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Live blogging the Windy City Rollers: 2nd Wind 124 v RM Contenders 130 FINAL

Patrick Boylan

I write the Wolves blog for ChicagoNow




The Contenders v the Second Wind (opening bout, with the two farm teams). This wasn't a second string bout by any means, just not the travel team.


The score is close heading into the half with the Chicago team taking advantage of the smaller bench of the Rocky Mountain team to take an eight point lead with about two minutes remaining in the half.


The game is a lot more physical than the games I've seen in the intramural season: lot's more people falling down here. These women are going to have black and blue marks all over from all the hip checks.


Our photographer, Steve Stearns is at the curve. Also, Jane Rickard is near the suicide seats. There should be some great pix coming up from this match.


It's the last jam of the period with Rose Feratu holding off Uber Alice with a five point lead for Chicago. Rose is trying to punch through the jam and Uber Alice gets out in front, lots of action out there on the front of the jam. Uber Alice is moving very fast, she appears to be very tall has a lot of speed. The defenders are able to contain Rose and Uber rounds the Chicagoans in three grand slams to put the Colorado women in the lead by ten. 


That's it for the first half of the opener. Chicago needs to break through the jam as the Colorado girls have found a very effective strategy with a killer combination of defense holding the jammer and a speedy jammer shutting them down.




The Rocky Mountain team, with a smaller bench, has turned around the bout, taking a ten point lead. Rose Feratu and Uber Alice start the first Jam of the second half with Rose in the sin bin.


Uber Alice has great speed and seems to find holes that other women would have problems getting through, exploit them with her size and speed.


Uber Alice's great skill gives Rocky Mountain another nine points.


Jam 3, Jam 2 wasn't really of great interest, sees Red Die jump out to lead Jammer status and she collects another three points. Again, a lot of speed here on the part of Rocky Mountain.


Jam 4, more collisions out there, Ho J Simpson has jumped into a lead Jammer position, and she gathers three points and calls off the jam.


Kola Loka breaks through a Rocky Mountain pack with two people in thesin bin to get a grand slam. She is moving very fast, cuts through again for ten. She has slowed down here as she moves through for a third pass and fourteen points.  The Contenders gathered three points in that ham, putting the Chicagoans at 77 - 90 for Colorado.


Zoe Trocious cuts through getting a lead status, but is checked into the in field and only gathers four points, 81-90.


Ho J Simpson battles in the 7th jam to pick up another five points. In jam 8 Wreck n' Shrew is in a race with Uber Alice. She pulls 2 points for the Chicagoans before calling off the jam.


Jam 9, Kola Loka is able to ut through the pack. Ho J Simpson pulls out of the pack, trying to keep her from gaining any speed. Kola gathers another four points, cutting the Rocky Mountain lead to just 7 points with about 18 minutes remaining in the half. 87- 94.


Two people from each team are on the sin bin, Zoe Trocious cuts into the lead but is sent into sin bin. Only two Chicago blockers are on the track. Tia Juana Pistola gets into the lead jammer position. She calls it off after putting 10 points on the board.


Chicago is being hurt by all the penalties it is taking. It will be entering the next jam with two in the sin bin. A lack of discipline is hurting the Chicagoans. The Colorado team is moving with a lot of confidence out there in the timeout.


Uber Alice picks up another 4 points. 87-108 with 15 minutes remaining.


Jam 12, a slow move, then Zoe Trocious breaks into lead jJammer status. She cuts through the pack and collects 4 points.


Jam 13, Kola Loka picks up 4 points against Uber Alice in a very fast paced jam. 95-109 with about 12.30 left.


Red Die vs Norma Lee Wright in jam 14. The pace is very fast and Red Die calls it off after picking up an additional point for Colorado. The 15th jam. 2 Colorado players in the sin bin. Zoe Trocious jumps out to a quick lead. Uber Alice is working her way around, picks up 4 more points, putting the Chicagoans within ten, 99-109 with 10 minutes remaining.


Jam 17, Red Die battles through the pack, but it is Zoe Trocious in lead jammer position, picks up another 5 points. 104-109.


Jam 18 Uber Alice against Kola Loka. Kola is able to jump to lead jammer status. She is trying to get some points, but cuts the track. There is no lead jammer, the speed of the pack stops for a moment. I can't see the Chicago jammer. It was a physically rough jam and gives Rocky Mountain another 3 points. 104-112.


Jam 19. There is about 5.20 remaining in the half. Zoe Attrocious will start the period as jammer in the sin bin. It looks as if 2 RM players are also in the sin bin. Lot's of screaming at the ref here as the Chicagoans get a 2 minute penalty.


Most penalties are just 1 minute in length. A jam itself is just two minutes in length. So esentially, it is unlikely the Chicagoans will score any points in this jam, number 19.


Chicago seems to have decided to move the jam along, speeding along. Red Die gathers 10 points, she might as well run up the score. She picks up 15 points in the jam. 107-127. 


Zoe Trocious comes out of the sin bin for this jam. The penalties have really hurt Chicago in the half. Jam 20, 2.41 left. Zoe Trocious is able to get into the lead jammer status. She has rounded the pack twice, picking up 10 points as Rocky Mountain jammer Ho J Simpson watches from the sin bin. It looks as if Zoe was injured or maybe just shaken up, she was tripped by one of her own players. It is a 7 point jam for the last jam. Uber Alice is defending. Rocky Mountain looks as if they held Chicago off in a spirited final jam. FINAL 124-130.



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