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10 Personal Favorite Hockey Moments

Jane Rickard

I'm nuts just ask anybody.

  1. In the early 80's I attended my first Sabres game with friends. It was at the old Aud in Buffalo and the opponent was the Detroit RedWings. As the game opened a single octopus hit the ice and the helmet less ref donned a glove and with a a sour look removed the offending creature from the ice. Little did I know it would be my first classic moment of hockey.

9)1980 Lake Placid Olympics. I still get chills thinking about watching that wonderful game on a 10" black and white TV in my first apartment. Did Jim Craig ever find his Father in the crowd?

8) The party the night Alex Mogilny defected. I was in Boston at a convention with a relative of one of the of the Sabres owners and if I remember correctly it was a great party. At least I think it was, there was a lot of vodka involved.

7) As a Sabers fan one year I got to see Alex Mogilny and Wayne Gretzky on the ice together, poetry in motion .

6) Watching the 2002 Chicago Wolves playoff series and seeing the cup carried around the ice for the first time.

5)Falling in love with the United Hockey League IceHogs. One year on on St. Patrick's Day my husband and I went to our first Rockford IceHogs game I absolutely fell in love with the team and its rough and tumble style of hockey.

4) Seeing the Rockford IceHogs win the 2007 Colonial Cup. I can remember wiping tears away as I photographed the closing minutes of the game as the crowd cheered around me. The UHL Hogs were going to become a part of the American Hockey League, would the personality of the team change and how would the fans adjust? As we all know, they did just fine as Mike Peck assured me they would.

3) Is this heaven or are we in Toledo? In 2007 we jumped in the car and went to see the Wolves affiliate the Gwinette Gladiators play in the semifinals for the Kelly Cup against the Toledo Storm. It would prove to be one of the most memorable fan experiences of my life. Including an anthem singer being booed down, garbage being thrown on the ice after an opponent's goal and glass so short the local fans reached over the top to assault  players. Ahh hockey, did I mention the crazed local who tried to assault me ?

2) My first press pass

1) When I arrived at the 2007 Rockford IceHogs Kalamazoo K-Kings game 6 in the Colonial Cup semifinals I had my shiny new DSLR and I was quite impressed with myself and the new camera. What I didn't know was that I also had not one but two dead batteries in my camera bag. Several minutes into the first frame the camera quit and I became a spectator. That is how I got to watch one of the best games played in the last 10 years. I have been thanking the hockey Gods ever since for those dead batteries. Ask anyone who at that game about it, just watch their eyes light up. The game had everything, constant action, broken plexi, line brawls and even a goalie fight .What a night to be a fan, isn't in the end what is all about?



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