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ChicagoNow Radio: August 21

Amy Guth

Amy Guth is digital news editor for the Tribune's books section and blog and is co-host of ChicagoNow Radio on News 720 WGN alongside Alex Quigley. Also? Author, adventuress and grade-a sass-mouth.

This week's line-up on ChicagoNow Radio on WGN with Alex Quigley and Amy Guth from 9 a.m. to noon:

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9 a.m.
Our friend Joe Campagna kicks off the show with his scandalous take on farmer's markets here in Chicagoland. You may feel the need to throw produce at your radio, but Joe knows his food stuff.



9:30 a.m.
We'll have both NaShanta Robinson and Nash Nova on for this segment...but you'll only hear one voice. OMG SUPERHERO SECRET IDENTITIES! Nash will talk about this week's huge Chicago Comic Con and draw us both a little deeper into the world of cosplaying.



10 a.m.
Don't know why we're so into multiple personality disorder this week, but we invited Keith Ecker on the show and ended up with six people. Expect numerous funny takes on life in Chicago. I hope we have enough spare microphones.


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10:30 a.m.
Cubbie Julie watches the Cubs so you don't have to watch them. And this year she's been doing you a big favor. She brought her son to Wrigley on Friday for his birthday...and witnessed yet another 9th-inning debacle and loss. So we thought it'd be fun to give her 30 minutes on the Mothership just to see what happens. Our fingers will be on the dump button.



11 a.m.

Lenox Magee is a Hyde Park native and all-around man-about-Chicago. He'll tell you why he's outraged by the outrage over gay marriage, plus give you the Top Ten reasons why President Obama would be the perfect gay man. No, really!

11:30 a.m.
Either we must be doing something right or the bosses have been drinking again, because Alex & Amy (or Guth & Quigley, for serious folks) have the last word on CNR. Another Weekly Wager for Amy to lose**? Yep. The search for new ChicagoNow Radio theme songs? Oh yeah. Whatever else is on our minds? Absolutely. With special guest star Leonardo DiCaprio as Luke Brower.

 **technically Amy could win

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JenJen said:


Starbucks Saturday with ChicagoNow radio now up to 5 ladies! You guys and the caffeine really drive our discussion. Anyway, we liked the way Joe's Food Snob segment kicked things off. We give it 3 of 5 stars. Same 3 stars for Nash Nova's part. We think Cosplay is like year-round Halloween for former thespians and Dungeon & Dragons guys. Interesting to hear about that strange world. The Satire in the City segment never got going for us. We sorta lost interest early. But Keith sounded like a nice guy so 2 stars.

JenJen said:


The Cubby Julie segment. It's so cool to hear a real woman who's really articulate geeking out on our Cubs. She talks so fast! She could join us here at Starbucks! We loved the story about her son and Derrick Lee's trade. Group AWWW. BTW, we have a group request: Is it possible for WGN to NEVER play that Kars4Kids song. It gets on EVERYONE'S nerves. It's really hideous when you're all coffeed-up! I had to laugh when Julie talked about how Jim Hendry never admits his mistakes. Haha, aren't we all like that? 4of 5 stars! (One off for not enough of Amy!)

JenJen said:


How about that Lenox segment? He says Obama would make a perfect gay guy because he keeps his cool? Spontaneous group laugh!! The gay men our gang knows are all classic hysterics! What you taking 'bout, Lenox? Haha!! But thanks for the best unintended laugh of our day!! Lenox then admitted he blasted out WTF! on the bus when he heard that Chicagoans split 50-50 the gay marriage debate. Haha!! Way to keep your cool!! Gotta say the callers were entertaining in an unintentional way, too. Amada said, "I have to admit I'm straight." That's a funny line in itself. Penny the caller's voice and religious spin lecture about being "created equal" had us laughing, too. Amy..."Can I call you Lenny?" That was hysterically out of the blue!! If it were developed a little, we thought this segment would make a perfect satirical skit on SNL. 4 of 5 stars for the segment's ironic entertainment value!! Lenox should be a weekly guest!!

Lenox Magee said:


JenJen, you rock!! I'm so glad you had fun listening; I had so much fun - Amy and Alex are hysterical! Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate it!

JenJen said:


OK, maybe we were a little harsh on poor Lenny. We blame it on being pre-menopause.

Lenox Magee said:



Alex Quigley said:


Okay, I LOL'ed at that.

JenJen said:


Final request. Is there a plastic surgeon blogger you can have on the show?

Amy Guth said:


A plastic surgeon? Well, we did have Dr. Jeff, but he's been flying under the radar for a while: (

Know a one who would want to blog?

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