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New to hockey: 10 things to know

Patrick Boylan

I write the Wolves blog for ChicagoNow

Kodoka, SD--- There are a number of things for the perspective late-coming bandwagon climbing hockey fan to know so they don't stand out, looking like a baseball fan, or god forbid, a football fan climbing aboard the Blackhawks bandwagon.

  1. When you purchase your brand new Blackhawks sweater do not tuck it in. Only VERY good looking women can tuck a sweater in. For everyone else, this is a faux pas of the highest rank, marking you as a person without any hockey knowledge. They are sweaters, they are not generally called jerseys. And there have been no-nothing sports columnist who have listed rules of wearing hockey sweaters. Ignore them. You paid good hard money for your jersey and it can have any name or number you like on it. Just don't tuck it in your pants.
  2. It is hockey etiquette that you do not leave your seat at the game when the puck is in play. Do not attempt to find your seat if the puck is in play. You and the 48 oz. drink you crave will have to wait for the whistle.
  3. The game is played in three regulation periods. There are no quarters. There are no halfs.
  4. Zamboni is a brand name, not the generic name for the an ice-surfacing machine used between periods.
  5. The Hanson Brothers were real players. They are composed of the real life Dave Hanson and Steve and Jeff Carlson. If you don't know who I'm referring to, keep your mouth shut about hockey.
  6. There is a great tradition associated with the National Anthem at Blackhawks games. But that doesn't mean that Jim Cornelison knows what key to sing it in.
  7. In Detroit they throw seafood on the ice. Every other city in the league is civilized. Eat your seafood, don't play hockey with it.
  8. The Chicago Wolves are not affiliated with the Chicago Blackhawks. Got it?
  9. It is true that the Stanley Cup:
  • Was left in a snow bank
  • Is credited with helping a conception
  • Was dropped to the bottom of a swimming pool
  • Goes home with the players
  • Has all the names of the winners engraved on it
10. When you buy your new "jersey," read number one again.



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Jane Rickard said:


When first timers ask me before going to a game I also tell them....
The guy in the net, the goalie man, his job is to see the puck, stop the puck.
Defensemen, do everything the goalie does but without the padding, they also score goals, it's a tough position.
Forwards, speedy guys, they chase,set up the puck and score most of the goals.

Zebras, With orange armbands, referee, enforces the rules, often prone to vision problems.
No armbands, linesmen, these two set the tone on the ice. How physical the game will be, they are the brave ones that enter the player scrums and calm things down.

JDL said:

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Excellent Jane - also first timers:

If anybody boards him, he's gonna piss all over himself.

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