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ChicagoNow Radio Weekly Wager: Alex Loses, Amy And the Internet Win

Alex Quigley

Former rock DJ, currently a multipurpose Chicago media guy.

So yeah, I hate losing bets. I only bet if I think I'm going to win. So I felt pretty confident going into our most recent Weekly Wager (audio available on right here). Amy and I both asked our moms, "What's the worst thing I ever did as a kid?" We wrote our answers down in advance to prevent cheating.

Yep, I lost. Call me crazy, but I woulda thunk that the time I damn near decapitated myself in front of my two sisters at thirty miles-per-hour on a Big Wheel would've beaten out the time I ripped the door off a car that was worth about $200.

But Amy and Mama Guth nailed their answers, and so I had to post an embarrassing photo of myself from my youth.

Enjoy "Lunchtime, Summer '87 or '88".


I really, really, really hate losing. Next time, Guth. NEXT TIME!!!



Best read in the voice of Dr. Claw.




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