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The Red Stars undergo several squad changes


Kosovare Asllani leaves the Red Stars to return to Sweden.

In the last week the Chicago Red Stars have undergone several changes, some players have said goodbye to Chicago, while new players are being welcomed with open arms.  A question to think about with all these changes taken place is: are these changes going to help ensure a spot for the Red Stars (currently fourth in the league) a spot in the playoffs?

  • The Red Stars acquired the rights for Faith Ikidi a Nigerian defender.  Ikidi is currently playing for Linkoping FC in Sweden, though the Washington Freedom previously owned the rights to her. I personally don't know about Ikidi, but I'm excited for the addition of some African flare to the squad.  From what I've read Omid Namazi hopes that Ikidi adds depth to our back line in the future. If she's here before the season ends there's a possibility that we'll see her defensive skills help keep the Stars' opponents from putting the ball in the back of the net.

  • Anita Asante is onto her third team for the 2010 WPS season, fourth in her WPS career. Last year Asante played on Sky Blue FC's championship team, this year she started off the season on St. Louis Athletica's roster, but the Red Stars acquired her when Athletica left her as a free agent after their demise. Asante had the choice to either stay with the Red Stars or move on to the Freedom, who inquired about her during the the Ikidi rights trade. I don't view this as a positive change or a negative one or a change that will affect our run for a spot in the playoffs.  I am confident in the pairing of Kate Markgraf and Whitney Engen at center back for Chicago. Plus, we have the addition of Ikidi to the team.  If Asante is able to get more playing time with the Freedom then by all means she should go play.  As a soccer player, I know I'd want to. 

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Red Stars in the house, yah

JUNE Red Stars warmin' up.jpg

  • Your Chicago Red Stars (2-5-3) play in Boston tonight, facing off against the Breakers (1-4-4).  The last time these two teams met on the pitch, the Red Stars defeated the Breakers with a score of 2-0.  This time around the Breakers will have former Red Star on their side in Lindsay Tarpley, who Boston acquired with the loss of St. Louis Athletica to the league. 

  • The Red Stars were recently sighted at Chicago's Bull and Bear Bar in support of the USMNT's World Cup match on Wednesday (hello, victory!).  Marian Dalmy and Megan Rapinoe were sportin' their US Soccer jerseys, while a handful of players were there supporting England. I'm looking at you, Carney! And the rest of your English posse. 

  • On Saturday the 19th Chicago fell to Atlanta with a score of 1-0.  A sad day for Chicago was a great day for Atlanta, as this was their first win in franchise history. 

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Game 3 of the undefeated streak.

New coach. New players. Fresh start.....well, as fresh as it's going to get. Here we are in June and the Chicago Red Stars have finally made a "right turn"! Under the direction of new coach, Omid Namazi, the Red Stars have gone 3 games undefeated. With 2 of the games being played at home, I would assume the majority of you were in attendence so i'll skip right to the 3rd. The team traveled out to DC to play the Washington Freedom.

Your starting XI were as follows: Loyden, Markgraf, Engen, Dalmy, Formiga, Spilger, Chapman, Carney, Cristiane, Rapinoe, Asllani. In the 11th minute we went down when the unstopable Abby Wambach's head met the ball and caught Loyden off her line. And only a few minutes later came the second goal when Bompastor took a free kick and Sawa was able to get a head on the ball. By no means was the Freedom goalie bored, we kept her busy, but a common trend for the Red Stars...we couldnt put a ball in the back of the net. And then in the 30th minute the Brazilian struck! Cristiane found the ball after Carney played a ball into the box. A sliding attempt gave the ball the push it needed to find the back of the net.

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Natalie Spilger out for the count? Hardly!

JUNE Spilger pre head injury.jpg

Natalie Spilger before the Red Stars' game against the Atlanta Beat with new head coach, Omid Namazi.

I missed the first few minutes of the Red Stars vs Atlanta Beat game yesterday because I was playing in my own game that didn't end until 4:30.  By the time I got into Toyota Park both teams had already made substitutions, and I didn't even realize it until I saw this photo on the WPS site today.

Spilger and Mami Yamaguchi knocked heads while fearlessly colliding in the air causing both teams to make early subs, as mentioned earlier. Spilger talks about the bloody head injury at her personal blog, which can be read here: Red Stars, Red Wounds, as well as her thoughts on the recent turn of events the Red Stars have had to face recently...

  • New Coach - Omid Namazi
  • Loss of players - Effie Dieke, Brittany Klein, Michelle Weissenhofer
  • Additions to their roster - Nikki Washington, Elise Webber, and Anita Asanti

The Red Stars tied the Beat with a score of 0-0.  They managed to lock down the Beat's offensive play, but were unsuccessful in finding the back of the net. (I hope it's not this won't continue to be the same ole story for the Stars.)

"I think every game we give our all and we put on a good performance. I think we're lacking the final third and scoring goals and that's obviously a big thing in football. We need to produce those chances and to finish them." -Katie Chapman

Chicago Red Stars honoring Athletica's unused home game tickets

St. Louis Athletica folds
-- Athletica fold as funds run dry - [
-- R.I.P. St. Louis Athletica - [All White Kit]
-- St. Louis Athletica's death is Jeff Cooper's shame - [Fake Sigi]

Athletica player transactions
-- Beat agrees to terms with Solo, Ellertson, and Aluko - [Women's Professional Soccer - Atlanta Beat]
-- Boxx Joins Up With Gold Pride - [Soccer365]
-- Daniela headed to USL W-League with the Hampton Roads Piranhas

MAY St Louis Athletica Fans.jpg

Photo from:

Chicago Red Stars play their role with the end of St. Louis Athletica
-- @chicagoredstars Red Stars to honor @AthleticaSoccer unused home match tix 4 all remaining #CRS home games: #wps

-- To the Fans of St. Louis Athletica - [Women's Professional Soccer - Chicago Red Stars]

Emma Hayes released from coaching duties; Red Stars defeat FC Gold Pride 1-0

Thumbnail image for MAY Carney Hayes Chapman.jpg

mma Hayes hangs out with the British ladies of the Red Stars - Karen Carney & Katie Chapman

As most of you have already probably heard, Emma Hayes was fired from the head coaching position with the Chicago Red Stars on Monday, May 24th.  What people may not know is that what GM, Marcia McDermott said about Hayes is 100% accurate -

"I want to thank Emma for her hard work and assistance with the launch of the Red Stars franchise," Red Stars General Manager Marcia McDermott said. "This was a difficult decision to make because she poured her heart into the organization. We felt it was time for a change as we move forward and look to put together a successful run this season."

I first met Hayes about a year and a half ago when I accompanied her and Peter Wilt to an FC Indiana vs Red Eleven match in Indianapolis.  Hayes exuded with positive soccer energy the entire car ride. Other than Wilt, I have never met someone so genuinely excited about a soccer endeavor that lay at their fingertips, which I Imagine  is one of the reasons why he thought Hayes would be a great fit for the Red Stars organization.  Personally, I can wholeheartedly say that Hayes' passion for the Red Stars shined through in any interaction I had with her.

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Red Stars, USWNT dominate their opponents

The Red Stars finally got the confidence boost they needed on Friday with a 5-0 win against the USL W-League's Red Eleven in Buffalo Grove. Julianne Sitch, Kosovare Asllani (+1 assist), Casey Nogueria, and Cristiane all scored goals for the Red Stars. Cristiane finished the game off for the Red Stars with two goals, one off of a PK and a goal that was assisted by Sophie Reiser. 
2010 May Cristiane vs st. louis.JPG

Cristiane takes on Athletica defenders in an earlier match this year. 

"I've really been working hard on the front three -- pressuring, and putting the [opposing] team on a lot of pressure, and I thought in the first half we did that really well," Red Stars Head Coach Emma Hayes said. "And then making sure our movement's good up top to create opportunities. When it was 1-nil at halftime, I thought we deserved to be up by a bit more."

Because of national team duty, the Red Stars were without a majority of their regular starting defenders and midfielders, as well as goalkeepers Jillian Loyden and Kelsey Davis. Defenders Marian Dalmy, Ifeoma Dieke and Kate Markgraf, and midfielders Karen Carney, Katie Chapman and Megan Rapinoe, were all unavailable for the Red Stars.

---- [Red Stars Net 5-0 Win Over Red Eleven - Chicago Red Stars]

2010 May Kate Markgraf Juggle.jpg

Kate Markgraf warming up before a Red Stars game.

In other women's soccer news... 

Saturday the USWNT took on the Germany's powerful squad.  The US won 4-0 with two goals from Abby Wambach, as well as goals from Kristine Lilly and Heather O'Reilly. Red Stars players Kate Markgraf and Megan Rapinoe both saw the field during the second half of the game.  It was Markgraf's first time in the lineup since December 2008, after giving birth to twins last year. 
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Lady of the Match: Your guess is as good as mine

redstarfrown copy.jpg

It's only a matter of time before this frown turns upside down. Red Stars battle the Independence this Saturday at Toyota Park, 6PM - don't miss the action! 

Saturday, May 8th vs FC Gold Pride in Hayward, CA
Final: Red Stars 0 - 2 FC Gold Pride
Highlights: Video Highlights - Red Stars vs FC Gold Pride

It's unfortunate more WPS games aren't televised or shown on the web, it makes it difficult to report back on games, give input on players, or pick a player of the game - that on top of the fact that the Red Stars lost 2-0 is why we've decided not to nominate someone for Lady of the Match this week. 

I would like to add that it sounds like Jill Loyden had another fantastic game, so she is our honorary Lady of the Match Runner Up. "Jillian had a fantastic game," Hayes said of the Chicago goalkeeper. "She was our player of the match. She had a great game and kept us in it."

The Red Stars next game is this Saturday at Toyota Park against the Philadelphia Independence at 6PM.  This is the first time the Stars and Independence will face off - don't miss this game, call 1-866-WPS-2009 for ticket information!

Video Highlights: Red Stars vs FC Gold Pride

  • The Red Stars lost to FC Gold Pride 2-0 on Saturday
  • Ifeoma Dieke was red carded in the 25th minute
  • Because of the red card, Emma Hayes had to make an early defensive substitution, which allowed Natalie Spilger to see the field for the first time this season
  • Jill Loyden saved her first PK of the year - 7 saves total in the match
  • Tiffeny Milbrett (FCGP) scored just before the half in the 45th minute of the game
  • Kelley O'Hara (FCGP) scored in the 78th minute and was assisted by Kimberly Yorkers
  • The Red Stars are now 1-3-1 and FC Gold Pride is 4-1-0

Interview with Jill Loyden: face saving, kung fu kicking extraordinaire

After being named Lady of the Match for the Red Stars, I asked Jill Loyden if she would mind answering a few questions that the Red Stars Confidential staff put together for her.  She was more than happy to help.

Loyden and her teammates are currently on the road, awaiting the Red Stars game against 1st-place FC Gold Pride on Saturday

2010 May 7 Loyden Save.JPG

Loyden makes a save against her former team St. Louis Athletica. 

1. How does it feel to be named RS Confidential Lady of the Match?
It feels great to be Lady of the Match, however it was such a great team victory for us against Boston. We really came together as a team, it took all 22 players for us to get it done this week. It was a well deserved win.

2. How was your face feeling after you made an extraordinary save with it in the match against Boston (or so we hear)? 
Hahha, my face? Well right after it hit me I thought I got sucker punched, but after that I really don't remember, adrenaline was the only thing that kept me going.

3. How excited do you get when you make a sweet save?
After a good save I get pretty amped, mostly because it gets the team all fired up and they usually pick it up from there.

4. How badly do your hands smell after games? Worse than your shins?
Well, I dont think my hands smell too too bad after games, but Im sure you could find a couple of my teammates who would beg to differ.
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Video Highlights: Red Stars vs Breakers

Casey Nogueira and Cristiane scored second half goals for the Red Stars to clinch their first win of the 2010 season against the Boston Breakers.

Lady of the Match: Kosovare Asllani

We here at Red Stars Confidential would like to present you with our first ever Lady of the Match (player of the game).  Even though the Red Stars game ended in a devastating 1-0 loss against Sky Blue FC yesterday, we still want to award one player with a huge high five for her extraordinary efforts.

2010 April 25 Asllani Lady of the Match.jpg
Yesterday Kosovare Asllani stole our hearts.  She took a hard knock in the early minutes of the game that gave us a little scare, but after she got back on her feet she didn't disappoint.  We heard she was a confident little diva (we use that term in the most positive way possible), and her work on the field is proving it.  When she gets the ball she heads to goal, she works magic with her feet, and she produces excellent scoring opportunities for her teammates.  Asllani even scored a goal in the 40' of play that ended up being called offsides.  

So here's a huge high five to you, Asllani!

Lady of the Match Runners Up

  • Karen Carney
  • Jillian Loyden

Who was your lady of the match?

Chicago Red Stars Home Opener

The Chicago Red Stars ended in a 1-1 tie for their home opener this past saturday night. An amazing 5,134 fans showed up to support the team as they took on Saint Louis Athletica. Casey Nogueira netted the only goal to tie the game in the 59th minute of play. The Red Stars dominated in the amount of shots they took but couldn't seem to find the back of the net. It took a rookie to step on the field to get it done! Props to Casey!


Casey Nogueira (Photo Credit - James Smith)

Alright enough of the chit chat, lets get to the good stuff.....

I had the privilege of sitting with the L134 for the majority of the first half,until I was pulled down to the field to do my interview with Coach Hayes, but we will get to that later. If you have never sat with this group before I suggest doing so in the near future! A very entergetic and wild group we have sitting over there! Definitely the life of the party!

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Emma Hayes fined for criticizing referee

This just in via @Kibby56Emma Hayes fined $300 & given 4hrs of community service for comments (public criticism of game officials) made on April 11 2010 (via #wps)

But in all honesty, who could blame her? The Red Stars were down 1-0 in the 82nd minute of play and one of her players (Karen Carney) was clearly taken down by the goalie (Karen Bardsley) in the box, wouldn't you make it known that you're not content with the call?  I know I would. And if Carney wasn't fouled by Bardsley then shouldn't she have received a yellow card for diving?

You can find a replay of this disputed action here.  The play takes place in the 82nd minute of the match (appx 3:40 into the video). 

Carney and Bardsley are teammates together for England's Women's National Team.  

Red Stars Home Opener Tomorrow!


As I've previously stated, I truly believe that the Red Stars have an exceptional, exciting team.  They have a surplus of talent that many WPS fans are not familiar with.  If the Red Stars play like they did last week and continue to develop, it will be a good year for Chicago.  The potential is endless.

Fingers crossed that the Red Stars have 20 shots against Hope Solo and the Athletica, as they did against Sky Blue FC. And fingers crossed that a few of those 20 shots see the back of the net.  

Friends of the Stars:
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No goals after 20 shots against Sky Blue FC

I was really hoping to watch a victorious Chicago soccer match on Sunday, especially after being on hand to witness the Fire lose their first ever home opener at Toyota Park the night before. Not only was I looking forward to a Red Stars win because I needed my soccer spirits to be lifted after the Fire's disappointing results, but also to prove all the Red Stars haters wrong. Last week I read countless reviews on just how awful everyone seems to think the Red Stars will be this year, and it got old quick.

It turns out that the Fire weren't the only pro soccer team in Chicago to end their weekend in a disappoint, as the Red Stars lost to Sky Blue FC 1-0 with an early goal in the 6th minute from Natasha Kai.

I may be biased, but I'm really excited for the changes that Emma Hayes has made to the roster this season. Sure, we lost USWNT players, Carli Lloyd and Lindsay Tarpley. We lost a standout goalie from Sweden in Caroline Jonsson. We're all unhappy about these loses. (Well, I am mostly sad for the loss of Jonsson, but countless others are heartbroken over USWNT heroes, Lloyd and Tarpley.) But overall, I'm genuinely excited to see what our new Red Stars' players will produce this year - maybe it is the lack of familiarity that has me on the edge of my seat, maybe it's the energy I've seen in Hayes when she talks about new additions to the team such as: Kosovare Asllani, Katie Chapman, Whitney Engen, Jessica McDonald, and countless others, or maybe I'm just genuinely looking forward to a fresh start, a new season.

Oh the anticipation!

Sadly, the first game has come and gone. The Red Stars fought until the final minutes of game that I thought they clearly should have one. In my eyes, they dominated the majority of the game. Of course, not without a challenge, Sky Blue FC is a force to be reckoned with, there is no question in that. But the RS did everything they were supposed to, except... put the ball in the goal, even after collectively taking 20 shots (4 on goal) against Sky Blue.

Game Highlights:

Other thoughts on the game:

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Red Stars Home Opener Watch Party This Sunday!

The Red Stars take on Sky Blue FC this Sunday out in New Jersey. Why not come out and see the inaugural game with the Red Stars Staff, select players and your friends at Team RS Confidential?

Where: The Globe Pub, 1934 W. Irving Park Rd.
When: Party starts at 4pm, Kickoff's at 5pm.

Come out, have some food and drinks and let's cheer on our hometown women in their first game of the year.

Masar scores both goals in the Stars' 2-0 preseason win over Northwestern

On Wednesday the Red Stars played two 45 minute preseason games.  The first match was played against Northwestern, followed by a 45 minute game again the DePaul Blue Demons. 

Katie Q and I caught the matches at the Wildcats' lakeside field in Evanston.  The weather was gorgeous, and we were excited to be enjoying some quality local soccer.  Check out a recap of the game below, including some random observations of mine. And stay tuned to hear what Katie Q thought of the game with an entry that will be coming soon, as well as a recap of the Red Stars vs DePaul game.

Red Stars starting 11:

Masar - Cristiane

Vandenbergh - Santacaterina - Klein - Sitch

Weissenhofer - Markgraf - Spilger - Dalmy


Brittany Klein sporting the captain's arm band for the 45 minute preseason friendly against Northwestern. 

It takes us a few minutes to get our bearings, as we settle in our seats near the Red Stars' right winger - 

who is that?

that's Rapinoe...

is that Rapinoe? 

No, that's not Rapinoe. 

Who the hell is that?

Whoa, it's Julianne - she cut her hair!

Oh yeah, that makes sense, Rapinoe is with the national team today


Julianne Sitch (formerly of Sky Blue FC)

Okay, back to the ongoing game... (keep in mind that clocks at college games count from 45 minutes down to zero. Oy, confusing!)

33' - Sitch crosses from the right to Klein who misses low 

31' - Markgraf still composed as ever, not to mention as fit as ever - making a speedy run down the left wing

30' - Good movement from Sitch

27' - Sitch passes a through ball to Masar - NW keeper slides out for the save

26' - Cross in from Cristiane, Masar unable to capitalize

23' - Good distribution from Klein

15' - Dalmy passes to Cristiane from the back - beautiful turn from Cristiane, who slides it through to Masar, who is able to put this one in the net. GOAL!


Ella Masar scored both goals against Northwestern in the Red Stars 2-0 win.

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Its Game Day!!!

Tonight the Chicago Red Stars play the Washington Freedom as part of their preseason games. If you didnt know the team is in FL, but the weather is just as gloomy down there as it is here in Chi. Ella (@emasar3) tweeted earlier saying...

"People start praying now for this rain to stop, driving to Vero Beach to try and play DC! "

Coach Hayes (@emmahayes1) released the lineup via twitter not to long ago.

It will look something like this...


Dalmy  Markgraf  Engen  Spilger   

Klein  Reiser  Sitch  Weissenhoffer

Cristiane  Masar


Assuming they play a 4-4-2

Wishing the team best of luck!! and hoping the rain stops!!

For all of you who use Twitter........

Megan Rapinoe (@mpinoe)  and Brittany Klein (@britklein) are now tweeting!

A quick look back at the 2010 Algarve Cup

Hi guys, it's been a while, but i haven't forgotten y'all! I've faced some rough times as of late, and I hope to express them in more detail here at Red Stars Confidential in the future.  Until then, check out these amazing goals from the Algarve Cup. Plus highlights from the final, which the USWNT won last week against Germany (final score: 3-2). Congrats, ladies!

Algarve Cup Videos

2010 March 22 Rapinoe Sweden 2009.jpg

Megan Rapinoe was Chicago's representative with the USWNT in the 2009 Algarve Cup. The US women ended up losing to Sweden in the final 3-4 in penalties. [Photo Credit:]

Friends of the Stars

WPS international shine at Algarve Cup - Internationals shine including the Red Stars' Kosovare Asllani. [The Equalizer] 

Red Stars Loyden, Nogueira Named to U.S. WNT For Algarve Cup - [Our Sports Central]


Chicago Red Stars Announce 2010 Schedule

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!...and some Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays too.

Your Chicago Red Stars have announced the 2010 Schedule!  Yes!

The league domination (think happy thoughts kiddies) starts Sunday, April 11th against Sky Blue FC in New Jersey.  This is going to be a ramped-up launch to the new season so catch the game on Fox Soccer Channel.  I vote calling your local watering hole to see if they are carrying the game...Small Bar, The Globe, your crazy neighbor Pavel with cable.

The home opener is the following weekend, Saturday, April 17 vs. Saint Louis Athletica @ 7 p.m.  Could be a chilly one but that's what tailgating and some pre-game footie are for.  Check out Local 134 for fan activities. 

Get excited, it's going to be a great season!  

Ella Masar Interview

Red Stars Confidential got the privilege of being able to interview star Forward Ella Masar. Since professional soccer players get soccer questions all the time, we figured that we should have some fun with Ella.

NH:        The Red Stars have undergone a big transformation in the off-season. How do you feel coming back to what seems like a brand new team?
EM:        I am extremely excited. Anytime you have a disappointing season, as we did last year, we know changes need to be made. I have no doubt that the choices the Red Stars made in the off season will make us a better team and a top contender in the league.

NH:        What's it going to be like with Kate Markgraf back?
(after missing the 2009 season due to the birth of twins)
EM:        Kate Markgraf is a name that speaks for itself. She is not only a veteran of one of the best team's in our countries history but even more an amazing person. She is someone that will bring experience, heart, and pride to the Chicago name. I am truly flabbergasted to be able to call her my teammate.

Thumbnail image for IMG_0043.jpg

Ella Masar is the Chuck Norris of the Red Stars.

NH:        Which would you rather play for? The 2011 World Cup team or the 2012 Olympic team? (my hope is both)
EM:        haha that's like choosing between chocolate and long walks on the beach, not possible!  To be able to have your name on the back of the US jersey is a dream within itself. The hours of sacrifice, hard work, and dedication are something many people can't fathom (not even myself at times). Just to have that honor would be worth more than a Gold Medal and World Cup, those are just extra bonuses.

NH:        WPS puts a lot of effort into social networking: Facebook, Twitter, etc - do you think this helps bridge the gap between fan and athlete?
EM:        I definitely think that it helps. It's a way that the fans can interact with us and take a small step into our lives. Hopefully it can show the joy and love we have for them, as well as how much their respect and appreciation mean to us.

NH:        Who do you look up to professionally?

EM:        Lindsey Tarpley hands down. Humble and hungry is something that I strive to live by everyday and Linds is someone that upholds that to the highest regard. She is by far one of the most dedicated, humble, and hardest workers I know. She has allowed me to know and respect the journey of a national team and professional player that much more.

NH:        What's your pre-game play list on your iPod?
EM:        Hahaha, well in the past years it has been the Lil Wayne, Eminem, and any other rap music that gets my heart beating and blood a pumping. Yet this year, after taking a liking to movie soundtracks, I can't help and put on songs that are from an inspiring or dramatic scene. For instance the song "Promontory" from Last of the Mohicans or "Prime" from Transformers are two of my favs. If those don't make you feel like you can run climb the highest mountain, I'm not sure what else can :p

NH:        I looked at the Chicago Red Stars website and saw that you also do double duty as answering the phones for the Red Stars. Shouldn't Coach Hayes have you practicing instead of taking ticket orders?

EM:        lol, What can I say, being a professional comes with all sides of the spectrum. Anything that will allow me to be closer with the fans and help build our supporter base is something I can't turn down. 
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Better late then never

If you have not heard, the word on the street was true, The LA Sol has fallen off the face of the earth. This leaves the best women's soccer league in the world one team short. Right now, I am not one to complain because if this didn't happen I'd still be bitter over not getting Casey Nogueira in the draft. I will not badger Los Angeles for sucking and having terrible sponsors that didn't have faith, but whatever, it was a mean trick someone played on me and its like I got my birthday cake a couple weeks late. Thanks for sharing...........

I was busy the other day so I forgot to check the draft updates on Twitter (silly me, I know). I got a text from a friend saying "Dude, we got Casey". I almost cried tears of joy, no joke. Nogueira is not only a great forward, but she is also coming back to the Midwest. We both hail from Wisconsin so this just makes it that much more exciting. I got my wish, and like I said, better late then never. 

I like to think that I had a little something to do with the signing of Casey considering the fact that I had a really long talk about her with Red Stars coach Emma Hayes. The whole Red Stars Staff and I had a couple drinks after a Red Star Charity event a couple months ago. I hyped Casey up so much because I believe she IS the greatest of all time. I'm sorry, Marta, but I think its for the best. This way you're not riding the pine pony ;) I compare Casey to Marta only out of respect. Soon the world will see why. Watch out FCGP its going to be  wild one. 

I can't wait for the 2010 season to begin. I get to see my favorite player represent my favorite team and with Women's World Cup qualifiers around the corner, she will represent my country. Whether she's playing with the USWNT or the Red Stars, she's still rocking red, white and blue. 

Casey "Noogie" Nogueira showing off ALL her moves

On Thursday, February 4th the Red Stars drafted Casey Nogueira in the LA Sol - Dispersal Draft.  She will add even more depth to the Stars already talented offensive line. 

Check out this video as she battles Tobin Heath (first overall 2010 WPS draft pick for the Atlanta Beat) while showing off some of their very impressive juggling skills here. And if that footwork wasn't enough to get you excited about this new addition to the Red Stars' roster, take a look at Nogueira's supreme dance moves below with former UNC teammate, Nikki Washington.

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Cristiane is back to sweet home Chicago

2010 January 14 cristiane vs irish national team 2009.jpg

I am really excited to be able to return to the Chicago Red Stars; they have treated me very well," Cristiane said. "I look forward to helping my team win the league this year. I had many options, but in the end I chose Chicago and the Red Stars because they are a great team, and it feels like home.


[Red Stars Re-Sign Cristiane - Chicago Red Stars]

The Hawkins 7: 7 Things I'm Exited About For The 2010 Red Stars

The Red Stars have been busy in the offseason and if you haven't been paying attention, a lot has happened. It makes me feel good about the 2010 season, and like any fan, you want to forget about what happened in 2009 and move forward.

1) The Red Stars picked up Katie Champan from the English National Team/Arsenal Lady Gunners to fill the gap in the midfield caused by the departure of US Olympian Cari Lloyd. I'm excited, and so should you. Coach Emma Hayes is slowing bringing over more players to her style of offense and her playing style.

Speaking of Carli Lloyd, she joined Sky Blue FC and moved home to Jersey, where hopefully she'll continue her WPS playing style of being immobile, lackluster and bored in the midfield. She's also be closer to try out for next year's cast of "Jersey Shore." Honestly, I feel she was a great disappointment. Is it wrong to expect that if you're an Olympian, you should be leading by example and showing your team what it's like to win - or even play with pride?

2) Pining for 'Pinoe: Megan Rapinoe was a bright spot for the 2009 team, and as the season progressed she got stronger and fiercer. It seemed like she got more confident and proved that her surgically repaired knees were strong enough to take on any team. With the return of Brazilian star Cristiane in doubt and Lindsay Tarpley's injury recovery, she very well could be the key to a strong start this year.

3) The Rise of Ella and Brittany: Ella Masar, the U of Illinois product and Brittany Klein - two of the bright spots of the 2009 team, both got called up to the US Women's National Team. I like them both - they're young, they're hard workers and play fearlessly, not to mention they're absolutely great people. As a fan, you want to see good people represent your home club.

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Q + A: Sophie Reiser - A college senior's experience at the Red Stars combine

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie Reiser, a senior at Columbia University, who was in town to participate in the Chicago Red Stars combine.  She was kind, out-going and easy to talk with.  After seeing how enthusiastic she was about her experience in Chicago I asked if she'd be willing to answer a few questions about her participation in the combine. She was more than happy to share the details of her Red Stars' adventures with me.      

Sophie Reiser - 02 - dwightghost @ flickr.jpg

Sophie Reiser

Age: 21

College: Columbia University (NY)

Position: Forward and midfield in college

Clubs: Seattle Sounders, Hudson Valley Quickstrike Lady Blues, and New York Athletic Club in the summers but none consistently  

How did you hear about the Red Stars combine?

I heard about the Red Stars combine from Coach Hayes. I expressed a great deal of interest in playing for the Red Stars throughout this past season, so Coach Hayes thought it would be a good idea for me to come out to Chicago and see if I have what it takes.

What made you want to come to Chicago to try out and/or participate in the combine?

I wanted to come try out for Chicago because I had heard great things about the coaching staff, and Coach Hayes in particular. I haven't spent much time in Chicago, but living in Seattle and New York, I think it would be a great fit for me. I think the team has a great spirit and a ton of potential and I would love to be a part of that.

For those of us not familiar with a combine- would you be able to give us a general description of what exactly a combine is?  

This combine was pretty straightforward. There were six teams of about 10 players each and about 10 goalkeepers. The first day consisted of teams playing against each other and a bit of skill work with the ball. The second day we warmed up with the Red Stars' strength and conditioning coach, Coach Scott, and then got into some testing. They tested us on sprints, our vertical jump, and the 300-yd shuttle. In the afternoon we broke into the same teams and got to play again. The games were usually around 25 minutes.

There were about 10-15 coaches from around the area (various colleges and clubs) managing the teams, taking notes, and generally scouting the play. The players were a combination of college graduates and current college seniors from all over the country - probably about 75 players in all.  

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girlinks - december 19th edition

Friends of the Red Stars

Red Stars look to regroup in 2010 - Red Stars GM Marcia McDermott reflects back on the ups and downs of the Red Stars inaugural season in an interview with Soccer Hype blogger Giovanni Albanese Jr.  She also expresses hopefulness for the 2010 team with players like Katie Chapman and Kate Markgraf, who will likely join the starting eleven. [Soccer Hype]


Lindsay Tarpley

WPS Chicago Red Stars' Tarpley Is Female Soccer Player of the Decade -  Lindsday Tarpley and Heather O'Reilly were finalists for the Girl Soccer Player of the Year award from ESPN Rise.  Tarpley edged out O'Reilly not only because of her commitment and hard work on the field but because of her dedication to the game off the field. During her junior and senior seasons, she served three-game suspensions for violating a state association out-of-school participation rule while playing for the U.S. youth national team. She petitioned the state, which ultimately changed its stance on the issue for her and future players in her state. [Bleacher Report]

No down time for the Red Eleven: Team busy during offseason preparing for second summer at Benedictine - The Red Eleven, who are a part of the developemental W-league, hope to improve in the 2010 season after a disappointing loss in first round of the playoffs this year (the Red Eleven were 10-2-1 in 2009).  They've already scored a new head coach David Nikolic and a new assistant coach Greg Muhr. [Naperville Sun

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Chicago Red Stars-in haiku

snow falls, powder blue
spring calls on the winter wind
soccer coming soon
Winter Soccer.jpg

Chicago Red Stars Home Opener- Saturday, April 17

girlinks - december 9th edition

Friends of the Red Stars

  • 2009 Chicago Red Stars Combine - Players from across the country will show off their skill for head coach Emma Hayes and the rest of the Red Stars coaching staff on Thursday, December 10th at Max McCook Indoor Facility in hopes of catching her eye and scoring a spot on the Red Stars 2010 roster.  [Chicago Red Stars Facebook Page]

2009 December 9 girlinks combine2009.ashx.jpg

  • WPS Features Three Finalists for FIFA World Player of the Year Award - On December 7th FIFA announced the finalists for the FIFA Women's World Player of the Year Award, which included three WPS players: Cristiane (Chicago Red Stars), Marta (LA Sol) and Kelly Smith (Boston Breakers). [Women's Professional Soccer]

  • life in the red stars annex - Want to know what a day in the life at the Red Stars office is like? Get a look on the inside from Red Stars staffer Alyse LaHue. [WPS Fan Corner - Alyse LaHue]

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Red Stars Rumors: Sweden's Kosovare Asllani en route to Chicago

2009 December 3 asllani.jpg
Yesterday the Chicago Red Stars announced the signing of England's Katie Chapman to their 2010 roster.  Today rumors have started to spread about another international player signing that could be in the works for the Red Stars with Sweden's Kosovare Asllani

Asllani made her debut for the Swedish national team in 2008 and was called up to play with them this summer during the UEFA Euro Cup.  She has been with her current club, Linkopings FC, for two years and has tallied 18 goals in 37 appearances with them.  This could be exactly what the Red Stars need now that Carli Lloyd has secured a position with Sky Blue FC, Lindsay Tarpley is still rehabbing her injury, and with the uncertainty of Cristiane returning next season.  

Until official confirmation is published via the WPS, I guess we'll have to wait patiently to find out if Asllani will join the Stars in 2010.  

Have a look at this fun video clip of Asllani below:

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Katie Chapman! Can I get a heck yeah?

The Chicago Red Stars have signed Arsenal and England National Team midfielder Katie Chapman to their roster for the upcoming 2010 season.  Chapman will bring leadership to the squad, as she has accumulated 73 international caps since joining the team in 2000.  Read more about Chapman's signing with the Stars here

2009 December 2.jpg

Katie Chapman training for the Quarter Finals of the UEFA Women's 2009 Euro Cup. [Photo Credit: England Women's Team Facebook profile]

Nine Players Set to Return for the 2010 Season

This just in from Red Stars headquarters:

The Chicago Red Stars announced Monday that they are picking up the 2010 contract options for nine players for the organization's second Women's Professional Soccer season.

This returning Red Stars group includes defender Marian Dalmy, defender Ifeoma Dieke, midfielder Chioma Igwe, goalkeeper Caroline Jonsson, midfielder Brittany Klein, forward Ella Masar, defender Jill Oakes, midfielder Megan Rapinoe and defender Natalie Spilger. Per team policy, terms of their contracts are not released.

Midfielder Karen Carney, defender Kate Markgraf and midfielder Lindsay Tarpley also are under contract with the Red Stars for the 2010 season.

Chicago returns more than half of last season's squad, including Klein and Rapinoe who were voted to the first-ever WPS All-Star Game, and Jonsson who established WPS records with the most saves in a game (13) and a season (89).  (Red Stars Exercise 2010 Options for Nine Players :: Chicago Red Stars - WPS)


Does Carli Lloyd have plans outside of the Red Stars for the 2010 WPS season?

I wonder what's in store for the rest of the Stars.  Cristiane? Carli Lloyd?  Will we see either of these ladies on the field for the Red Stars next season?  

As for the returning Stars- welcome back, we're glad to have ya!


Friends of the Red Stars

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