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Interview with Jill Loyden: face saving, kung fu kicking extraordinaire

After being named Lady of the Match for the Red Stars, I asked Jill Loyden if she would mind answering a few questions that the Red Stars Confidential staff put together for her.  She was more than happy to help.

Loyden and her teammates are currently on the road, awaiting the Red Stars game against 1st-place FC Gold Pride on Saturday

2010 May 7 Loyden Save.JPG

Loyden makes a save against her former team St. Louis Athletica. 

1. How does it feel to be named RS Confidential Lady of the Match?
It feels great to be Lady of the Match, however it was such a great team victory for us against Boston. We really came together as a team, it took all 22 players for us to get it done this week. It was a well deserved win.

2. How was your face feeling after you made an extraordinary save with it in the match against Boston (or so we hear)? 
Hahha, my face? Well right after it hit me I thought I got sucker punched, but after that I really don't remember, adrenaline was the only thing that kept me going.

3. How excited do you get when you make a sweet save?
After a good save I get pretty amped, mostly because it gets the team all fired up and they usually pick it up from there.

4. How badly do your hands smell after games? Worse than your shins?
Well, I dont think my hands smell too too bad after games, but Im sure you could find a couple of my teammates who would beg to differ.
5. Who's the most fearsome person to go up against in a PK situation in WPS? 
I mean I wouldnt want to face any PKs this year if it were up to me, I have never met a GK who actually likes them. I think all the players in the WPS are so talented, just to face anyone in that situation would be less than desirable.

6. Who do you room with when you're on the road?
This weekend Im rooming with Ella Masar, shes so awesome, she always has me laughing. It so important to stay relaxed and easy going on the road, and most important laugh and have fun.

2010 May 7 Cristiane Jessica McDonald DePaul.JPG

Cristiane and Jessica McDonald celebrate after Cristiane scores a goal assisted by McDonald against DePaul University in the 2010 pre-season. 

7. If you had to pick two teammates to battle one another in a dance-off, who would you pick and why?
Two players to battle in a dance off would have to be Cristane and Jess McDonald. Two awesome dancers. Two different styles. One funny battle.

8. Where did you learn your kung fu skills
Hahah, kung fu skills? More like awkward slide tackle that Ive never done in my life. I have no idea where that came from!!

9. Who are you supporting in the World Cup?
Brazil- I love the joy, happiness, and passion that they play with every game. Their creativity is by far the best and that always makes it exciting to watch.

Best of luck to Jill and the Red Stars this Saturday as they go head to head with the Bay Area's FC Gold Pride. 
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