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Beloved Breakfast Spot Yolk Opening in River East

Driven Diva

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Yolk Chicago

Yolk Chicago is moving into the River East neighborhood. Tucked among high-rise condos and luxury rentals filled with mid twenty-somethings, young families, working professionals, retirees and everyone in between, this brunch spot will be a welcome addition to the otherwise quiet morning scene in the neighborhood. With breakfast staples such as Eggs any style, Pancakes and the all-encompassing, how-could-you-go-wrong Skillet, I have no doubt the line will be around the corner of McClurg Court and Grand Avenue. Stuffed French Toast filled with raspberry jam and cream cheese; Bacon Waffle and Eggs with bacon baked into the waffle batter and then topped with eggs; Homemade Crepes stuffed with Nutella and topped with walnuts, strawberries and bananas.... We're just a little excited.

I'm surprised it's taken this long for one of Chicago's many beloved breakfast joints to snatch up some of the open space in this nook of Streeterville, but thankfully the South Loop and Old Town chain is slated to open soon. Window coverings are slowly peeling away to reveal an almost revamped interior. Big kids on the block Fox & Obel, Mary's Cafe and The West Egg will have to step up a notch - Yolk is going to attract a lot of attention with its recognized name, reliably satisfying grub and good prices. Now I'm just wondering what sort of campaign it would take to bring Wishbone into the 'hood?

Although the menu offers more than just breakfast, with a name like Yolk, they know what we love. Smart move across town, Yolk Chicago! We can't wait to welcome you with hoards of hungry patrons, a few sippy cup spills and unlimited coffee refill requests. But if you don't mind one small favor on our behalf? Let's not tell the Navy Pier-bound tourists walking along Illinois Street; we'll keep this between us locals.



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cdbutler said:


The window coverings are down and I saw a few people in there this morning. I'm going to swing by tomorrow morning and see if they are open to the public.

Driven Diva said:


Have you been able to stop by yet? I walked by today and they are definitely open. Such an exciting addition to this side of town. I'm sure the line is going to be down the block on weekends.

cdbutler said:


Yes. I went by there three days in a row. I'm working my way through the menu. The portions are huge. I keep ordering smaller and smaller dishes, but I still get stuffed. Some people probably consider that a good thing.

Now, I want pancackes.

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