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8 Reasons I Love Blackhawk Stanley Cup Hockey

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

It's Hot baby!  There is something wonderful about dressing for the finals, chances it will be 75-80 degrees outside and 65 inside near the ice.  This makes for some creative wardrobe choices under that jersey.  Notice the women, you can tell the experienced fan by her large purse in it will probably be stocked with an extra tee shirt, pashmina,or  possibly a flask with some good Scotch.  Meanwhile the female fan who is there for her first game wearing shorts and a Hawks tee shirt shivering in the cold.  Kindly show here where she can buy another layer to stay warm, a cold, cranky fan is no fun to sit next to.

Wearing your Hawks gear to work days. Wearing a hockey sweater to work? Makes perfect sense to me, especially on game days.

Sitting in the garden on a warm night  eating dinner and watching an away game on the computer.Hockey and Sangria, does it get any better than that?

You never know when you will have a great hockey moment.  Last year I was at one of the Calgary games with my nephew Michael (who surely will get his reward in heaven for taking me to the game rather than a date).  The Hawks had won and after the game I walked into the ladies room behind our section and suddenly the crowded rest room burst into the Hawks goal song. It was pure joyous insanity, you better believe I joined in!.


Happy Calgary fans before Game 5 at the United Center 2009. Photo Credit: Jane Rickard

Road tripping and meeting the other fans.  Say what you like about rude fans but Patrick and I have traveled all over the US and Canada both as press and fans and the vast majority of the time we have been treated well by the locals. Years ago we drove to Hamilton Ontario for a game four of a Calder Cup semifinals.  The Wolves were 0-3 and we were greeted by a party at the Copps Coliseum  and a sea of waving brooms.  When the local boosters saw our Wolves colors we were greeted, feed and made welcome. Hamilton remains one of my favorite places to road trip to, great fans, team staff and good memories.

Seeing the old true Hawk fans glow this week.  I have written before about Scot, he is one of the men I work with, he has been greeting me every day by singing "The Mighty Hawks" or asking if I caught his "baby faced assassins " on TV last night.  Scot has been a Blackhawks fan all of his life and to see the grin on his face for the last week has been wonderful.  Scot, your one of the guys they salute at the end of every game, believe it!

Seeing the 19 year old IceHogs mature into NHL players. After seeing much of tonights starting line up their first camps it's  a privilege to see their hard work come to fruition. As fans we are lucky to have a affiliate so close in Rockford. Blackhawk fans should be regulars at the Metro Center to check out the new kids coming up through the ranks.

It's Chicago, it feels like prom night  and everybody is going to the dance!  The lucky  have tickets, the rest of us will be at viewing parties or at home watching the game.  For so many die hard Hawks fans in Chicago this is a dream come true the culmination of years of patient waiting.  Win or lose, the Mighty Hawks made it to the big dance, enjoy.



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