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Review: Lululemon Astro Pants

Maya Henderson

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The Lululemon Astro Pants

It's so unlike me to go this long without updating the blog. My schedule's been completely insane the last few weeks and I've been doing some serious thinking on what activities I want to pursue over summer. Change is seriously all around me. To deal with the sudden life rollercoaster, I did something that a lot of women do to find a constant among the chaos: I went shopping.
I was in desperate need of a versatile, comfortable and of course, flattering pants that work for various group fitness classes, pilates and yoga. I practically live in my lululemon Wunder Under tights, which are made of their breathable, spandex-like signature material called Luon, so I knew I wanted a pair of pants made out of the fabric as well. I decided on the Astro Pants, a slim, straight leg, moisture-wicking style with an asymmetrical and adjustable waistband (it folds up or down to give you more coverage). The pants felt good on and I loved the charcoal/dark grey color, to add a bit of pop to the sea of black bottoms I own.

These are the Luluemon Groove Pants, but show the color combo of my Astro Pants.

Seeing as the pants were a bit lighter, my biggest concern was crotch sweat, but the girls at the store swore they'd dry so fast that I wouldn't even notice it. Sold. I purchased the pants, turned them back over to lulu for free hemming and a week later, was ready to give them a try in one of my favorite classes at the gym. The Astro Pants felt good, moved with me, never rode up and didn't give me a camel toe. I was pleased as punch until I looked down at the end of my workout to see a big ol crotch sweat mark. I was disappointed at first sight, but then I sort of shrugged it off, I just worked my ass off and I guess crotch sweat comes with the territory. With that said, I recommend the Astro Pants. They're comfortable, flattering and they get the job done. If you're going to use them for super sweaty feats and don't like people staring at your lady parts, definitely stick with black, because even dark grey won't keep your crotch covered. The lululemon Astro Pant, $98, is available at all lululemon Chicago stores.



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