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Nicole Hack has loved soccer since the first time she experienced the beautiful game. From her father bringing her to Chicago Power games in the early nineties all the way through her time playing with Chicago Magic, her passion continues to this day as a diehard Fire supporter and the force behind first supporters group of the Chicago Red Stars, Chicago Local 134 as president in it's first year of existence. Local 134 was instantly recognized by the rest of WPS' fanatic group of followers as one of the few that set itself apart as a model of success. Nicole also was the first ever intern of the Chicago Red Stars, as she assisted her friend Peter Wilt for a short stint in the summer of 2006.

Whether you find Nicole organizing Local 134 activities, playing pick-up soccer in Pilsen, or travelling halfway across the country to support the Fire on the road, be sure that her passion for the sport is true and unwavering until the end. 


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