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Red Stars in the house, yah

JUNE Red Stars warmin' up.jpg

  • Your Chicago Red Stars (2-5-3) play in Boston tonight, facing off against the Breakers (1-4-4).  The last time these two teams met on the pitch, the Red Stars defeated the Breakers with a score of 2-0.  This time around the Breakers will have former Red Star on their side in Lindsay Tarpley, who Boston acquired with the loss of St. Louis Athletica to the league. 

  • The Red Stars were recently sighted at Chicago's Bull and Bear Bar in support of the USMNT's World Cup match on Wednesday (hello, victory!).  Marian Dalmy and Megan Rapinoe were sportin' their US Soccer jerseys, while a handful of players were there supporting England. I'm looking at you, Carney! And the rest of your English posse. 

  • On Saturday the 19th Chicago fell to Atlanta with a score of 1-0.  A sad day for Chicago was a great day for Atlanta, as this was their first win in franchise history. 

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Lady of the Match: The Chicago Red Stars

Name: The Chicago Red Stars
Game: Saturday, May 29th vs FC Gold Pride at Toyota Park
Final: Red Stars 1 - 0 FC Gold Pride

Yes, yes - we've voted in the entire Red Stars team as Lady of the Match his time around. Could you disagree?  I've said it once and I'll say it again, this team finally played as a cohesive unit.  They're, obviously, quite talented and were finally able to connect all the talent, skill, competitiveness and finish the game off with a win as a T-E-A-M! YES!


"I just think the team really came out tonight and competed well together, and that was one of the primary goals they had -- to make this a complete team effort. And you can look at the great goal Kosa (Kosovare Asllani) scored coming through with excellent timing created by Marian Dalmy, but you could find a moment through the game where each player made an impact. Dalmy on the goal line certainly a huge impact, Pinoe (Megan Rapinoe) after she was physically done, the hard runs she was making, so you could find different moments throughout this game when each player stepped up and played her role and made a contribution. So I think it was just a really good, comprehensive team effort tonight." -Red Stars General Manager Marcia McDermott

Other reasons they deserve to be Lady of the Match:
  • They lost their head coach, Emma Hayes, less than a week before this game
  • FC Gold Pride is at top of the table and have only lost one game previous to this one
  • The Red Stars defense made stand out players like Marta, Christine Sinclair, and Tiffeny Milbrett unnoticeable 
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Lady of the Match: Formiga

Name: Formiga
Position: Midfield
Game: Saturday, May 15th vs Philadelphia Independence at Toyota Park
Final: Red Stars 0 - 1 Independence


Formiga helps Kate Markgraf out on defense against the Independence, and the Stars successfully keep Philly from earning a corner kick.

Formiga was signed as a free agent by the Red Stars in March of this year.  She has started 3 games for the Red Stars this season and started 15 out of 16 games for FC Gold Pride in 2009.  She joins Katie Chapman at the defensive central midfielder position. Formiga and Chapman had exceptional games in the midfield - containing Independence players, slowing down the Philadelphia's attack, as well as excellent distribution. 

It was a close call but Formiga has been voted the Red Stars Confidential Lady of the Match.

Lady of the Match Runners Up

Karen Carney

Katie Chapman

Agree? Disagree?
Who was your lady of the match?

Lady of the Match: Your guess is as good as mine

redstarfrown copy.jpg

It's only a matter of time before this frown turns upside down. Red Stars battle the Independence this Saturday at Toyota Park, 6PM - don't miss the action! 

Saturday, May 8th vs FC Gold Pride in Hayward, CA
Final: Red Stars 0 - 2 FC Gold Pride
Highlights: Video Highlights - Red Stars vs FC Gold Pride

It's unfortunate more WPS games aren't televised or shown on the web, it makes it difficult to report back on games, give input on players, or pick a player of the game - that on top of the fact that the Red Stars lost 2-0 is why we've decided not to nominate someone for Lady of the Match this week. 

I would like to add that it sounds like Jill Loyden had another fantastic game, so she is our honorary Lady of the Match Runner Up. "Jillian had a fantastic game," Hayes said of the Chicago goalkeeper. "She was our player of the match. She had a great game and kept us in it."

The Red Stars next game is this Saturday at Toyota Park against the Philadelphia Independence at 6PM.  This is the first time the Stars and Independence will face off - don't miss this game, call 1-866-WPS-2009 for ticket information!

Interview with Jill Loyden: face saving, kung fu kicking extraordinaire

After being named Lady of the Match for the Red Stars, I asked Jill Loyden if she would mind answering a few questions that the Red Stars Confidential staff put together for her.  She was more than happy to help.

Loyden and her teammates are currently on the road, awaiting the Red Stars game against 1st-place FC Gold Pride on Saturday

2010 May 7 Loyden Save.JPG

Loyden makes a save against her former team St. Louis Athletica. 

1. How does it feel to be named RS Confidential Lady of the Match?
It feels great to be Lady of the Match, however it was such a great team victory for us against Boston. We really came together as a team, it took all 22 players for us to get it done this week. It was a well deserved win.

2. How was your face feeling after you made an extraordinary save with it in the match against Boston (or so we hear)? 
Hahha, my face? Well right after it hit me I thought I got sucker punched, but after that I really don't remember, adrenaline was the only thing that kept me going.

3. How excited do you get when you make a sweet save?
After a good save I get pretty amped, mostly because it gets the team all fired up and they usually pick it up from there.

4. How badly do your hands smell after games? Worse than your shins?
Well, I dont think my hands smell too too bad after games, but Im sure you could find a couple of my teammates who would beg to differ.
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Lady of the Match: Kosovare Asllani

We here at Red Stars Confidential would like to present you with our first ever Lady of the Match (player of the game).  Even though the Red Stars game ended in a devastating 1-0 loss against Sky Blue FC yesterday, we still want to award one player with a huge high five for her extraordinary efforts.

2010 April 25 Asllani Lady of the Match.jpg
Yesterday Kosovare Asllani stole our hearts.  She took a hard knock in the early minutes of the game that gave us a little scare, but after she got back on her feet she didn't disappoint.  We heard she was a confident little diva (we use that term in the most positive way possible), and her work on the field is proving it.  When she gets the ball she heads to goal, she works magic with her feet, and she produces excellent scoring opportunities for her teammates.  Asllani even scored a goal in the 40' of play that ended up being called offsides.  

So here's a huge high five to you, Asllani!

Lady of the Match Runners Up

  • Karen Carney
  • Jillian Loyden

Who was your lady of the match?

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