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The Bleacher GM for Hawks Prospect Camp 2010, Day 4

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Or how Guest Blogger Kelly Manke Spent Her Summer Vacation .

I'm no hockey scout by any means, but I did see the talent in Niemi and some others two yearsago. And what is the internet for these days if not expressing unrequested opinions on a giventopic? Here's my top 14 from this camp. 

Forwards: Aaron Bogosian*, Brandon Bollig, Terry Broadhurst*, Bretton Cameron*, Jack Connolly*, Anthony Luciani* 

Defense: Jeff Dimmen*, Stephen Johns, Joe Lavin, Joe Sova*, Ben Youds* 

Goalies: Mac Carruth, Calvin Heeter*, Joe Palmer 

In the case for the forwards, I thought these players moved the puck well and skated better. They were thinking on their feet and skating quickly. This was Bogosian's second year at camp and I thought he was good last year, he's better now. Bollig was lurking here in town at the end of last year (though the hometown crowd never got to see him skate) and looked good in this camp. Broadhurst, a kid from the 'burbs who's willing to share the puck and take it to the net when he can. Cameron and Connolly, fast skaters, move pucks and bodies along the boards. Luciani, what can i say about this kid? I was amazed at his ability. Reminds you visually of Kaleb Betts (UHL), skates and puts pucks on net like Marty St. Pierre. Bernie if you are listening - he could do well for us in Rockford! The small contingent of Hogs fans that made the trips to camp agree. 

The case for the defense is that these players are the ones I noticed the most. They were in the fray every time, checking bodies, clearing the puck, clearing the other team away from the net. I don't have specific remarks about each, because they were all so good. Prospect Camp is a time to just let the camera go where it may and these were the guys that have a lot of photos in 4 days. 

GOALIES! Ahhh, a goalie is only as good as the team in front of him. Prospect camp teams were a little uneven but the goalies tried their damnedest, while each having an off day through camp. Mac Carruth, I don't even know where to begin with this one. He showed much of the same potential that I saw in Niemi two years ago. He was everywhere making spectacular saves and showed a decent amount of consistency when he saved or missed a shot. Cal Heeter, the numbers make him look like the best goalie at camp and he had a good camp, but he usually had a good crew in front of him too. He was quite acrobatic when he was challenged on net. Joe Palmer, was supposed to be in Rockford last season, but we had too many "cooks in the kitchen" for every position and sadly he spent most of his season in Texas with the CHL Brahmas. Palmer looked like he had a good camp, though a little more defense in front of him would have improved his numbers. Eh, it's only prospect camp right? I cant wait to see what he can do in Rockford. 

I didn't pick Lalonde for my top 14 because...I do not expect him to spend much time if any in Rockford come fall. You can tell he spent the last 3 months with an NHL team. He was that good. Then again he was really good when he stopped in Rockford for the last few weeks of our season too. 

There's my two cents.



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