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Fun Is Bowling, or, What's a Vodka Robot?

Amalie Drury

It's my job to write about Chicago and all of its people, places and things. If it's new and it's cool, I'm checking it out.

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Fancy bowling at 10pin Bowling Lounge.

We used to drive by this one bowling alley all the time when I was growing up, and their sign said it all: Fun Is Bowling. The letters were tall and yellow against dull brown siding, with a smiley face tacked on the end for good measure. The message was simple but true. Fun IS bowling. 

Especially tailored to my personal requirements is the phenomenon of fancy bowling---you know, those new alleys where you can get top-shelf cocktails and nothing smells at all like B.O. It really takes the sport up a notch. 

My friend Jenny--who recently bowled a 30 but is always thinking about improving her game so she'll be ready should she be required to bowl on a date--has convinced me that we should practice up tomorrow night during a Svedka-sponsored special event at 10pin Bowling Lounge in River North. Other than free cover, $5 Svedka cocktails, a photo booth and free bowling passes for your next visit, the evening also promises "an opportunity to bowl with the sultry Svedka Robots." 

I have no idea what that means, and to tell you the truth, I think it's better if I don't research it too seriously. Bowling vodka robots? It's sure to be something. RSVP to 312.644.0300 to see for yourself.  

P.S. Please don't be too jealous that I am now applying eyeliner for a media dinner at the Elysian to celebrate the just-opened Marc Jacobs Collection store. I mean, talk about fancy. I know, that's an annoying P.S. 



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