Sex and the City hat designer: Philip Treacy

Anyone who wears a hat knows of the genius of Philip Treacy. I loved interviewing him for NBC5 a few years ago when he had just completed creating the hats for Camilla Parker Bowles wedding to Prince Charles. In 2008, at the London premiere for the most anticipated movie of the year, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker made an unforgettable appearance, to say the least, dazzling the crowd with her fabulous, head-turning, larger than life peacock...

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Deanna said:

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Philip Treacy did not design hats for Sex and the City; he designed A hat for SJP to wear to the SATC premiere. And by the way, it's Sex AND the City. And also, in case you forgot to ask him, yes he will be designing another hat for Ms. Parker to wear to the SATC 2 premiere.

Barbara Glass said:


Thanks for the correction. Always happy to learn more facts. I must admit it was indeed thrilling to sit and chat with Philip Treacy as he is a person that is very open to the public with his comments and extremely kind in helping others to grow and to learn. On his last trip to Chicago I took him to a class of an old friend named Eia at the School of the Art Institute and he sat and answered questions of the students for over two hours. Can't wait to see which hat that Sarah Jessica Parker selects for the opening of the movie in London or any openings. He mentioned that he is never sure what she will wear until that very day.

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