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Healthy yoga and fitness events for Spring

Maya Henderson

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Photo: Exhale Spa

Have you noticed? Spring has SPRUNG! All of a sudden, my calendar is full of amazing networking events, parties, special workshops and spa deals! Not everything makes the mind-body fitness and yoga cut, but thankfully, a lot of things do! Here's a roundup of some not-to-be missed things for those craving a fresh, healthy start to the new season.

Exhale Spa Steals and Deals
First off, I am not a girly girl, but I love to spa, especially if I can do it on the cheap! So, that's why I'm happy to report that through the month of April, Exhale Spa Chicago is offering mini acupuncture treatments for just $20. It's a 20-minute express treatment that includes a mini consultation before you're allowed to zone out, de-stress and relax. From April 1-June 30, Exhale is also partnering with Le Colonial to offer a free Core Fusion or yoga class and take $20 off a 60-minute fusion massage or true facial. Go to Le Colonial after sweating or relaxing at Exhale and receive a free appetizer or desert with your entrée!

Mandy Ingber in Chicago! Mandy Ingber, yoga instructor to the celebrities (namely Jennifer Aniston), makes her way to Chicago for a few stops at the lululemon Rush Street and Michigan Avenue stores. Mandy, touring to celebrate the release of her new lifestyle and yoga DVD, Yogalosophy will be leading a vision mat workshop on Friday, April 9 at Rush and a Saturday morning yoga class (9-10am) before signing autographs for her DVD from 10-12 (Rush) and 1-3 (Michigan). I personally haven't had the chance to view the DVDs yet, but I'm hoping to chat with Mandy next week and I love the idea of vision mats (putting images and words that inspire you to realize your dreams on your yoga mat to guide you through your practice). I hear wonderful things and if you need a little yoga inspiration or reminder that yoga is about much more than bending into a pretzel or looking a certain way, don't miss this event.

Photo: Exhale Spa

Spa Week Spa Week, a full 7 days of luxury spa treatments for a fraction of the cost ($50) is back in Chicagoland from April 12-18! Spa Week has a little something for everyone, including fancy oxygen treatments at tony hotel spas, organic body scrubs, acupuncture, waxing treatments, energy massage and fancy facials.

Self Workout in the Park If you're not around for Mandy Ingber in April, she's one of the featured teachers at the annual Self Workout in the Park event, happening this year on May 15. Taking place in Grant Park (previously it's been in Lincoln Park), the event is a great day of outdoor fitness, featuring inventive classes, healthy giveaways and lots of freebies. I've had the opportunity to attend the last two years and it's never a disappointment, so don't wait 'til the last minute to get tickets.

Photo: Yoga Journal

Natasha Rizopolous at Yogaview
So many great yoga instructors roll through Chicago, it's tough to pick just one or two workshops or classes to highlight. Seriously, just between Moksha and Yogaview, there are enough events with master teachers, meditation guides and healthy living experts to get you well on the way to enlightenment! Although there are always teachers that I read about and respect coming to town, it's not too often that I can say with 100% authority that a workshop will be worth every penny, but I know from personal experience that the weekend with Natasha Rizopolous at Yogaview should not be missed. I had the opportunity to do a 2-hour twist workshop with her at lat year's Yoga Journal Grand Geneva conference, and it was eye opening. She's got a great, easygoing style and even to this day, I use her tips and pointers about properly "wringing out" in twisting poses each and every time I lay my mat down. She'll be at Yogaview Elston teaching The Joy of Twisting and Headstands and Shoulderstands on May 15 and an Integrated Flow Class on Sunday, May 16. $50 per class or $135 for the weekend.



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JenJen said:


The first photo - can anyone learn to do this?

Maya Henderson said:


Hi Jen,
Yes, you can with practice. I have VERY tight shoulders, so this pose is a challenge for me, but from years of practicing, I can almost get my hands to touch! But be warned- ease into this one first- I just decided to do it and there was a lot of poppin' going on in my left shoulder. Get thee to a good yoga instructor first and you'll be well on your way to mastering this!

Klandstrom said:

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Very curious about the whole vision mat making process I hope my calendar is clear that day and I can make it !!!

Jen said:


I'm going to write these awesome events on my calendar, especially the outdoors event :)

I'm also a big fan of the Vision mats..I've seen them before online and it would be a nice extra mat to have. You know I looooove my Lotuspad mat though!

Let's not forget about the Earth Day 5k. When does training start?!

beschmitt said:

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This was SO INCREDIBLY HELPFUL!!! Thank you so much for writing all of these great tips! I'm trying almost all of them :)

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