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"Bangkok Food Tours" Company inspired as tourists in Chicago!

Many who follow me on Twitter & Facebook ask me how I navigated my culinary research and development tour through South East Asia last month so I thought I would feature one of the companies that helped me out in this lil fun video. "Bangkok Food Tours!" They actually began interacting with me on Twitter long before we met in person just expressing appreciation for the foodporn I tend to share often (haha, see people like it)!

I let them know I was coming through Thailand after Cambodia & Laos, they offered to take me around the local eating scene in Bangkok, and bam- it was awesome- loved it- shared all on my Blog/Twitter/Facebook... And everyone freaked out! Click here if missed pics! Also of interest, this quick video I shot on the fly also reveals that this young dynamic duo, passionate about food & their culture, found inspiration to start their company after a food tour trip they caught in Chicago! Yup, they even took a class in Chicago on how to set up a great food tour company and brought it home to start a Thai phenomenon!

Please share this video celebrating how our worlds connect through social media, food & culture... And get out there and visit them!!! For more info checkout www.BangkokFoodTours.com, and follow them on Twitter & Facebook! Oh, and here's just an example of some of the dishes at some of the restaurants I tried on a quick but hearty couple hour walking/eating tour with them while in Bangkok last month:

  1. Chareon Wieng - Traditional Roasted Duck Served on Rice
  2. Muslim Restaurant - Curry on Egg, Beef Satay
  3. Café de Laos - freshy stream fish wrapped in betel leat, fried squid stuff with minced pork
  4. Yen Ta Po Wat Kak - Authentic Thai Yen Ta Po noodle
  5. Kallaprapruk - Original Curry Served on Roti, Thai-Style Coconut Ice-cream

Loved it!!!!!



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