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Talk Back

ChicagoNow Radio airs on WGN Radio 720 every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. Tune in either on your radio at 720 AM or to WGN's online audio stream.

ChicagoNow Radio is not a traditional interview show. We aim for irreverent, provocative, bold and--most importantly--engaging. That's why we don't want you to just listen. We want you to talk back.

Here are a few ways you can do that.

Tweet us at @chicagonowradio, @alexquigley and @amyguth. During the show, tell us what you think of guests' comments. Do you think they're dead on? Completely wrong? Bring it. Ask us questions, too. Lots of them. Our guests are each Chicago experts in their own right. Every day on ChicagoNow the bloggers share their knowledge about our city. On the radio, they do exactly the same.

Comment on guests' blogs. On air, we talk with the bloggers about their recent posts and issues in the headlines. During the show and any other time, log on to their blogs and comment away. It's a great way to keep conversation going long after the show.

Call News 720 WGN. With charming manners, zero trace of a potty mouth and a strong point to make, call in during the show at (312) 591-7200 to get on the air and talk directly with the guests.

Text us during the show. In addition to tweets, calls and comments, we take text messages during the show at 24720. Best way to get your text on air? Crack us up.

Wave. We're right on Michigan Avenue in the WGN Showcase Studio, so by all means, wave if you're in the 'hood. (Once we had a mooner. Do it if you must, but we prefer a good ol' fashioned wave, for the record.)

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