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Blackhawk Prospect Camp-Kelly Manke Guest Blogger Reporting

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

Day 3's schedule was 15 minutes of drills then scrimmage, rinse, repeat.

Phil Cook played 60 minutes 1st game versus Palmer and O'Neill. Joe Palmer was in net first for the red team. Quickly, the white team got on the board, we believe it was prospect Jeremy Morin. Within a minute, free agent invitee Anthony Luciani got another goal in on Joe Palmer. 2-0. One faceoff later, Luciani scored again! And within minutes, Luciani made it 4-0. I had to look this kid up, he comes from a season where he played 68 games had 68 points and 67 PIMS. The consensus of 'Hogs fans near me was to bring this kid to Rockford, no matter which team is writing his paycheck! Anthony Luciani walked out of this scrimmage with what we believe was a Texas Hat Trick! When Luciani made it 5-0, Joe Palmer was pulled from the net and replaced by free agent invitee Jody O'Neill.

The red team didn't appear to get organized in the first half, and when they would finally be able to get a play going the shot wasn't there. White dominated just as this squad had yesterday (featuring Mr. Beach). As the period came to an end, white team goalie, Phil Cook, made a sweet belly flop/glove save from Finnish free agent defenseman Atte Ohtamaa.

To begin the second half, goaltender Cook faced a barrage of shots on goal and still had a goose egg remaining on the board for the red team. With 27 minutes left in the half, free agent Jeff Dimmen took a penalty shot on Cook and the goalie won. Red finally got a goal with 25 minutes remaining. Shortly thereafter, Mathis Olimb made it 5-2. It appears that Red went and got some coffee during the intermission, they were finally playing and getting through the white teams defense.

With 14 minutes left to play, they gave Joe Palmer another turn in net. Shortly after, Jeremy Morin makes it 6-2 with help from Versteeg. I believe Morin took the shot and Versteeg had it bounce off his skate or he had the rebound.

With 8 minutes remaining, for some reason Kyle Beach and Mathis Olimb exchanged some words and then some blows. It was quick and short and no obvious winner. Olimb didn't strike me as a fighter before and with 4:28 remaining, Beach antagonized him into round 2. Olimb convinced me he wasn't the fighting type. He managed to do OK versus Beach but he just doesn't strike me as the fighting type. Olimb skated away from the second round with Beach toward the locker room. 

Olimb was accompanied by the athletic trainer because Olimb was having issues with his arm. As Olimb skated off, Beach and another player from the Red bench were barking back and forth. It didn't take long to figure out who, with 1:24 left, Scott Brannon took on Beach for round 3. This was a more evenly matched fight Brannon got in some good shots on Beach, but it ended with Beach standing over Brannon. In rounds 2 & 3 Beach didn't want to quit when the ref's started to pull him off of his opponents.

With 30 seconds left in the game, Red made it 6-3. That's where the chaos ended.


Carruth, Simpson (reds), Heeter, and Mattsson (white) were the afternoon goalies.

The Hayes brothers were on the red team and because that's not confusing enough, Eriah Hayes played in this game on the white team.

Johan Mattsson (white) and Kent Simpson (Red) were the starting goaltenders. And less than a minute into play, free agent Bretton Cameron starts the scoring, 1-0 white. Jimmy Hayes netted one for red to tie it up with 24 minutes left in the first. And about a minute later, Eriah Hayes makes it 2 - 1 for white. Jimmy Hayes sinks a penalty shot with 17:30 remain in 1st to tie it up at 2. Free agent Terry Broadhurst made it 3-2 with 14 minutes left. Free agents Kyle Follmer and John Kurtz exchange blows with 11 minutes left...Kurtz appears to win the bout.

With 5:54 remaining in the first 2009 prospect Brandon Pirri sinks a penalty shot past Mattsson to tie it up. Free agent Patrick Geering with help from Mike Sislo made it 3-4 with 4 minutes left in 1st. Then with 2:30 remaining it was tied at 4 thanks to another one from Terry Broadhurst. With a minute and a half left, Marcus Kruger made it 5-4 white.

Near the start of the second half, 2010 prospect Mac Carruth lost his stick be hind the net but was able to get into position yet was unable to block a shot from free agent Mark Armstrong to make the score 6-4 white with 25 minutes remaining. 

Free agent Bohmbach netted a goal to make it 7-4. Brandon Pirri finally solved Cal Heeter to make it 7-5 with 10 minutes remaining. Prospect Nick Leddy got one past Mac Carruth about a minute later to make it 8-5 for the white team. There was then a brief debate and shoving match between Carruth and Armstrong near the 8 minute mark. With 6:30 left Bretton Cameron missed a penalty shot and then the game ended with white winning 8-5.




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borg said:


Thank you for all the observations the past few days. The Hawks' website isn't providing anything other than a few video clips. I don't suppose the person on the scene has any opinions as to who has stuck out?

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