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Tornado scares Springfield, touches down in Loami and Williamsville

The tornado warnings across southern Illinois and the Chicago area today were no joke. According to Sangamon County Sheriff Neil Williamson, a tornado touched down in the towns of Loami (population 800) and Williamsville (population 1,400) just outside of Springfield.

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July Fourthcast for Chicagoans

By: Maria Khan

As Chicagoans continue their weekend long July, 4th celebrations, the weather seems to have taken a toll. Despite rain forecasts, Local Twitterers are already buzzing their plans to hit the Lakefront for another dazzling night of fireworks.

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Heat wave takes Chicago by storm

Per the Chicago Tribune, Chicago is experiencing the hottest heat wave in more than two years.

A heat advisory was issued until 7 p.m. tonight for the Chicago area, with temperatures expected to rise up to 100-105 degrees, according to the article.

“Yesterday was the first unhealthy air day of the year,” said Brian Urbaszewski, the EPA’s director of environmental health programs. “Orange air quality levels are expected again today.”

A strong thunderstorm also moved through town today, adding to the wacky weather.

Chicago Twitterers are, expectantly, aggravated about the news.

  1. Mike Wilkins
    ilkandcookies Chicago peeps: Nasty storm truckin in from east to west. Freakish weather phenomenon!
  2. Kay Manansala
    kay_mansalad Definitely lightning…you fail weather.Com app. Twenty minutes spent at the beach
  3. W. Kelly Oja, MCTS
    wkellyo After one of the coolest springs on record & with the Taste starting: Chicago braces for hottest weather in 2 years
  4. Mary Nguyen
    MaryinGolf Chi weather predictions are always WRONG! How can they predict it’ll rain at 9pm & it’s already storming now & 2pm? How do they miss that??
  5. Maricruz Figueroa
    Mariichu RT @Suntimes WEATHER ALERT: Severe thunderstorm warning issued for Cook, surrounding counties.
  6. I Am Chicago
    iamchicagotweet RT @ChicagoBreaking Chicago braces for hottest weather in 2 years
  7. Kevin Elens
    MrMeursault White Sox v Dodgers tonight, weather was scary for a bit, but all looks good now, only question is will i be able to make it back to the apt
  8. RebelCreative
    RebelCreative The weather in Chicago is beyond hot. We’re at 96 degrees with humidity-perfect for going to the beach. We’ve made it a half day. Enjoy.
  9. Erika Olson
    erikaolson @JimD99 - There is no “normal” in regard to Chicago weather, unfortunately. I’ve been here about 13 yrs & still never know what to expect.

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