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The 10 Best Beers When You're Snowed In

Matt Tunnell

Frisbee player, beer lover

In light of last night's storm I thought I'd recommend my 10 favorite beers to drink to ward off the cold of winter.  I've limited the selection to beers that are readily available in liquor stores in Chicago so that you can grab them without venturing too far from your cozy homes.  It so happens that I have many of these beers squirreled away already, so I won't be stepping out into the snow, but I assure you that they would be worth going outside for.
These are all strong beers with a % ABV of at least 8.  This may seem to go against the grain of Jeff's post in defense of weak beers, but this is a specific situation in which thick high gravity, high alcohol beers shine.  Unlike sessionable beers that can be enjoyed in quantity or during lunch, the beers in this list ought to be sipped and savored against a backdrop of snow and wind, while the feeling of warmth from the alcohol spreads thorugh your limbs.
UPDATE:  We seem to be having problems with the slideshow.  If you want to see all ten beers, click through using the buttons on the top right corner of the slideshow.



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Jeff Bean said:


Anchor's Special Ale has got to be in there somewhere.

Jeff Bean said:


What about the Ayinger Celebrator Dopplebock?

Matt Tunnell said:


Those are both good beers to try on a winter's day, but as per the boilerplate rejection letter, there were many more qualified applications than positions to fill.

Maris Callahan said:


Nice slideshow!! I've never actually tried any of these but I like tasting new beers. Now I have a few to try!

Rohit Naimpally said:


As a heads-up for beer lovers, Bavarian Lodge in Lisle, Illinois (which carries a pretty magnificent tap selection) will be carrying the Palo Santo Marron on draft some time within the next week. If you can find your way through the snow, I suggest making the trip out there (driving is probably the best option):

beaverwarrior said:


Little too heavy on the imports. Drink local brews!! Cheers from Eugene !!

Jeff Bean said:


Yes, drink local! It's certainly easy in Chicago (and the Upper Midwest in general). Just for the record: 3 Chicago-made brews on the list, 7 from the good ol' USA, and 3 imports.

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