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Lady of the Match: Formiga

Name: Formiga
Position: Midfield
Game: Saturday, May 15th vs Philadelphia Independence at Toyota Park
Final: Red Stars 0 - 1 Independence


Formiga helps Kate Markgraf out on defense against the Independence, and the Stars successfully keep Philly from earning a corner kick.

Formiga was signed as a free agent by the Red Stars in March of this year.  She has started 3 games for the Red Stars this season and started 15 out of 16 games for FC Gold Pride in 2009.  She joins Katie Chapman at the defensive central midfielder position. Formiga and Chapman had exceptional games in the midfield - containing Independence players, slowing down the Philadelphia's attack, as well as excellent distribution. 

It was a close call but Formiga has been voted the Red Stars Confidential Lady of the Match.

Lady of the Match Runners Up

Karen Carney

Katie Chapman

Agree? Disagree?
Who was your lady of the match?

Lady of the Match: Your guess is as good as mine

redstarfrown copy.jpg

It's only a matter of time before this frown turns upside down. Red Stars battle the Independence this Saturday at Toyota Park, 6PM - don't miss the action! 

Saturday, May 8th vs FC Gold Pride in Hayward, CA
Final: Red Stars 0 - 2 FC Gold Pride
Highlights: Video Highlights - Red Stars vs FC Gold Pride

It's unfortunate more WPS games aren't televised or shown on the web, it makes it difficult to report back on games, give input on players, or pick a player of the game - that on top of the fact that the Red Stars lost 2-0 is why we've decided not to nominate someone for Lady of the Match this week. 

I would like to add that it sounds like Jill Loyden had another fantastic game, so she is our honorary Lady of the Match Runner Up. "Jillian had a fantastic game," Hayes said of the Chicago goalkeeper. "She was our player of the match. She had a great game and kept us in it."

The Red Stars next game is this Saturday at Toyota Park against the Philadelphia Independence at 6PM.  This is the first time the Stars and Independence will face off - don't miss this game, call 1-866-WPS-2009 for ticket information!

Nikki Krzysik says goodbye to Chicago Local 134

2009 October 9 Nikki Waving.jpg
On September 22nd the WPS held their first expansion drafts for two new teams joining the league,  Philadelphia Independence and Atlanta Beat.  Nikki Krzysik was one of two unprotected Red Stars players to be drafted to Independence's roster. (The other Red Stars player to be drafted to Philadelphia was Danesha Adams.)

One of the reasons I'm disappointed to see Nikki go is because she was an incredibly kind individual.  She even went out of her way to post a message on Chicago Local 134's Facebook page to thank the group for their support this year.  (While we all know that kindness is not the quality that makes a soccer team great, it is always nice to know that a good-hearted athlete is wearing your club's jersey.)

I just wanted to thank you guys for all your support throughout our first year. You guys are awesome and I feel so blessed to have started my career off in a place with such supportive and enthusiastic fans. Even though I am starting a new chapter in my career I just wanted to thank all of you for your support throughout the season. Hope to see you guys when we come to Chicago. Thanks again for everything!!!


On behalf of Chicago Local 134, I wish Nikki all the best in Philly. Let's cross our fingers for an MLS/WPS double-header next year! 

International Draft picks being made by Philadelphia and Atlanta today

If you haven't already heard the news, the Chicago Red Stars lost both, Danesha Adams and Nikki Krzysik to the Philadelphia Independence in the Expansion Draft last week. Both ladies will be missed, and we wish them all the best in their soccer playing careers.

In further WPS draft news the WPS International Draft is taking place today for both the Philadelphia Independence and the Atlanta Beat. Both teams will pick up to five international players apiece so that their 2010 rosters will be comparable to the seven WPS teams already in existence. 

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