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The Morning-After Chat: A Valuable Remembering Tool

Amalie Drury

It's my job to write about Chicago and all of its people, places and things. If it's new and it's cool, I'm checking it out.

This morning my friend Jenny IMd me on Facebook to ask, "I wonder if there's any vodka left at Lillie's Q?" Yep, it was that kind of night. More on Lillie's Q in a minute. 

Our spree began with cocktail hour on the patio at Eno, the InterContinental Hotel's wine, cheese and chocolate lounge. It's a great spot for rush-hour people-watching on Michigan Avenue, and we cheerfully sipped glasses of blushing bubbly while observing the array of incomprehensible footwear choices marching past. 

At Eno we ran into Kamal and Heather, who both work in PR at Macy's. I'm on the host committee for Macy's Glamorama this year, which I strongly urge you all to attend (part of my official duties as a host). Glamorama is the annual fall fashion show at the Chicago Theatre with special musical guests (August 13: Macy Gray!) and an after-party on the seventh floor of Macy's, which throws the whole shindig in the grand tradition originally started by Marshall Field's. I've been going to Glamoramas for years, and now I feel compelled to prove it by running down the list of performers I've seen there: 

1. Wayne Newton. He kissed a woman in the audience while crooning Danke Shoen, surely a standard move in his Vegas act. That year also marked the emergence of those now-ubiquitous event performers who do acrobatics while tied up in sheets hung from the ceiling. 
2. The B-52s. Love Shack. The band might be getting old, but the song? Never.
3. Big & Rich. This was the year I got to wear cowboy boots instead of heels. It was aMAZing. I wonder if I still have that video of my friend Graham being thrown from the mechanical bull? 
4. Beyonce. This was pre-put-a-ring-on-it. She does have a little cellulite when viewed from the second row, but don't we all? I adored her. "She is IT!" Jenny enthused. 
5. There have definitely been others, but I'm still in recovery mode, so let's just drop it for now. 

Because our next stop involved barbeque, Jenny was dressed in a festive red-and-white plaid button-down. It was exceedingly appropriate for the occasion, a media preview dinner at the aforementioned Lillie's Q in Bucktown. That's where the hipsters will now go for "urban barbeque," as the waiters' T-shirts describe it. (I take slight issue with this tagline, as I'm kind of tired of urban this and urban that. Yeah, we live in a city. But whatever.) Lillie's Q was tasty and will surely go over well with the neighborhood crowd--we tried pulled pork, mac 'n cheese, green beans, the four special sauces, the works--but even more fun were the cocktails and beer (including Lillie Q's own brew) served in Bell jars. 

We had a few. 

The full IM recap: 


is there any vodka left at lillie's bbq?


What happened?


no idea.

it was nice to hang with the rumble.


Good to catch up with the Rumbs. What were we dicussing so intensely?


not sure he got a word in edgewise

let's see...


halloween costumes...


who was that polish photographer?

i told him we need to go the martini club




Oh yeah, the Polish club.


you said you were awaiting it


That WOULD be a good chaser.


i sang a jewel song to you


Oh yes, I do remember the song.


i am LOLing

oh rumbs

he quietly looked on


We did talk about his chick a little.


i eagerly cajoled him to be mr. clean for the 'ween

i think i, naturally, should be snow white




and DB should be a 6'4" dwarf!

You get the gist, right? Later, we went to another bar a few blocks away on North Ave. I have no idea what it's called, but there are pictures in the slideshow below. Let me know if you recognize it. 

I should probably stay in tonight, but no. I shall not. I shall proceed to a new tequila bar in Boystown. I am an extremely dedicated Chaser. 



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