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Up on the ROOFtop, The Chaser Pauses

Amalie Drury

It's my job to write about Chicago and all of its people, places and things. If it's new and it's cool, I'm checking it out.

Last weekend, prior to dinner with friends at The Wit's Cibo Matto, The Creative Director and I rode the elevator up to the 27th-floor bar Roof for one round of cocktails (a Manhattan and a vodka soda, to be exact). "That'll be $23," said the bartender, right before I picked my jaw up off the floor. Talk about sticker shock--that's half the amount it takes to fill up my car, Black Beauty. I sipped slowly.  

Still, I've always liked Roof, though the crowd may often be found dressed for clubbing at 5:45 on a weekday afternoon (I won't get into a conversation I, um, overheard about the definition of the word "hootchie"--hoochie?--mainly because I don't know if I'm allowed to write it here. But from what I gather, it has something to do with pairing hot pants and thigh-high pleather boots with spray tans). 

I went back to Roof just three nights later for an Effen vodka event, which was agreeable for the following reasons: 1. The invitation came with a bottle of vodka, 2. The sun was setting just so, providing an excellent view, 3. A discussion of urban planning/green architecture proved informative, and 4. Free drinks. You can't beat that with a stick. You really can't.  

Well, the Kentucky Derby is coming up this weekend, and for once I'm not going. Don't worry, I'll be OK. I hear there are Derby-related activities to be enjoyed even in Chicago, a list of which I plan to share with you tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll buy a cocktail for anyone who finds me one of these before Saturday. 



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