-12. The small victories are adding up to a big advantage for Colorado as we move into the last 3 minutes.


Jam 19. A discipline problem for Colorado is making this a big jam for Chicago. The bench is full for Colorado. Shocka Conduit picks up 10 points. 67-22.


Jam 20. Last jam of the half. I can't see any issues with Colorado using its points advantage to physically beat up on Chicago. DeRanged has a power jam but looks winded as she works to catch the pack. 


An unusual move there, a Colorado player shoved their own player, giving her a boost into the straight-away, which that player then used to check a Chicagoan into the infield. At the end of the half Colorado has a comfortable 55 point lead: 77-22.




Colorado has been bleeding Chicago, putting small point totals on the board just about evey jam to build a 55 point lead by the end of the half. Chicago was able to cut the  lead somewhat late in the half when RM let themselves let themselves get into foul trouble, giving Chicago a power jam.


The first jam of the 2nd half starts with a power jam. Chicago tries to stop the pack at the start, to give their jammer, Jackie Daniels a chance to get on the track. This strategy doesn't work as DeRanged is still able to grab lead jammer status. 86-22.


Jam 2. Ruth Enasia uses her speed to cut through the jam, but is knocked out of bounds and has to go back before rejoining the race. SWCBN and Ruth take nearly a minute to determine the lead jammer status. RM once again gets lead jammer status. This is a tough situation for Chicago as once again RM gathers a point. 88-22.


Jam 3 and 4. Colorado extends its lead to 96-22. Then 106-22 in Jam 5. Jam 6 108-25. That's the 1st points Chicago has picked up this half. 1st points in 8 jams for Chicago. Colorado has just shut down Chicago.


Jam 8 Chicago has a power jam. Looks like Athena DeCrime gets an elbow to the head and pushed out of bounds. She is unable to cut through the Colorado pack, but now 3 RMs are in the sin bin. Colorado just stops the pack in these situations. Athena picks up 10 points. There is a long way to go and 16 minutes to play. 110-37.


Jam 10. Frida Beater has some nice moves, really looks good out there, picking up 4 more points. 114-37. While Chicago picks up lots of points on the opportunities when RM has penalties, it is the slow aggregation of points by Colorado that is telling the story here tonight.


Jam 11. Ruth Enasia is able to pick up 4 points. 114-41.


Jam 12. With about 12 minutes left, Chicago is cutting into the Colorado lead. They need some big  scores here to be competitive in the end. A messy pack fnally ends with two more points to Chicago. 114-43.

Jam 13. RM is getting the lead jammer position, then using the pack to block any member of Chicago to slow the pack to almost a standstill. That allows the lead jammer to collect points on smaller circuits. This is a strategy that I haven't seen used much in Chicago. 


Jam 14. Colorado has adjusted to Chicago's strategy of wearing them down, I think by slowing down the jams. They are beginning to extend their lead again. 142-43.


Jam 15. This looks all over, the Chicago rally has failed. There are just 3 jams remaining, Chicago is behind by 99 points.


Jam 16. Colorado is continuing the physical pressure. There are regional considerations for the national finals. Colorado can afford to beat up Chicago and give up points to prove their dominance. Shocka Conduit is gathering points, but RM is continuing their physical brand of skating. 144-52. 


Jam 17. 1.30 left. Probably the last jam. Still some big blocks. Some big physical moves by RM. I don't know if Colorado want to take a 100 point win, that is unlikely at this point. But Chicago just looks disorganized out there. 147-56 FINAL



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